Best Blue And Brown Wall Decor Ideas

When it comes to blue and brown wall decor, people tend to be more careful in planning since the combination is possible to go wrong. Even so, it would be a challenging and rewarding experience at the same time. Hence, we do encourage you to take on this challenge. We got your back. Thus, we will hook you up with some amazing ideas on how to combine the two colors in wall decor.

What looks great with blue and brown:

As previously mentioned, pairing blue and brown might be challenging. Nevertheless, if you can do it well, it definitely would be worthwhile. Hence, to make it fulfilling, it is a good idea to pair the two with other color hues. Some options that will go well with blue and brown are listed as follows:

  • Firstly, white. You may already know that white is a perfect color to combine with other color tones. Therefore, it would be good to kind of softening the pairing of blue and brown. Furthermore, the white and brown pairing has its own charms that is irresistable.
  • Secondly, yellow. Some might be skeptical and think that yellow will not go well with either brown or blue. Fret not! They look great together. A splash of yellow also will make a space looks aesthetically pleasant.
  • Thirdly, mint. Shades of mint would look lovely when paired with the right tone of blue and brown. Furthermore, it would bring a fresh atmosphere in your space.


Here are some ideas you can look up to.

Wall Frames With Light Blue And Brown Painting

light blue beige brown circles modern abstract painting


The framed painting above shows a really good pairing of light blue and brown. In addition, the addition of white dots is a smart move to create a stylish artwork.

Blue And Brown Wooden Living Room Walls

home decor living room blue wall color


Here is a clever idea to combine blue and brown walls for a living room. As you can see, the light blue goes well with the wooden brown wall and brown furniture.

Beautiful Blue And Brown Wall Decor

pin penny phoenix on neat and cool decorating flower


For an interesting wall centerpiece, you can hang this wall artwork in blue and brown. Moreover, the quote written on the print makes it even better.

Blue Patterned Bathroom Wall Decal

blue and brown bathroom design ideas


Yes! You can also use wall decal to have the beautiful blue patterned wall as shown above. In addition, the deep blue goes well with the brown cabinet.

Large-Sized Wall Arts Design Ideas

oversized large wall art triptych white blue brown pastels


If you wish to create an awesome focal point on your wide wall, this 3-piece large arts set would be a great option.

Teal Brown Trees Home Wall Decor

teal brown home decor trees aqua turquoise wall art matted


For a soft brown background, the trees stand out in white and dark greenish blue color tone. Thus, it would make a great addition to an empty wall.

Living Room In Blue And Brown Idea

decorating your small living room using blue and brown


The picture above shows a great idea to pair blue and brown to create a nice-looking living room. In addition, splashes of yellow tones make the room fresher.

Blue And Brown Bedroom Design Inspiration

brown and blue bedroom idea sukro in 2020 blue


For those who would like to have blue and brown bedroom, here is an excellent idea to get inspired from.

Master Bedroom Design In Blue And Brown

bluebrown master bedroom like the accent wall but in a


As you can see, the master bedroom shown above uses a lot of brown and blue tones. Though the brown color seems to dominate the space, the addition of blue pillows and wall makes the room seems more spacious.

Stunning Floral Wall Decor In Light Blue And Brown

wynwood studio beautiful growth light blue floral and


Here is my favorite wall art in light blue and brown. Furthermore, the broken white background makes the floral painting looks even more beautiful.

Modern Art Print In Blue And Brown

light blue beige brown circles modern abstract painting


You can incorporate blue and brown in your wall decor with this beautiful painting. The simple-looking painting would look great in a room with modern design.

Luxurious Blue And Brown Living Room Design

blue accent chair brown and blue decorating ideas blue


You can bring the warm vibe into a luxurious living room with the blue and brown sofas. In addition, the colors go well with the overall style of the room.

Brown Interior Design With Splashes Of Blue

brown and blue interior color schemes for an earthy and


You don’t always have to give the same portion when working with blue and brown colors. As you can see above, the splashes of blue complement the brown hues dominating the room.

Classic Blue And White Bedroom Style

classic sophisticated home bedroom robeson design san


Classic yet so sophisticated is how I describe this blue and brown bedroom style. This shows that darker shades of blue and brown can work well together.

Wall Abstract Art In Blue And Brown

buy brown and blue abstract canvas wall art print online


In case you prefer abstract wall art, this is a great option. With the nice shades of blue and brown, it could make a good focal point on the wall.

Blue Brown Wall Art Print

blue beige brown abstract painting canvas wall art print


Here is another great option for brown and blue abstract wall print. The subtle color tones make it even prettier.

Blue Brown Green Wall 3-Piece Art Prints Set

dandelion wall art canvas or prints custom colors bedroom


This 3-piece art prints set look absolutely stunning! The addition of fresh green tones really go well with blue and brown.

Contemporary Bedroom Design Idea

art over bed contemporary bedroom martha ohara


You can create a nice contemporary bedroom with the warm tone wooden bed. Furthermore, the deep blue wall makes the room looks cozier and fulfilling.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor Idea

chic pink camo bedding in bedroom shab chic with male


Here is an inspiration for you to create a shabby chic bedroom. The pinkish bedsheet looks well with splashes of subtle blue hues.

Light Blue And Beige Wall Decorations

light blue beige brown circles modern abstract painting


Calming and relaxing! The light blue goes so well with beige tones. Furthermore, the painting on the wall complements the furniture too.

Living Room Decor With Brown Leather Sofa

photo page hgtv


For a bold look, you may steal one or two ideas shown in the picture. The big brown sofa makes a good addition, though.

Bedroom Soft Style With Light Brown And Blue

blue and brown bedrooms design ideas


What comes into your mind when seeing the bedroom? It’s calming, isn’t it? To create a calming vibe, light brown and blue tones really do magic.

Digital Wallpaper In Bold Blue

blue and brown circles wallpaper digital art wallpapers


Here is a digital art wallpaper in blue and a hint of brown. This would make a bold focal point.

Brilliant Butterfly Wall Print

unique abstract butterfly canvas print blue brown wall art


The beautiful butterfly print would surely make a great centerpiece on the wall. With the soft brown background, it would make a good wall decoration in your living room.

Soft Brown Tones For A Cozy Living Room

brown and blue home decor living room inspiration decor


Blue color tones would let you down! The different tones of brown shown above make a good harmony and create a cozy atmosphere.

Living Room Decor In Blue And Brown

greenwich georgian estate carmina roth interiors blue


Here is another proof that blue and brown go well together. The living room looks sophisticated when the two colors paired right.

In Summary:

Those are some ideas to combine blue and brown for wall decor. Do you find some favorites? We do hope they help you in creating the wall decor of your dream.

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