Laundry Room Signs Wall Decor 20+ Inspiring Ideas

Using laundry room signs wall decor to decorate the laundry room is always a good idea. You might have a variety of decorations you can think of. You might have your favorite bible verses or phrases from a beloved book that you want to put on the wall, for example. Furthermore, it is typical to use quotes or decorations to upscale the room. Also, for wall decor, you’ll never run out of options available.

Laundry room signs can be shown in the following ways:

There are various ways when it comes to placing laundry signs on the wall. In general, it is a matter of personal preference. Even so, it’s useful to be aware of the various options for having the signs displayed on the walls. As a result, you can think about which one to pick. Here are a few common and recommended approaches.

  • Firstly, frames are a simple option. You can hang a framed sign on the wall. Furthermore, you can also write the sign in the color of your choice as well as in the font you choose. Therefore, you will be able to customize the signs to match your preferences.
  • Secondly, you can also use wall decals. This is also a simple one to go with. If you want something that lasts longer, a wall decal might be the answer. Furthermore,  you can also write a quote or a saying related to laundry, for example, to motivate you to do the work. Similar to the framed sign, you can customize the wall decal. Thus, you can also determine the font, color, and size.


Here are some great laundry wall decor ideas to consider.

Laundry Room Decoration Plaque

laundry room letters wooden signs plaques board wall


Here is a first laundry sign idea. You can hang a plaque as seen above. Besides, it has a witty saying which goes well with the room.

Fun Laundry Quote Written On The Wall

wall decal laundry room decor sign the most memorable days


Available at Etsy, you can also opt for this wall decal. The quote suits a laundry room so well. Furthermore, the design goes well with the furniture too.

Laundry Room Sign Made Of Wood

laundry drop your drawers here wood sign laundry room


Wood wall decorations would never go wrong. Thus, you can go with a wooden laundry room sign as shown above.

Laundry Room Sign Wall Decor Idea

laundry room wall art home decor sign wwwsweetbaylane


Shown above is another fun idea for your laundry room wall decor. Moreover, you can get inspired by it to make it your own.

Homemade Wood Laundry Room Sign

laundry room primitive wood sign wall hanging made


If you have a tight budget, fret no more! You can always do a little DIY to decorate the house. For example, you can make a laundry room sign as shown above.

Rustic Distressed Wood Laundry Sign

m home decor rustic laundry wood sign wall decor reviews


For a rustic vibe, you can have this distressed wood laundry sign. Go grab yours at Walmart!

Laundry Room Sign Brown Plaque

clothespin laundry sign wall art domestic divas coupons


Here is another laundry room sign you can go with. The rustic ambiance will do great in a country-inspired room.

Laundry Room Sign Wall Decor Art

laundry wood sign home decor wall art laundry sort


A fun laundry room sign would make doing the chore a little bit more enjoyable. Don’t you think so?

Fluff And Fold Laundry Room Sign

fluff and fold laundry room sign farmhouse wall decor


This ‘fluff and fold’ laundry room sign is available at Etsy! The fun, simple design would look great on the laundry room wall.

Fun Laundry Sign Wooden Wall Decor

laundry room sign loads of fun laundry wooden wall


For minimalist wall decoration, you can go with a simple sign as seen above. In addition, opting for a subtle tone like white and brown would never go wrong.

Simple Sign For Laundry Room Decor

laundry sign laundry room decor sign for laundry room


Here is another laundry room collection from Etsy! This option has a simple design that will go well with any room style.

Country Wooden Laundry Room Wall Art

laundry room country wooden wall art sign everything clean


Here comes a fun country wall art for your laundry room. It looks beautiful. Furthermore, the illustration is so well-drawn.

Printer Sign For Laundry Room

laundry room decor print sign wall art wash dry fold


For a simple look, you can opt for this print to decorate your laundry room wall. Though it is simple, it looks stunning.

Best Metal Laundry Room Wall Decor

the best metal laundry room wall decor


For those who are not fans of wooden signs, you can always opt for metal signs instead.


Laundry Room Lettering Wall Decor

laundry sign laundry room decor laundry sign farmhouse


With a beautiful lettering sign, you can decorate your laundry room well. The one shown above is available at Etsy!

Drop Your Drawers Here Laundry Sign

laundry room drop your drawers here western laundry room


This is another fun laundry sign to choose from. With the right choice of font and size, it will look great in your laundry room!

Laundry Room Wall Decal Quote

wall decal quote the laundry room loads of fun decor wash


Here comes another proof that a wall decal on your laundry room wall will look great! You can put your favorite laundry quote.

Laundry Room Metal Sign Design

laundry sign metal laundry home decor laundry room etsy


A simple metal sign will do! As seen above, you can opt for a simple design for your laundry room wall.

Classic Grey Laundry Room Signs

classic gray laundry signs on wood panel style background


Grey and white are versatile. Thus, you can always use the two for wall decorations as shown above, for example.

Laundry Room Sign Design Idea

excited to share the latest addition to my etsy shop


Here is another ‘fluff and fold’ laundry sign design you can choose from. The sign would make a great addition to a minimalist-style laundry room.

Witty Laundry Room Sign Quote

laundry room sign laundry room wall art laundry room decor


One witty quote at a time would not hurt. You can make your laundry room fun with this fun sign available at Etsy!

Simple Laundry Room Sign Design Idea

laundry room sign beach wall decor shelf decor unique wall


Opting for a simple sign will also make a great addition to your laundry room. As seen above, a simple laundry sign will do.

Laundry Quote Frame Wall Art

laundry room sign laundry room wall art laundry room


A framed quote would make a great wall art in your laundry room. Also, you can choose your favorite laundry quote to print and frame.

Laundry Room Sign Country Style Decor

laundry room sign wall decor country home decor signs


Here comes another country-style laundry room sign. The sign is made of wood with beautiful teal paint.

Wood Laundry Room Wall Sign

parisloft wood wall signs 9 x 08 walmart


Last but not least, here is a stunning laundry room sign available at Walmart! The combination of brown and black looks great.

In Summary:

Those are some awesome ideas for laundry room signs wall decor. How was it? Did you find some favorite ideas to go with? We do hope you find them inspiring too. In addition, we have many wall decor ideas in store. Hence, make sure to explore our page for more ideas for your home decor!

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