cherry poster king bedroom set 5 pcs acme furniture

Cherry Wood Bedroom Set Styling Inspiration

A cherry wood bedroom set tends to have a traditional appearance. Hence, some people mistake it as outdated. However, cherry wood furniture pieces are timeless! They are classic furniture that goes well with a variety of colors and styles. Furthermore, cherry wood furniture pieces are beautiful and we will show you why.

What colors go well with cherry wood furniture:

Since cherry wood furniture can be seen as out-of-style by some people, it takes careful thought when decorating. One of the things to consider is the color. The complementary colors play a big role in determining the success of the design. Therefore, we will list some colors that go well with cherry wood furniture.

  • First of all, white. It is the safest color to go with cherry wood furniture. In addition, white is versatile. Thus, it goes well with a wide range of hues including dark brown which we usually find in cherry wood furniture. Moreover, white helps to balance the cherry wood’s boldness. As a result, we can get a more balanced appearance.
  • Secondly, instead of white, you can also go with pale green. Cherry wood furniture pieces are excellent when it comes to creating a more earthy atmosphere. Therefore, it has the ability to bring a nice, refreshing ambiance. To create a more natural vibe, it would be good to have pale green accents. Also, pale green is the best option for a fresher look.
  • Besides, you can also opt for grey. It is also a great color to create contrast between the furniture and the walls. Furthermore, grey can add enough depth to highlight the beauty of cherry wood furniture.


Here are some images to show how gorgeous cherry wood bedroom sets are.

Brown Cherry Wood Furniture Set

esperia brown cherry bedroom set from furniture of america


Here is a beautiful brown cherry bedroom set to choose from. As seen above, the set also looks good in a room with beige walls. Furthermore, it suits the room style well.

Cherry Dark Brown Bedroom Set

grandom cherry leatherette bedroom set from furniture of


The second option comes with a leathered headboard. Due to the classic design, the set would be perfect for an elegant space.

Contemporary Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

midland contemporary brown cherry bedroom set with wooden


Yes, you can also create a contemporary bedroom with a cherry wood furniture set. Besides, you can add accents in lighter tones to ease the tension.

Cherry Wood Furniture And White Walls

furniture of america diva traditional cherry 2 piece


Here is a perfect example of having white walls and a cherry wood bedroom set. It looks gorgeous. Besides, the white walls help accentuate the details of the furniture.

Beautiful Brown Cherry Bedroom Arrangement

bellefonte baroque brown cherry sleigh bedroom set with


The cherry bedroom set shown above comes with a beautiful design. Hence, it makes the room pleasing to see.

Master Bedroom With Cherry Furniture Set

triomphe cherry wood 5pc bedroom set wking poster bed


Cherry wood sets would make a perfect option for a master bedroom. In addition, you can add lighter shades of brown to brighten the overall look.

Cherry Wood Bedroom With White Accents

old world cherry brown marble bedroom furniture 5pcs


Here comes a stunning result of adding white accents to a cherry bedroom set. As you can see, the white accents go well with the dark brown color of the furniture.

Rustic Light-Colored Cherry Bedroom Design

amish luxury rustic cherry bedroom set surrey street rustic


You can also opt for a light brown bedroom set. The color is suitable for a rustic vibe. Besides, it tends to be easier to style.

Cherry King-Sized Bedroom Furniture

cherry poster king bedroom set 5 pcs acme furniture


This is a cherry king-sized bedroom set. The set comes with a bed, headboard, dresser, nightstand, and drawer.

Cherry Bedroom Furniture With Extra Storage

celecte cherry wood cal king bed with storage poundex


Space-saving furniture would be amazing for a small bedroom. Thus, you can opt for bedroom furniture with extra storage as you can see above.

Traditional Dark Cherry Wood Bed Frame

mcferran b538 traditional dark cherry wood finish queen


A cherry wood bed frame with a traditional design would not hurt. In fact, it would look gorgeous and elegant when done right.

Pale Green Walls For Dark Brown Furniture

grandover rich cherry wood master bedroom set dark


You can see how pale green looks awesome with a dark brown bedroom set. In addition, you can add accents of green to complete the look.

Brown Solid Wood Bedroom Set Idea

crown mark b1600 stanley cherry finish solid wood king


Solid wood is the best option for homeowners. It may be more expensive than engineered wood furniture. However, it will last far longer.

Shades Of Brown Bedroom Style

homelegance 4pcs 1837 1 brown cherry wood queen sleigh


A solid wood furniture set makes a good choice for its durability. Furthermore, it would look lovely with different shades of brown.

Space Saving Wood Bedroom Furniture

brown cherry storage king bedroom set 5pcs konane 20444ek


This bedroom set at Walmart would make a perfect option for a space-saving bedroom. In addition, it is always good to have extra space in the room.

Bedroom Furniture Set In Rustic Style

4 piece rustic cherry shaker bedroom set the amish


Rustic room style is never out-of-style. Therefore, it would be a good alternative to go with a rustic bedroom set.

Traditional Cherry Wood Furniture Set

mcferran b538 traditional dark cherry wood finish king


A traditional bedroom set does not mean old-fashioned. In reality, it is ageless and beautiful!

Beri Judul yg sesuai dg gambar

bedroom set in rich cherry raleigh acme furniture


Deskripsikan gambar, boleh pake fitur Bulled List / Number List untuk menjelaskan gambar: bedroom set in rich cherry raleigh acme furniture

Wood Bedroom Set In Rich Tones

found it at wwwdcgstores celine four poster bed


Here comes a conventional-looking bedroom design. It has comfortable bedroom furniture set in rich tones.

Elegant Cherry Wood Bedroom Setting

cherry finish wood king sleigh bedroom set 3pcs


The beautiful details on the cherry wood bedroom set make it perfect for an elegant ambiance.

Cherry Bedroom Set With Simple Design

laurelle cherry sleigh bedroom set from furniture of


If you prefer simplicity, you can opt for a bedroom set with a simple design as shown above. Even though it looks simple, it remains a stunning set.

Dark Cherry Finish Bedroom Set

dreamfurniture cleveland dark cherry finish bedroom set


If you are looking for a neat-looking bedroom, you can utilize the simple design of a cherry wood bedroom set.

Classic Cherry Wood Furniture Design

traditional dark cherry wood finish king size bedroom set


A traditional bedroom set does not have to be old. It can be meant as something classy. Thus, you can always choose a bedroom set with a traditional design for a sophisticated room.

5-Piece Dark Cherry Furniture Bedroom Set

cleveland dark cherry wood 5pc bedroom set wking bed


This dark cherry wood bedroom set comes with 5 needed pieces of furniture. Since they are in dark brown, you can use light colors as accents.

Sophisticated Styling Of Brown Cherry Set

homelegance 2147 1 mayville brown cherry wood queen sleigh


Here is a reference for a sophisticated styling of a cherry bedroom set. The overall appearance looks elegant. Furthermore, it looks neat and fresh.

Cherry King Bedroom Furniture Design Selection

c9642a cherry king bedroom set wood bedroom furniture


A cherry king bedroom set would make a good option for a master bedroom. Furthermore, you can add houseplants to freshen up the vibe.

In Summary:

We’ve shown you a few different ways to decorate a cherry wood bedroom set. How was it? We hope you enjoy our classy collection. Furthermore, you can always combine the ideas above to create your own unique area. Moreover, it would be ideal if you could implement the previously mentioned suggestions. Cheers!

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