College Apartment Bedroom Ideas To Try

We have a lot of college apartment bedroom ideas we cannot wait to share. If you are fed up with your current apartment setting or are about to begin living in one, we have amazing ideas here. There are small-space solutions, beautiful arrangements for tiny bedrooms, and so forth. Therefore, make sure to stay with us till the end

How to decorate a small college bedroom:

Do you have a tiny college bedroom? If that’s the case, we have some amazing decoration and storage ideas for you. Moreover, these space-saving ideas will let you be more comfortable in your college apartment bedroom. Hence, without further ado, let us briefly explain the solutions below.

  • First of all, you can try downsizing. It is getting rid of things you don’t use. It might sound hard. However, once you practice doing it, it would be beneficial. You need to think of what you’ll need in your college bedroom. For example, you might not include pairs of shoes you rarely use. Thus, you will be more mindful when it comes to the stuff you bring to the room.
  • Secondly, baskets to the rescue! When you leave your belongings around, you might get a messy environment. Then, that mess will only add stress. One of the effective ways to do so is by having stackable storage bins or decorative baskets. They are not only functional but beautiful too. Hence, they can help you to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment to live in.
  • Last but not least, always go with multifunctional furniture. For a bedroom with limited space, consider a raised bed or a bunk bed without the bottom bunk. As a result, you will have space under your bed to store things.


Beautiful Freshman Bedroom Idea

freshman dorming ideas bedroomideasurban dorm room


If you are a freshman living in a college dorm, this room idea should be on your list. The room is beautifully decorated with neutral tones. Furthermore, the indoor plants make it even comfier.

Raised Bed For Small College Bedroom

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Here is a perfect example of the use of a raised bed to save some space. As you can see, the raised bed lets you have extra storage under the bed.

Creative College Bedroom With Bunk Bed

creative dorm room ideas to make your space more cozy


Instead of a raised bed, you can have a bunk bed without the bottom bunk. Then, you can transform the bottom part into a study space.

Awesome Tiny College Apartment Decor Idea

86 awesome dorm room college decor ideas and design 83


Here is another way to use a raised bed. If you want to make your room mess-free, you can have a raised bed to create more space in the room.

College Bedroom Decoration Idea

college dorm room ideas of distributing the nuance


After thinking of the space, here is a good example of a college bedroom decor idea. You can put your favorite posters as wall decorations.

Small College Bedroom Organization Idea

100 cute dorm room organization ideas made easy dorm


The decorative lights do help in creating a warm ambiance in your room. Furthermore, the idea of having a bunk bed to create a wardrobe underneath is brilliant.

College Apartment Room Decor Inspiration

pin brandy on college dorm room inspiration college


Here comes another proof that putting decorative lights will upscale your room. Moreover, they will be good as ambient lights at night.

College Bedroom Ideas For Two

college dorm ideas to try for maximizing your space


You can refer to this idea if you’re living with a roommate. Besides, you can make changes based on each other’s preferences.

Design Idea For College Apartment Bedroom

home designs dorm room designs college dorm room


Even if you’re struggling with limited space, you still can make the most of it. For example, you can have a bunk bed to create extra space in the room.

Space-Saving Furniture For College Bedroom

bedroom decor for 6 year old boy bedroom decor kenya


Space-saving furniture will always be beneficial when it comes to small bedrooms. Hence, you can opt for a bed like the one shown above to have more storage in your room.

College Apartment Living Room Inspiration

pin candace nicole on college spaces girly college


Sometimes, you have to share your apartment with your friends. Therefore, you have to also think of decorating communal rooms such as a living room.

Adorable Styling Idea For College Bedroom

62 awesome college dorm room decor ideas and remodel


If you prefer a girly interior design, you can have a pinkish or pastel color scheme for your room.

College Dorm Decor Idea For Two

college dorm room ideas of distributing the nuance


When sharing a college bedroom with a roommate, you can have a twin decoration as seen above.

Homey Rustic College Apartment Bedroom Ideas

rustic diy college apartment decoration ideas on a budget


Who says you cannot have a pretty college bedroom? If you think so, you can look up to the decor idea seen above. It looks neat and stunning with well-placed decorations.

College Bedroom Idea With A Roommate

dorm room ideas college room decor dorm inspiration


Here comes another inspiration for you and your roommate. This decor idea will work if you two share a common taste.

Decorative Lights To Light Up The Mood

college apartment room ideas decoration living room


For a more festive mood, you can put up decorative lights above your bed. In addition, it will be a great view at night.

Decorative Idea For Fun College Bedroom

college dorm room furnishings shopping guide 2020


Add a little fun to your college bedroom! As shown above, you can decorate the walls with your favorite polaroids.

Boho Style College Bedroom Decor

samford dorm room vail 101 dorm room designs dorm


This boho-inspired room design will surely make you happy during your college years. Besides, they are stunning as well as homey.

Warm College Apartment Bedroom Decor Plan

pin on college


College bedrooms should be made comfortable. Therefore, it would be good to use warm, neutral tones for the interior design.

Girls College Dorm Interior Design

apartmentdecorating girls dorm room college dorm room


Here comes another great inspiration for girls’ college dorm decor plans. In case you and your roommate share similar preferences, it might be fun to have this twin bedroom look.

Bunk Bed To Save Space In College Dorm

65 awesome college dorm room decor ideas dormroom


It is normal to have limited space when it comes to college bedrooms. Hence, you should be creative in creating enough space for your stuff.

Cool College Bedroom Decor Idea

cool college dorm rooms soup college dorm room decor


If you want something cool, this idea might be right up your alley. The combination of earthy tones will never fail to impress.

College Bedroom Interior Design Inspiration

pin candace nicole on college spaces girly cute


You can also go simple with a minimalist decoration in your college room. This way, you can avoid having a messy room.

College Dorm Idea With Bunk Bed

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The bedroom above also uses a bunk bed perfectly to create more space for storage. In addition, it gives you space to build a small living room.

Creative College Dorm Idea For A Cozy Space

creative dorm room ideas to make your space more cozy


Bunk beds are excellent to create more space in the room. Furthermore, the use of comfortable bedding and rug also improves the room’s comfort.

In Summary:

How did it go? We have already shown some decorating ideas for college apartment bedrooms. We’ve also given you some ideas to create more space for you to store some stuff. Therefore, we hope you find them beneficial!

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