Impressive Black And Gold Bedroom Set Ideas

For those who wish to create a luxurious space, a black and gold bedroom set sounds like a great idea. Gold is the color that’s often used to represent wealth and luxury. When paired with black, the combination is great to create an elegant room design. Hence, black and gold is a color combination loved by many.

How to combine black and gold perfectly:

Combining colors can be so challenging. However, when done right, it is rewarding. If you want to combine black and gold for your bedroom color, it would be great to pay attention to details. For example, additional furniture or decorations to upscale the overall style of the room. Thus, would like to give you some tips in order to complete the look of your black and gold bedroom.

  • First of all, it would be great to have black walls since they would be easier to pair with wall decorations. Furthermore, black as the main color would be great with gold as accents.
  • Besides, you will have plenty of options to explore. Moreover, black wall as a background would make the furniture look lovely. You can also add gold accents to the furniture.
  • In addition, it would be great to place additional furniture such as light fixtures with golden accents.


Let’s have a look at the following ideas for more designs.

Black Gold Bedroom Duvet Set

cascade blackgold midnight double duvet cover set gold


The matching duvet and curtains make a harmonious look in the room. In addition, accents of gold in the room bring an elegant ambiance suitable for a master bedroom.

Black Bedding Set With Gold Accents

egyptian black and gold bedding sets ancient art gold


Both black and gold are such strong colors. Even so, they would make a lovely pairing when you do it right. For example, the black bedding above gives a better look with golden accents printed on it.

Queen Bedroom Set In Black And Gold

barocco blackgold queen size bed barocco camelgroup italy


Again, black and gold bedroom sets are perfect for master bedrooms. As shown above, you can combine the colors for the bed frame.

Classic Black And Gold Bedrom Furniture

esf aida traditional black gold lacquer finish queen


For a classic look, the pairing of black and gold can be a good option. Furthermore, the look amazing with the right design as shown above.

Luxurious Black And Gold Bedroom Decor

acme furniture king bedroom set gold 21240q hot sectionals


For a luxurious-looking bedroom as shown above, the black color is dominating. In order to make it looks better, accents of gold are added here and there.

Black And Gold Luxury Comforter Set

pin josephine alvarado on black luxury comforter sets


Shown above is a black and gold comforter set. The nicely-printed patterns in gold add wonderful touch to the black comforter.

Calming Shades Of Black For Bedroom Set

vcny home blackgold metallic maxwell stripe 6 8 piece


Though black and gold are strong colors, they also have softer shades. Thus, if you want to create a calming, minimalist bedroom, you can opt for the softer shades of black and gold.

Modern Black And Gold Bed Frame

sandvos platform bed modern bedroom set black gold


You can also create a modern bedroom with black and gold. The image above shows a black bed frame with accents of gold. In addition, you can add a hanging candelier to bring a modern, luruxious vibe in.

Comforter Set In Black And Gold

chic home filomena blackgold 7 piece comforter set


Lighter shades of black and gold are my personal favorite. They are not too strong. Nevertheless, they still create such a wonderful pairing.

Black And Gold Bedroom Set Design

7 piece jacquard comforter set black gold all sizes new at


Here is another option for a stunning black and gold bedroom set. You can get yours at eBay.

Trendy Stylish Black Bedding Set

luxury black and gold trendy reversible zippered 100


Black bedding sets can look stylish and trendy with additional accents. As shown above, lighter shades of gold add a refreshing ambiance to the room.

Warm And Cozy Black Golden Bedroom

aida black gold bedroom furniture set greek key design


Black and gold can be a warm tone when paired well. The image above is a good example. You can opt for a softer shade of glad to design a cozy bedroom.

Black Bedroom Set Styling Idea

4 piece full black gold jacquard woven chenille damask


An all-black bedroom set might look too intimidating. Hence, we need some accents to make it nicer. For example, gold accents on the rug and bedding set shown above.

Black And Gold Cotton Bedding Set

image of black and gold luxury 100 cotton 4 piece bedding


Black and gold bedding sets will never fail to help you create a luxurious bedroom. You can opt for the black bedding with gold accents as shown above.

Stunning 3-Piece Black Gold Bedroom Set

aida italian 3 piece bedroom set black and gold


The set comes with a bed frame, headboard, as well as a bedside table in the same color tones. Also, the bedroom set looks lively with the soft golden bedding set.

Stunning Bedding Set In Black And Gold

geneva home cassandra 8 piece comforter set size king


Here is another proof that a black bedding set would look so much better with golden accents. In addition, the grey headboard adds an extra fresh vibe.

Personalized Black And Gold Bedroom Set

dima mobili amalfi black and gold bedroom set with 6 door


When it comes to a black and gold bedroom set, you should pay attention to the balance. Thus, one color will not be too dominating or vice versa.

5-Piece Modern Black And Gold Set

celia 5 piece modern black gold bedroom set furniture w


Here is another option for a black and gold bedroom set. The set comes with 5 pieces of matching furniture.

Splendid Bedroom Style In Black And Gold

black and gold bed set versace bedroom atmosphere ideas


This is another idea to style a black and gold bedroom. As you can see, the designer also adds white as a complementary color for the combination.

Black Bedroom Style With Golden Textures

beautiful black and white bedroom decor bedroom


Here is another idea of styling a black bedroom with splashes of gold shades. Adding the golden bedside lamps is such a great idea to recreate.

Gold Bedding Set With Black Accents

apachi king size duvet cover bedding set blackgold


Instead of black, you can opt for gold as the main color. Then, you can add black accents to make it balance.

Gold And Black Stunning Bedding Set

resemblance of black and gold bedding sets for adding


For a great golden bedding set, the one shown above is a perfect option. The black accents also add beauty to the golden bedding set.

Black Bedding Set With Golden Stripes

online shopping bedding furniture electronics jewelry


Adding gold stripes to the black bedding set is a chef’s kiss idea. As you can see, the gold stripes make the bedding set looks even cuter.

Luxurious Bedroom Decor With Black And Gold Tones

aida black wgold camelgroup italy bedroom set italian


Applying different tones of black and gold can create an amazing design when done right. As a reference, you can refer to the styling shown above.

Queen Golden Bedroom Set

new queen cal king bed solid gold black sequin striped 7pc


Here is an example of gold bedroom set done right. The ripled accents on the duvet makes a grand vibe. Moreover, accents of black are used to make it less boring.

Stunning Black And White Bedding Set

luxury damask rialto black gold king size bedding duvet


In case you are looking for a complementary color for black and gold, white is the right answer. White color is also known as a perfect complementary colors for other shades.

In Summary:

When deciding to go with a black and gold bedroom set, you might consider:

  • to have a black wall as the background,
  • and to add accents of gold shades for variations.

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