Japanese Bedroom Ideas For Aesthetic Interior Decoration

The Japanese Bedroom interior style is suitable to adjust for the minimalist home space. Before you do the decoration in your room, you might know everything about this Japanese bedroom interior style. This interior idea will give comfort and a simple bedroom to stay in.

What concern should be given to make Japanese room decorations?

We should concern about somethings to get this Japanese bedroom style. such point down below:

  • Firstly, give the cherry blossoms ornament decor and also similar bedsheets.
  • Secondly, give the wooden accent furniture with a lot of storage space to keep the room tidy.
  • Thirdly, putting the mattress in the closet to make the bed more private.
  • Fourthly, you don’t need to take much furniture in the bedroom. Just the tables and chairs to create a minimalist room.
  • Fifty, laid out a thin mattress on the bare floor to get the Japanese bedroom feeling more.
  • Lastly, providing room on the wall with a wooden accent and also zabuton Japanese furniture.

The tips above can you practice them while decorating the Japanese Bedroom interior style for your home. The Japanese bedroom minimalist interior style can be seen from the following pictures:

room decor ideas japanese bedroom


Modern Japanese Tatami Bedroom Design

modern tatami room design
Source: www.pinterest.jp

As can be seen, this home interior style is the modern tatami room design. This style interior usually is woven from rice straw for the base floor. This material style will make a comfortable feeling for everyone who stayed.

Japanese Bedroom Essentials Design With Tatami Mat

japanese bedroom essentials design with tatami mat
Source: www.123rf.com

The image includes a Japanese bedroom essentials design with a tatami mat available here. You can get this tatami to decorate your modern Japanese interior. While the wood is being the main furniture material.

Japanese Bedroom Essentials

japanese bedroom essentials
Source: www.pinterest.de

Twin bedstead includes this Japanese bedroom essential interior style. You can get the dark mode light to give the impression of being calm and comfortable. Besides, you can also put the sunshade when need the light more.

Mix Of Japanese And Scandinavian Bedroom

mix of japanese and scandinavian bedroom
Source: decordots.com

The awesome interior is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian bedroom interior style. The great combination of those interior styles purpose to get three essences such below:

  1. Organizing
  2. Togetherness
  3. Relaxing at home

By mixing the Japanese and Scandinavian style perfectly, you can get the best quality of life at home.

Tatami Room Suginami

tatami room suginami
Source: www.vrbo.com

The simple interior look includes tatami room suginami available on this image. The thin and white mattress contrast to the furniture color theme, then it will be comfortable on the tatami mat, too.

Organic Tatami Sleeping Mat

organic tatami sleeping mat
Source: guide.alibaba.com

This is an organic tatami sleeping mat to be the floor decoration. Tatami mat certainly has some excellences such as help you to get a good position during your sleep. The purpose is to provide a healthy back for the long term.

Traditional Japanese Tatami Bed Apartment

traditional japanese bedroom tatami bed apartment
Source: www.123rf.com

When you love the Japanese bedroom style, then you can set it in your home living. This image is telling you about the minimalist interior for bedroom apartment completing tatami mat as a decorative element for the mattress.

Villa Nozawa Japanese Tatami Bedroom

villa nozawa japanese tatami room
Source: www.samuraisnow.com

This is a villa Nozawa Japanese bedroom interior with a tatami room mat under the thin mattress. This mat gives comfort feeling and enough space for the room. Moreover, the villa usually needs many mattresses in every bedroom.

Interior Japanese Minimalist Bed

interior japanese minimalist bed
Source: www.pinterest.com

This bedroom includes an interior Japanese minimalist bed. You can also add the wood furniture accent under the mattress as the lied pad Moreover, the wooden decorative elements in many storages will be more interesting.

Japanese Style Living Room Zen

japanese style living room zen
Source: nonagon.style

For this image, it is not about Japanese style living room zen interior style. You can give a tatami mat for the floor based decorative element. As can be seen, it includes a traditional Japanese fireplace in the middle of the room.

Urban Japanese Decor Small Studio Apartment

urban japanese decor small studio apartment
Source: smallbutcomfy.com

This interior room is a great idea on urban Japanese bedroom decor for the small studio apartment. The wooden furniture accents completed the room with some storages. Then it will help you get enough space for another thing.

Wooden Furniture Accent For Bedroom

tatami style bedroom
Source: www.pinterest.com

The Japanese bedroom contemporary style includes the image above. Most importantly, the wooden furniture accent including some storages completing the room. While the bricks wall and modern window give different accents, too.

Traditional Japanese Futon

traditional japanese futon
Source: www.dailydetoxhacks.com

The simple and minimalist bedroom includes a traditional Japanese futon is above. The Japanese futon consists of two things such as:

  1. Shikibuton for the sleeping pad.
  2. Soft Kakebuton as the blanket.

Those elements for one Japanese futon set. Moreover, this futon spread out on the tatami mat. For this room, it also completed the wooden furniture accent.

Tatami Room With En Suite

tatami room with ensuite
Source: www.hakubacortina.com

This is another Japanese bedroom style in a tatami room with en suite interior vogue. The wooden furniture accent covering this room, too. The simple and minimalist mattress available to adjust the interior theme.

Modern Tatami Mats Sleeping

tatami mats sleeping
Source: www.pinterest.co.uk

This image includes a modern tatami mat sleeping for relaxing your self. Moreover, the gray color mattress can be adjusted with the similar tatami color, too. Another modern style for decorative elements also needed.

Japan Interior Design Modern Bedroom

japan interior design modern living room
Source: www.123rf.com

Ryokan is the traditional inn for Japan. The room above includes a Japanese interior design mix to the modern living room. Wooden accents as the main material, while you can combine them with the ordinary wall style.

Japanese Style Tatami Bedroom

japanese style tatami room
Source: www.princehotels.com

The different styles of Japanese tatami mat for the bedroom. You can get this idea to decorate the hotel or inn. As can be seen, the Japanese bedroom interior gives a calm and comfortable accent to stay along there.

Japanese Inspired Living Room Designs

japanese inspired living room designs
Source: decormu.com

This room style includes a Japanese inspired living room designs. The room interior consisting of simple furniture. It would be a perfect style when you need a Japanese accent in your living room.

Japanese Dining Room Ideas

japanese bedroom ideas
Source: www.pinterest.com

This image for being a Japanese dining room or living room ideas with zabuton. The wooden accents still being the main decorative elements in this room. While the simple and low table as the furniture completing with some zabuton.

Japanese Inspired Bed Frame

japanese inspired bed frame
Source: www.pinterest.com

The bedstead above is a Japanese inspired bed frame. This furniture can be an interesting element to put in your Japanese bedroom interior. Furthermore, the Japanese futon also suitable to fill the frame above.

Tatami Japanese Mat For Floor

tatami japanese mat
Source: www.decovry.com

The sample of the tatami Japanese mat is on the image above. This is not a light tatami but includes a heavy one. While you need a landing pad for the futon, then it is a good option to get.

Ryokan Tatami Kaga Japan Booking

ryokan tatami kaga japan booking
Source: www.booking.com

The room above includes a Japanese interior design for an awesome living room. Ryokan tatami Kaga is the traditional interior style for Japan. Wooden accents as the main material, while the table seats furniture sets, too.


Source: fi.pinterest.com

This bedroom furniture set includes a Shikibuton for the mattress. Shikibuton is a thin layer of cloth filled with cotton and synthesis. This furniture is being a favorite thing to put in the Japanese bedroom interior style.

Japanese Futon Mattress

japanese futon mattress
Source: sleepyti.me

Most of Japan will prefer a futon as their bedroom sets. This Japanese futon mattress is simple furniture for the minimalist room. Because you can fold it after using the mattress. While it certainly looks more traditional.

Modern Japanese Bed Style

modern japanese bed style
Source: www.pinterest.com

The wooden accent includes this modern Japanese bed style. This bedstead can give the aesthetic bedroom interior. Then adjust the bedroom sets with the other simple furniture around the bed.

Traditional Japanese Bedrooms

traditional japanese bedrooms
Source: onsenryokan.blog.jp

This is a traditional Japanese bedroom interior with a tatami mat and futon sets. This mat gives comfort feeling and enough space for the room. Moreover, this interior style can be applied to the Japanese inn or hotel design.

Sleeping Futon Benefits On Health

sleeping futon benefits on health
Source: www.kyoto-ryokan-sakura.com

The bedroom includes sleeping futon sets is on this image. While the futon has some benefits on health care such these below:

  1. Futon helps from avoiding back problems. Because it has a firm surface that helps the spine aligned.
  2. Futon helps pregnant women problems from the back pain by adding the other soft layers.

Minimalist Japanese Bedroom

minimalist japanese bedroom
Source: kingssleeve.com

The zabuton for completing the minimalist Japanese bedroom above. It can be additional decorative elements to support the bedroom into an aesthetic interior style. Moreover, the minimalist design included this bedroom, too.

Kyoto Japanese Style Bed Without Headboard

kyoto japanese style bed without headboard
Source: www.naturalbedcompany.co.uk

Another traditional Kyoto Japanese style bed without headboard includes this image. You can choose this furniture to complete the Japanese bedroom, too. Most importantly, this bedroom mix with the modern style of wall decor.

Southbay Japanese Zen Bedroom Modern

southbay japanese zen bedroom modern
Source: giggster.com

The room above used to be the living room or dining room according to your wish. This is a south bay Japanese zen modern interior style. The black furniture sets from zabuton and low table stone available this image, too.

Japanese Themed Bedroom Ideas

japanese themed bedroom ideas
Source: www.thriftyfun.com

Small bedroom space with the Japanese themed bedroom ideas is here for you. Furthermore, the white and blue futon sets certainly can be used to give an aesthetic room style. Choose this style as your best idea.

Japanese Tatami Style Bedroom Design

japanese tatami style interior design
Source: www.pinterest.com

A can be seen, this is a modern bedroom interior style. Moreover, Japanese tatami style interior design considering to give a strong Japanese accent. The futon and wooden board decorated the bedroom sets, too.

Shikibuton Japanese Futon

shikibuton japanese futon
Source: www.futondor.com

The different styles of Shikibuton Japanese futon including the minimalist bedroom above. Then, you need to adjust the futon color with the interior theme. As a result, the aesthetic and comfortable room could you get.

Inspiring Japanese Bedroom Layout Apartment

inspiring japanese apartment layout
Source: www.pinterest.nz

The image of an inspiring Japanese apartment layout for you. The white color still decorated all over the room. While the wooden accent also being the decorative elements. Moreover, this is a storage and shelves furniture type.

Japanese Living Room Family

japanese living room family
Source: www.123rf.com

Get this awesome living room interior for your home. This is a Japanese living room family style which consists of:

  • The aesthetic armchairs in the gray color theme.
  • Low table and black color furniture.
  • The traditional tatami mat style.
  • Minimalist decorative elements for the wall decor.

Japanese Small Homes Interior Design

japanese small homes interior design
Source: www.pinterest.com

The minimalist room with Japanese small homes interior design. The wooden accent under the mattress and also it gives the room more aesthetic. Presently, the minimalist modern interior being a favorite style to fill the bedroom.

Japanese Bed Frame

japanese bed frame
Source: www.futoncompany.co.uk

Furthermore, some of the Japanese futons needed the frame to put the mattress. This image can be a good idea for a frame. Most importantly, this furniture can be an interesting element to put in your Japanese bedroom interior.

Waterproof Japan Futons Shikibuton Covers

waterproof japan futons shikibuton covers
Source: www.futonsfromjapan.co.uk

For this furniture is a waterproof japan futon Shikibuton covers. This mattress can be placed beyond the bed frame. As long as you get a tatami mat, you will get a comfortable feeling during your sleep.

Japanese Tatami Sleeping Bed

japanese tatami sleeping
Source: guide.alibaba.com

Another modern style for decorative elements is here. This image includes a modern tatami mat sleeping for relaxing your self. Moreover, the white color can be adjusted with the wooden floor accents, too.

Japanese Apartment Design

japanese apartment design
Source: interiordesign.lovetoknow.com

When you live in the apartment, then this is a good idea to select as the Japanese apartment design. There some qualification for this style such:

  • This is not a floor style of the Japanese interior, but you still put the height furniture inside.
  • Wooden furniture and decor still being the theme, too.

Japanese Bed Futon

japanese bed futon
Source: www.nytimes.com

As can be seen, this Japanese bed futon can be rolled to save the room space. You can put the futon inside the closet during the day. Moreover, the white color futon can be adjusted with any kind of furniture, too.

Large Japanese Bedroom Apartment

large japanese apartment
Source: www.vrbo.com

The different interior was available for the large Japanese apartment. Considering the image above, there are some parts in the apartments and also its interior style.

  • Firstly, a large bedroom sets in a white color theme.
  • Secondly, the small table floor with zabuton and tv for the living room includes the dining room.
  • Thirdly, the modern minimalist kitchen sets.

Living Room Design In Japanese Style

living room design in japanese style
Source: realestatevietnam.com.vn

The different living room design in Japanese style includes the zabuton on the floor available here. Most importantly, it is a kind of traditional room design. Then the tatami mat still decorating the floor and the sliding door, too.

Foldable Tatami Mattress Pad

foldable tatami mattress pad
Source: www.ebay.com

For this furniture, it is a kind of the foldable tatami mattress pad. The blue color contrast with the white floor such as the image above. But in fact, this combination would give an aesthetic interior room decor.

Tatami Bedroom Furniture Japanese

tatami room furniture japanese
Source: www.projecthamad.org

The simple and awesome tatami mat for the room furniture Japanese style. As can be seen, the interesting seat including the room to get it more interesting. The wall space also available to be additional room decor.

Natural Japanese Bedroom Tatami Mat

natural japanese tatami mat
Source: www.alibaba.com

As shown above, it is a natural Japanese tatami mat covering the floor. While the sliding door for the closet was also available to get the traditional room interior more. Moreover, the shelves next to the closet to display some decorations.

Diy Japanese Tatami Bed Room

diy japanese bedroom tatami
Source: www.pinterest.co.uk

Pink color on this DIY Japanese bedroom tatami mat. Although this is a tatami mat, it including a comfortable material. While wooden accents also decorate the floor to be additional furniture.

Mattresses Back Alignment Seibel

mattresses back alignment seibel
Source: seibelpublishingservices.com

The furniture above is a mattress back alignment Seibel to complete the bedroom. It also adds the futon as the simple thing to have for the Japanese bedroom. A mat in natural color also being the other decorative element.

In Summary:

The comfortable bedroom will be the favorite of everyone to have. For this time, the Japanese interior style includes the images above as the sample. In short, you can choose which one is the favorite style to be yours.

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