Curious George Bedroom Sets Best Designs

Curious George bedroom sets might be the perfect option for your little ones’ rooms. Furthermore, it would be a perfect idea if your little ones are fond of animated series. Or else, you can also customize a special bedroom set related to their favorite animations. By having a customized set, you can create a one-of-a-kind room for your loved ones.

Tips on decorating bedroom walls:

When it comes to styling a bedroom, it takes more than just choosing a bedroom set. It is also about decorating the room with things that match the set. Hence, here we will give you some tips on how to decorate the walls. For those who deal with this designing the first time, hope these help!

  • First of all, mind the odd number rule. As the name suggests, the rule recommends you have an odd number of items on the wall. For example, you want to hang frames on the wall, just avoid even numbers. Then, you are good to go.
  • Secondly, heed the principle of harmony. When deciding to decorate the walls, you have to consider the furniture and other things in the room. Hence, you can create a great harmony between the wall ornaments and the things around.
  • Thirdly, define a theme for your wall decor. Instead of hanging random things, you can define a certain theme for the wall decor. Moreover, it would be a good way to pick wall items that suit your preferences.
  • Last but not least, follow the accent wall rule. This tip suggests you break the monochrome impact in the room. You can use one side of the wall to be a different element. Therefore, you can pint it in a bold color. Or else, you can stick a distinctive wallpaper.


Have a look at the following amazing designs to follow.

Animated Series Nursery Room Design

curious george toddler sheet set the darien designs from


For a nursery room, animated series will always make a good theme. Also, there are many options to choose from. You can simply pick your favorite animation.

Curious George Wall Frames

pin katherine hall nye on cool diy kids room big


Instead of having Curious George bedroom sets, you can opt for wall decoration. The image above shows a great example of it.

Curious George Bedroom Sets For Nurseries

curious george fabric boutique cribmini littleangelslinens


For your newborn baby, having a Curious George bedroom set sounds like a cute idea. Moreover, as you can see above, there are many options to choose from in this category.

Curious George Bedroom Sets For Baby Boy

curious george crib bedding set custom made colors etsy


For your baby boy, this bedroom set looks like a nice set to try. You can get yours at Etsy!

Curious George Giant Wall Mural

curious george 41 giant wall mural stickers monkey room


To decorate a playroom, this Curious George theme is a good one. Furthermore, the mural is a good way to lighten up the vibe in the room.

Curious George Bedsheet Set

curious george sheet set pottery barn kids


A barn bed frame will look fabulous with the Curious George sheet set. In addition, the set comes in a color that goes well with the wooden frame color.

Baby Boy Nursery Wall Art

curious george nursery big boy room ba kids boy room


For your baby room, the Curious George painting makes a cute addition. In addition, it would be a perfect art to beautify the room.

Kids Curious George Pajama Set

home page zulily toddler girl curious george girls


Shown above is the Curious George pajama set for kids. This would also make a lovely gift for your little ones.

Beautiful Butterflies Bedding Set

boutique custom curious george c


This beautiful bedding set would be perfect for your newborn baby. In addition, it would upscale the room if it goes well with the theme of the nursery.

Curious George Wooden Blocks

curious george childrens wooden book blocks etsy


This is a Curious George wooden block set. This would make a lovely birthday souvenir.

Cute Curious George Duvet Set

happiness in the making room review update presto chango


What an awesome color tone! This Curious George duvet set comes in a perfect color tone for autumn.

Twin Curious George Bedroom Sets

curious george logo costume ideas pinterest curious


The design is perfect if you have twin kids! The Curious George bedroom theme is a great theme for twins.

Curious George Sheet Sets

curious george monkey chenille ba quilt crib bedding ebay


This sheet set is available on eBay. The set looks nice for a boy bed with a playful design. Besides, the color combination is perfect for kids.

Personalize Your Bedding Set

boutique custom curious george crib beddingnursery 10pc


Having a personalized bedding set is a good idea to match the room with your liking.

Monster University Bedding Set

monsters university bedding comforter set full walmart


Here is another bedding set suitable for kids of all ages! I mean, who doesn’t love Monster University? The set also comes in a wonderful color that represents the movie well.

Cute Curious George Nursery Set

vintage classic curious george fabric littleangelslinens


Such a cute nursery! The Curious George bedroom set used in the room creates a cute, charming vibe. Hence, it can be used for both baby boys and girls.

Vintage Curious George Nursery Set

vintage classic curious george fabric boutique crib mini


For a vintage ambiance, this Curious George nursery set would make a good option. In addition, the simple, natural colors seem nice to look at.

Personalized Curious George Pillow Case

11597 curious george personalized pillowcase


To give your room a personal touch, personalized items will never fail. For a fun one, you can personalize this cute monkey pillowcase.

Curious George Long Pajama Set

curious george long john pajamas in organic cotton in


Such cute pajamas! This Curious George comes in long sleeves and pants. Thus, it suits fall and winter.

Vintage Curious George Fabric Item

vintage curious george fabric boutique crib


This crib cover screams vintage! Furthermore, it looks cute with the Curious George prints.

Camping Theme For Kids Bedrooms

webbs bedroom bed tent camping theme bedroom kids bed


For a fun theme, you can create a camping-style bedroom as shown above. The tent-shaped bed would surely be loved by the kids!

Adorable Bedding Set For Children

dream factory circus bed set kids bedding sets bedding


Colorful bedding sets are always perfect for children! The bedding set above is the proof. The color combination does not look awkward even though there are many colors used.

Best Curious George Bedroom Sets

curious george fabric boutique crib nursery por


To create a fun room for your little ones, having Curious George bedroom sets would be a good idea.

Curious George Bedding Set Design

curious george sheet set pottery barn kids


This is my favorite when it comes to Curious George bedding sets. The rainbow color on the duvet is a great idea to make a cheerful ambiance.

Curious George Fabric Bed Sheet

curious george ba bedding for sale classifieds


To add extra cuteness to your room, this Curious George bed sheet would be a perfect option. With the calm color tone, it fits any room design.

Curious George Quote On The Wall

pin stephanie wilson on books worth reading curious


To complete the look of Curious George bedroom sets, you can also decorate the wall with the same theme. Furthermore, writing the witty quote, as shown above, sounds like a great idea.

In Summary:

Those are some ideas and designs for Curious George bedroom sets! We do hope you enjoy scrolling the post. Furthermore, hope you get your favorite design to try.

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