Arched Window Frame Wall Decor Ideas

Create a unique sight in your house with the arched window frame wall decor. This type of wall decor works well for any interior design. Even so, it would be a great move to give rustic or farmhouse ambiance. In addition, you can have a DIY project to make a window frame wall art too. Suppose you have an unused old window, it would be a nice idea to turn it into wall decor. Don’t you think so?

Repurpose old unused windows at home:

Recycling old windows to create wall art is an excellent DIY project idea. Thus, it is worth trying. For those who are interested in reuse old windows, here are some ideas you can try.

  • Firstly, use old windows as a photo frame. You can repurpose an old window by turning it into a photo frame and place it on your wall.
  • Secondly, you can also try displaying gorgeous fabrics on the old window. Thus, you can use it as a pretty wall ornament.
  • Thirdly, how about making a window frame mirror? This will create beautiful wall decor. Furthermore, it will help you create a spacious-looking room.


For more awesome designs on window frame wall decor, have a look at the ideas below.

Blessed Wooden Window Frame Wall Art

galvanized blessed window frame wall plaque kirklands


This one is a great idea for those who want to engraved a quote on the wall decor. Furthermore, the natural color of the wooden window frame goes so well with the greenish wall.

Farmhouse Wooden Window Arched Wall Decor

arch window arched farmhouse frame faux window frame


In case you want to create a farmhouse style, this wooden arched window frame is an excellent wall piece. Besides, it can make a great centerpiece too.

Beautiful Window Frame Mirror Wall Piece

arched window mirror iron accents


For an interesting addition to the wall, you can have this window frame mirror. It makes the overall look complete with the matching color tones.

Arched Farmhouse Window Frame

arched farmhouse frame faux window frame arched stained


Here is another inspiration for a farmhouse window frame wall art. The natural wood color is maintained excellently and matches the furniture well too.

White Wooden Arched Window Piece

white arched shutter window frame shutter wall decor etsy


A good selection you can get from Etsy! The white window frame will go well with a modern interior design. Besides, it would be great to pair it with chic furniture.

Arched Window Wall Decor Frame

magnolia home window frame wall decor nordstrom frame


This magnolia home window frame decor would make a great wall piece. Inspired by cathedral windows, this window frame is a perfect focal point in a plain white wall.

Repurposing Old Antique Window Frame390 antique gothic arch window frame ac12 1230 415w


Here is what a repurpose window frame looks like. The antique arched window frame goes well with a classic interior design. Furthermore, you can step up your game by adding glass or mirror.

Stunning Window Photo Frame Wall Decor

ava blake creations 1928 church windows recreated


The unique arched window is turned into an amazing window frame. Alternatively, you can also have smaller photos on each pane of glass.

Arched Window Wall Ornament In Brown

aubrianna arched wall art brown arched wall decor faux


In case you want to create a classic wall design, you can hang this wonderful arched window frame in brown. The color and the overall design would look good in a classic-styled room.

2-Piece Window Wall Frame Set

vintage arch window wood frame wall art decor vintage


What a beautiful window frame! This 2-piece window frame set would create a great wall centerpiece. Moreover, it gives vintage ambiance which would be perfect for vintage home design.

A True Antique Gothic Window Wall Frame

window frame distressed gothic arched etsy


Looking for an antique window wall frame with ghotic design? Here is the perfect one you should consider. The distressed wooden window frame would be a great focal point on your wall.

Personalized Wooden Farmhouse Window Frame

farmhouse window frame arched stained custom arch shab


This is a beautiful window frame piece to hang on your white wall. Or else, you can place it on top of your cabinet as shown in the image above.

Average Height Window Frame Wall Piece

gothic window frame arched farmhouse window frame church


If your window is of average height like the one in the picture, you can either hang it or place it on top of your furniture. Furthermore, a simple hook or screw would be enough to hold its weight.

Stunning White Wooden Arched Window Wall Frame

37 tall arched sunburst window frame etsy window frame


When hanging a heavier window frame onto your wall, you might need a cup hook to ensure it stays still. Moreover, this beautiful window frame in white can also be transformed into a photo frame.

Whitewashed Wood Gothic Wall Window Frame

whitewashed wood gothic arch window frame wall decor 2


In case you prefer whitewash wood window frame, this is a perfect one to purchase. In addition, this 2-piece window frame set would look good as a wall centerpiece.

Brown Farmhouse Arched Window Wall Piece

farmhouse frame heirloom faux window arched stained


Here are some reasons why this window frame would make a good wall piece.

  • Firstly, the color goes well with any wooden furniture.
  • Secondly, the size is perfect so you can either hang it or place it on a cabinet.

Distressed Arched Window Frame Wall Ornament

distressed arched farmhouse frame faux wood window frame


A beautiful distressed window frame would make a good wall ornament in any room of your house. Furthermore, the seemingly-natural color of the frame would bring a good ambiance to your space.

DIY Arched Window Frame Farmhouse Style

cathedral farmhouse style wood window frame etsy in 2020


Here is an inspiration in case you plan to make a wall art out of old window frames. This farmhouse-style window frame creates a lovely vibe to your space.

Arched Window Frame Shelf Wall Decor

arched window set shelf farmhouse cottage decor 36 in


Here is a genius way to decorate an empty plan wall. It doesn’t matter if you have a classic or modern house, this window frame shelf would make a great statement.

Arched Barnwood Window Wall Shelf

arched window frame with planter window frame with planter


Let’s face it! A window frame with plants look good regardless of how many times you look at it. Furthermore, it is a smart move to have natural wooden color to match the surrounding design.

Cottage Window Frames Wall Pieces

34 cottage window frame arch window wood window


Another idea is to fancify your wall with these cottage wood window frames. Moreover, the arched frame would make a wonderful wall piece on a plain wall.

Urban Rustic Window Frame Wall Decor

34 cottage wood window frame arch window cathedral


If you want to add visual interest to your plain wall, adding these window frames would make a smart idea. Also, these rustic window frames would make a good pair for wooden furniture.

Old Metal Window Frame Distressed Wall Item

wood metal gothic window frame distressed wall decor


This metal gothic window frame is a good DIY material you shouldn’t throw away. You can turn it into a wall piece by adding gorgeous fabrics or mirror.

Arch-Shaped Wooden Window Wall Ornament

pin michelle teixeira on home decor mirror wall decor


Contrary to popular belief, an old-looking wooden window frame can also go well with modern interior design. As shown above, the wall piece can beautify your empty wall just fine.

White Wooden Arched Window Wall Decor

glitzhome rustic arch wooden window frame farmhouse pane


Placing a simple white window frame on a wooden wall in darker color tone is a good move. Furthermore, the wall decor matches so well with the rest of the ornaments and furniture.

Mini Arch Window Frame For Wall Decoration

farmhouse arched window frame wall decor cathedral window


Instead of hanging the wall frame, you can place the mini window frame on top of your furniture. As you can see above, the window frame goes well with the hanging wooden shelf.

In Summary:

Those are some ideas in utilizing arched window frame for a wall decoration. When doing so, make sure to:

  • match the window frame with the furniture,
  • and consider repurposing an old unused window frame.

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