Baby Girl Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

Designing baby girl nursery wall decor is always exciting. Parents, especially new ones, might have a hard time deciding the theme as well as the design. Thus, here we will hook you up with some amazing nursery decor ideas. We do hope you will get inspired and have fun decorating your baby girl’s nursery!

How to start decorating a nursery room:

Designing a nursery is both exciting and rewarding. However, it can be a little daunting as well. If it feels hard for you to start designing a nursery, here are some dos and don’ts you can pay attention to.

  • Firstly, do choose a specific theme to go with. For example, you might want to have a feminine theme for your baby girl. Or else, you might want to do a soccer-themed nursery for a baby boy. Deciding on a certain theme will help you to focus solely on it.
  • Secondly, do decide on a focal point. Mostly, people focus on designing a special crib as the centerpiece. In case you want something different, you can focus more on the wall decor.
  • Thirdly, don’t use harsh lighting. Remember, a nursery is a room for babies. Then, it should be better to create cozy, warm lighting.


Have a look at the following designs to have a clearer idea.

Cute Bunny Wall Framed Pictures

classic ba girl nursery project nursery


Let’s say you want to create an animal-themed nursery. Then, this design is a good example. You can frame cute bunny pictures and place them as wall decorations.

Baby Elephant Nursery Wall Art Prints

ba girl nursery wall decor bright pink nursery art prints


This well-designed art print is a good selection to beautify the nursery wall. Furthermore, the light pinkish color tone makes it perfect for a baby girl nursery wall decor.

Minnie Mouse Customized Wall Decal

minnie mouse custom name wall decals for ba girls


A cartoon-themed nursery will never go wrong! For effective wall decoration, you can opt for a customized wall decal as shown above.

DIY Nursery Wall Decoration

girls modern ba nursery diy nursery wall art


For a more personal experience, why don’t you make the wall decoration yourself? If you are interested, you can create your baby name’s initial wall art.

Safari Wall Stickers For Baby Girl Nursery

jungle decal ba girls safari wall stickers blush pink


You might not want to paint your wall for some reason. Hence, using wall stickers for your baby girl’s nursery wall is an excellent idea to try.

Dreamy Nursery Wall Decor For Baby Girl

how to design the nursery of your dreams the greenspring


A dreamy, spring-like design will never go wrong for a baby girl’s nursery. As shown above, the dreamy nursery has a great color palette selection.

Wall Frames With Quote Prints For Nursery

boho tribal girls nursery prints set of 3 boho nursery


Instead of wall stickers, you can also opt for wall frames to decorate your baby’s nursery wall. Besides, this is another great alternative in case you don’t want to mess with the paint on the wall.

Farmhouse-Style Nursery Design Inspiration

178 ba girl nursery farmhouse room boho ba room


Do consider going green for your baby’s nursery! This farmhouse nursery design is a great inspiration to bring a little bit of nature to your baby’s room.

Rainbow Unicorn For Baby Girl Room

rainbow print girls bedroom decor pink and yellow nordic


These rainbow unicorn prints are perfect for a girl’s room! Furthermore, the white frames look good to accentuate the prints.

Baby Girl Nursery Wall Decor With Subtle Color Tones

islas nursery reveal and giveaway rach parcell


Choosing the perfect palette for a nursery room is not easy. For a baby girl, it is usually common to have subtle color tones as shown in the picture above.

Elephant Prints Baby Girl Nursery Wall Frames

nursery decor girl elephant ba room decor girl nursery


Here is another idea to highlight the wall in your baby girl’s nursery. The cute elephant drawings look good in soft brown wooden frames. Besides, the frames match the wooden crib too.

Framed Posters For Wall Decorations

ba girl room decor wall art unicorn posters nursery


Framed posters will never go wrong as wall decorations. Moreover, they are easy to maintain.

Bible Quote Nursery Wall Decal

ba whale nursery decor nursery wall decal girls room wall


Another idea is to write a beautiful quote from the internet or the bible to decorate a nursery’s wall. The above image makes a great example.

Baby Girl Nursery Wall Centerpiece

kids wall art ba girl nursery decor nursery arr elephant


Cribs usually are the center of a nursery. Even so, you can place a large cute framed print, like the one above, as a wall centerpiece in your baby’s nursery wall.

Best Wishes For Baby Girl Nursery Wall Decor

here sleeps a girl quote vinyl wall decor for ba nursery


For another DIY nursery wall decor idea, you can write your own wishes or quote for your baby. Furthermore, it would make a personal connection between the parents and the baby.

Canvas Wall Arts For Baby Girl Room

aliexpress buy ba girl nursery wall art canvas


In case you are looking for a room design inspiration for your little girl, here is a nice design to go with.

You Are My Sunshine Nursery Wall Art

modern swan wall art print ba girl nursery decor pink


Rather than writing the quotes with wall decals, you can try this idea instead. Moreover, you can have beautiful illustrations to go along with the quote.

Baby Girl Name Wall Illustration

ba girl nursery name sign calligraphy name sign


Yes, you don’t have to always decorate walls with pictures or quotes. Instead, you can write your baby girl’s name in good lettering and put it in a nice frame.

Magical Princess Nursery Wall Decor

rainbow ba girl room decor cartoon princess nordic


To create a princess-like nursery, you can hang a princess picture on the wall. In addition, the magical theme goes really well for nursery decoration.

Nursery Wall Arts In Golden Frames

nursery wall art print ba room decor ba girl paris etsy


You will never go wrong with printed arts in a golden frame. Moreover, having framed wall art is easier to maintain than wall decals or stickers.

Baby Girl Nursery Wall Design

nursery wall art print ba room decor ba girl paris


The cute illustrations create a girly vibe in your baby girl’s nursery. In addition, the color tones of the prints go well with the wall color.

Personalized Name Wall Sticker

ba girl personalized name booties wall sticker nursery


To make a focal point in the nursery wall, you can have this personalized baby name wall sticker to decorate your baby’s nursery wall.

Purple Prints For Baby Girl Nursery

girl room decor nursery art ba girl nursery decor turtle


Many color tones go well for a baby girl’s nursery. They include white, green, and purple. Hence, it is good to use those colors for the wall prints.

Elephant Prints For Cute Nursery Design

elephant nursery nursery wall art elephant nursery decor


The cute elephant prints create a lovely vibe in your baby’s nursery. Furthermore, the colors and style go well with the baby’s crib.

Cute Baby Nursery Room Design

the cutest ba girl nursery decor home outfits outings


The picture above shows how you decorate a cute nursery for your baby. You can place ornaments here and there that match the overall color of the room.

Princess Baby Girl Room Decor

new 2016 ba girl crown wall decal princess name nursery


If your little girl is in love with everything princess, you can have her room decorated in this princess-themed design.

In Summary:

Those are some amazing ideas for baby girl nursery decor. We do hope you find them inspiring. In addition, make sure to consider the dos and don’ts we have told you previously.

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