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Baby Girl Bedroom Theme 25+ Best Ideas

A baby girl bedroom theme should be chosen carefully. Thus, today, we are going to look at some amazing ideas for decorating baby girl bedrooms. There are various ideas to look up to here. Furthermore, we have carefully selected them to hopefully match your expectations. In addition, there are many different styles here to choose from.

How do you decorate baby girl bedrooms on a tight budget:

Worries no more! Building a nursery for your newborn baby girl indeed might cost some money. However, you can also do it on budget. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. On the other hand, it should be okay as long as it is comfortable for the baby. Hence, we will share some tips for decorating a nursery on a budget.

  • To begin with, you can buy secondhand stuff. You might want to buy all brand new stuff for your baby. Even so, secondhand stuff can be great too. Furthermore, they are cost-effective.
  • Secondly, search for discounted stuff online. As you might know, there are many discounted stuff that can be found online. Hence, it will never hurt to find some.
  • Furthermore, try to find long-term pieces. Instead of buying things that will only last short-term, it would be better to think of something that lasts longer.
  • Last but not least, get personal by doing some DIY! For example, you can DIY some wall decorations.


Have a look at the following images of baby girl bedroom themes to get inspired.

Baby Girl Bedroom Decor Idea

decorating the nursery ba girl edition


Pastel colors are perfect for a baby’s girl nursery. Thus, it never goes out of style to choose a subtle color as shown in the image above.

Colorful Bedroom Decor For Girls

shared feminine vintage modern toddler room project nursery


As your baby girl gets older, it would be easier to find a theme as she might already have her preferences. Therefore, it’d be best to let her choose one.

Purple Zoo Nursery Theme Idea

8 best ba room ideas nursery decorating furniture decor


Who would have thought if purple and some animal plush will make a good pair? You can create this fun for your baby girl.

Zoo Theme For Baby Girl Nursery

custom ba girl boutique modern ba crib sets


Here is another idea to create a zoo-like theme for your baby girl’s nursery. Furthermore, it is a fun idea to present animal-related stuff in the nursery.

Shared Bedroom Ideas For Kids

shared kids bedroom ideas for most sibling combinations


Shared bedrooms might be a great idea if your kids are closer in age. Moreover, it would be great for siblings’ bonding time.

Minnie Mouse Bedroom Theme For Toddler

toddler minnie mouse bedroom girls room paint minnie


For those whose toddlers love Minnie Mouse, this theme would look amazing for a bedroom. Moreover, you can ask your girl to get involved with decorations.

Baby Girl Bedroom Theme Idea

pin kelly k on victoria toddler girl room toddler


Here is another cute idea for a baby girl’s bedroom. Pairing pink with grey and white is an excellent idea to try.

Adorable Bedroom Decor Inspiration

little girls bedroom decorating ideas and adorable girly


For adorable, girly room decor, this inspiration is the one to look up to. Moreover, pink will never fail to create a girly vibe in the room.

Pretty White And Pink Nursery Design

nice pink bedding for pretty ba girl nursery from


White and pink go well perfectly. Furthermore, the two colors are suitable for nurseries. Hence, this pairing can create a beautiful nursery for your baby girl.

Blossom Pink Flowery Nursery Theme

bedtime originals blossom pink watercolor floral 3 piece


Blossom pink flowers can be a nice theme for your baby girl’s room. As shown above, it looks adorable and comfy too.

Princess Theme Girl Bedroom Idea

bedroom princess girl slide children bed lovely single


One of the all-time favorite themes for girls’ bedrooms is the princess. Therefore, it would be amazing to have a beautiful castle-like bedroom for your girls.

Timeless Bedroom Design For Baby Girl

designing a bas room consider the following points


A timeless, minimalist design will be great too for a baby girl’s nursery.

Baby Elephant Theme Bedroom

cheatwood elephant ba girl nursery 5 piece crib bedding


Baby elephants will look cute and nice for a nursery’s theme. Furthermore, cutely-drawn baby elephants would look lovely.

Baby Girl Nursery Decor Inspiration

ba girl room decor ideas


Here is another inspiration for a baby girl’s nursery. The use of a white crib will never go wrong. In addition, the colorful decor looks fresh.

Girl Twins Bedroom Design Idea

8 ideas for making a bedside table saleprice43 twin


For those who have girl twins, this bedroom idea should be a helpful one to refer to. The identical bed arrangement makes it perfect for twins.

Lovely Bedroom Idea For Toddler

about ikea girls bedroom toddler rooms cute bedroom ideas


For a toddler, it would be nice to combine a bedroom and playroom. Thus, this idea would make a great reference.

Stunning Castle Theme Nursery

disney princess theme ba girl bedroom ba girls


A castle-themed nursery would be an excellent idea for your baby girl. Though it might look challenging, it would be rewarding.

Great Modern Bedroom Idea For Baby Girl

great ideas for ba room fotolip


This is a modern-styled nursery for your baby girl. The crown-inspired decorations create a magical vibe in the room.

Cozy And Playful Bedroom Idea For Siblings

nice 41 cute and cozy bedroom decor for ba girl more at


If you have three little girls at home, this bedroom idea would be nice to try. Furthermore, the cute, playful decorations make it a fun space for the siblings.

Bedroom Idea With Bunkbed For Siblings

sisters room ideas sisters room in 2020 kids bedroom


Here is another bedroom idea for siblings. For a small space, the bunk bed idea would be nice to create more space in the room.

Magical Bedroom Decor For Girls

113 likes 6 comments contemporary nursery decor


Here is another beautiful bedroom decor for girls. The idea of pairing subtle colors would create a lovely design as shown above.

Rainbow Theme Bedroom For Kids

a modern rainbow toddler bedroom makeover reveal


A rainbow-themed bedroom would make a fun space for kids. Furthermore, you can use space-saving furniture like a bunk bed to create more space in a small room.

Little Girl Bedroom Decor Idea

33 little girl bedroom ideas for big decoration trends


Here is an amazing idea for a little girl’s room. Moreover, the use of subtle colors is an excellent move to create a lovely space for your girl.

Beautiful Toddler Girl Bedroom Idea

25toddlergirlbedroomideasonabudget littlegirl


For your toddler, having a combination of colors would be great in the bedroom. Thus, you can experiment with pairing different tones.

Galaxy Theme Nursery For Baby Girl

85 darling ba nursery design ideas for 2019


The idea of having a galaxy-like ceiling is a nice move for a baby girl’s nursery. In addition, the use of subtle colors is great too.

Bedroom Decor Inspiration For Toddler

this is my beautiful ba girls bedroom she loves it i


Here comes a good bedroom idea in case your girl prefers to have a big bed. In addition, the use of drapery bedding makes a good look.

In Summary:

Creating a bedroom for kids can be challenging. Nevertheless, seeing them loving the room would make all the troubles fade away. Shown above are some ideas we have selected for baby girl bedrooms. We do hope you find them inspiring. In addition, we hope you find some of your favorites. In case you need more ideas to create your own, please do make sure to check our other posts on this site. Cheers!

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