The Best Barn Door Bedroom Set Collection

Create a perfect place for relaxing with the barn door bedroom set. The set can also be a perfect choice for those who wish to incorporate wooden materials in the room. In addition, you can explore which room styles go well with the set. Furthermore, it would be fun to create a one-of-a-kind bedroom with the barn doors set.

What you need to know about barn doors:

The ideas of having barn doors as bedroom doors are great. Even so, there are things needed to be taken into account. Before installing a barn door, you need to know its pros and cons. Hence, you will know what to expect when working with barn doors for your room. First of all, barn doors are unique elements you can bring to your room. When working with a small space, you might want to save some space with space-saving furniture. Nevertheless, you can also use sliding barn doors as they will not take up much space. Besides, barn doors allow you to add fun and interesting element to your room. You can also paint them in colors you like to match the style of the room.

Even so, working with barn doors also have its cons. First of all, having sliding doors might be noisy. Unless you do it right to lessen the noise. Also, it might take up some wall space. Let’s say you install sliding barn doors. You will save some space in your room, but you will need to use some wall space when opening the door. It means that you might not want to have wall decorations around the doors since they will not be visible when opening the door. All in all, the decision is yours. When done right, barn doors can be a good way to create a nice, cozy room.


Sliding Barn Bedroom Doors Idea

our barn door bedroom addition living with lady


Using barn doors as bedroom sliding doors is a great idea. This will work well for any home design. In addition, it helps in bringing a homey vibe to the room.

Barn Bedroom Five Drawer Chest

signature design ashley lakeleigh five drawer chest


To complete the look in your barn bedroom, this wooden drawer chest should be a good complement. Furthermore, it has many spaces for storage.

Rustic Sliding Barn Bedroom Doors

rustic bedroom sliding barn door ideas frances hunt


When dealing with rustic bedroom design, barn doors make a great addition. As you can see above, the sliding doors fit well with the overall style of the room.

Barn Door Bedroom Set Option

lakeleigh queen panel bed with barn door style hardware


Here is an option for barn door bedroom sets. The set comes in beautiful natural wood color tones. Moreover, the tones create a calming ambiance which is perfect for a bedroom.

Beautiful Barn Doors For Master Bedroom

we finally have a barn door again in our master bedroom


Barn doors would never go wrong for a stunning, minimalist bedroom. Besides, the light brown color for the barn doors goes so well with the light-colored wall.

Personalized Barn Bedroom Doors

barn doors for bedroom closet project tall cabinet


Barn doors are perfect for a DIY project. You can turn them into bedroom doors or even furniture.

Country Style Barn Door Bedroom Set

country bedroom with barn doors on rails country bedroom


For a country bedroom style, you can give this idea a try. Also, the wooden barn doors fit perfectly with the overall style of the country room.

Rustic Barn Doors Bedroom Furniture

bradleys furniture etc rustic barndoor barnwood collection


If you would like to have wooden furniture in your bedroom, this option seems like a good idea. The barn door wooden furniture also will create a good ambiance in your room.

Stunning Barn Doors Bedside Table

sliding barn door nightstand diy shanty 2 chic


Here is another idea for those who are looking for barn bedroom furniture. The bedside table looks fabulous in natural wood color.

Vintage Sliding Barn Doors Design

barn door for regular closet rustic vintage master


Sliding barn doors will never look bad in a vintage bedroom. In addition, it goes well when paired with other wooden bedroom furniture.

Barn Bedroom Doors DIY Inspiration

past projects bedroom barn door rustic house log homes


To create a more personal touch for your bedroom, you can design the doors yourself. This sliding barn door would be a perfect reference.

Barn Doors For Modern Bedroom

barn style sliding doors for modern bedroom ideas


Though it is perfect for a rustic-styled room, sliding barn doors also look good for a modern bedroom. As you can see above, the barn doors add homey vibes to the space.

Country Barn Doors Bedroom Design

wesley rustic footboard storage bed countryside amish


Here is an excellent example of a barn door bedroom design. Also, you can see barn doors vibes in every piece of furniture in the room.

Barn Doors Bedroom In Baby Blue

gates of crystal a new barn door in the master bedroom


Instead of maintaining the natural color of the wood, you can also paint your barn doors to match it with the room style. As you can see, the doors shown above are in baby blue that match with other decorations.

Sliding Barn Doors For Master Bedroom

sliding barn door for master bedroomlike the hardware


It is always a good idea to have sliding barn doors for a master bedroom. When done right, it can be an excellent way to complete the room.

Sliding Barn Doors Wall Decoration

z barn door rustic bedroom salt lake city


Not the actual doors, but you can use barn doors as wall decorations too. This would be a lovely idea to create a homey vibe in your room.

Sliding Wooden Barn Doors Design

sliding barn doors contemporary bedroom boise


Sliding barn doors can also be used for a modern bedroom. You can paint the doors with colors that go well with the style of the room too.

Idea On Barn Doors Bedroom

master bedroom barn door 3 the daily hostess


Here is an idea to get you inspired to create your own barn doors bedroom. In addition, the wooden barn doors are perfect if you want some wood elements in your room.

Barn Doors Bed Sofa

closet barn doors bedroom contemporary with floor lamp


Here is another great idea of turning barn doors into a bed sofa. The room looks even more amazing with the natural light coming from the windows.

Bedroom With Barn Doors Idea

barn door bedroom inspiration ideas and images rustica


This is another idea of using barn doors like sliding doors in a bedroom. When designed right, it can be a brilliant addition to beautify the room.

Barn Doors Bed Frame Design

black distressed barn door bed king rustic bedroom


Yes, you can incorporate barn doors in your bedroom by having this barn door bed frame. The wooden frame helps to create a homey ambiance in the room.

Stunning Barn Doors In Pink

another example of a sliding barn door incorporated into


This is my favorite idea of incorporating barn doors in a bedroom! The pink color makes it look stunning and attractive. Moreover, it fits well with the overall style of the room.

Beautiful Rustic Drawer Chest

kincaid furniture stone ridge transitional rustic sliding


For a touch of rustic vibe in your room, you can place this beautiful wooden drawer chest. This piece of furniture can also be used in a bathroom.

Stunning White Bedroom Barn Doors

barn door master bedroom txsizedhome


Painting barn doors in white is a smart way to personalize them. Furthermore, the color white also fits perfectly with the color of the rest of the furniture.

Barn Doors Bed Panel Set In Grey

austin queen size barn door panel bed in rustic gray


Besides using them as doors, you can also have barn doors bed panels as shown above. They are painted grey that fits perfectly with the overall style of the room.

In Summary:

Those are some ideas on the barn door bedroom set. We do hope you find some of your favorites. Hence, you can try mixing and matching those ideas to create your barn door bedroom design.

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