Light Wood Bedroom Set Styling Guide And Ideas

The light wood bedroom set might be the perfect one you are looking for to build your dream room. With light wooden sets, you can go for any room style you going for. Besides, these woods provide a sense of calmness that is good for bedrooms. Usually, light-colored hardwood species used in furniture are white oak, red oak, and maple. Therefore, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Light wood furniture styling guide:

It is impossible to go wrong with light wood furniture. This option is perfect for those who want to bring a natural ambiance into the rooms. Furthermore, as mentioned before, it is good for any room style. You can create a country-styled room or a modern one. In addition, light wood furniture has some value. Firstly, it is well known for its beauty and versatility. Besides, its strength and durability are undeniable. Hence, it would be worth going with it. For those who are interested, here are some tips for styling light wood furniture.

  • First of all, light wood furniture would be perfect for leisure spaces. Hence, it’s suitable for bedrooms as well as living rooms.
  • Furthermore, it is recommended to opt for natural markings and colors. Typically, woods also have beautiful natural textures that will be stunning for furniture.
  • In addition, giving simple accents will make it lovely. For light-toned wood furniture, you can give simple accents like giving hints of darker tones. Or else, you can add accessories with bolder color tones. As long as you are not overdoing it, it should be okay.


Now, let’s see some ideas on using light wood furniture in bedroom settings.

Natural Wood Bedroom Decor

pin carmen lofton johnson on master bedroombohomid


We start off strong with this beautiful natural wood bedroom set. The furniture look amazing with the light brown tone. In addition, the use of white accents upscale the quality.

Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

light cherry bedroom furniture beautiful bedroom


Here is a cherry wood bedroom furniture set which comes with all the necessary pieces of furniture. Besides, the decor makes the furniture stand out in the neutral-colored room.

Traditional Style Wood Bedroom Furniture

soothing and stately this traditional bedroom pairs dark


For a more traditional vibe, you can opt for this awesome bedroom set in a darker tone of brown. Furthermore, it is a brilliant idea to place a plant in the corner.

Light Wood Bedroom Set Design

light wood bedroom furniture 5 small interior ideas


You can also refer to this setting for a more traditional feel. In addition, the simple design of the furniture makes a great impression.

Light-Colored Wood Furniture Set

image result for light oak bedroom oak bedroom furniture


The natural color of wood is beautiful. Thus, you can keep it natural. Besides, wood furniture tend to match with other colors too.

Wood Bedroom Set In Espresso Color

shop broval light espresso wood king size storage bedroom


This espresso-colored furniture set would make a great addition to a modern bedroom. In addition, I like how the design is kept simple yet stunning.

Bedroom Set With Cream Finish

cortinella cream 5 pc queen sleigh bedroom queen bedroom


The cream color of the furniture lets you to pair them effectively with other darker tones. Or else, as seen above, you can keep it simple with white and grey tones in the room.

6-Piece Bedroom Furniture Set Inspiration

beechnut 6 pc light elm wood full bedroom set homelegance


Here comes a 6-piece bedroom set made of light wood. The set looks fabulous when given neutral colors as accents.

Modern Light Wood Furniture Design

modern bedroom set in light cherry finish made in spain 33b201


A wood bedroom set would also work well for a modern bedroom. As shown above, you can add modern-styled items to complement the wood furniture.

Light Oak Bedroom Decor Idea

light oak bedroom furniture the image lighting ideas honey


Shown above is a beautiful arrangement of a light oak bedroom set. As you can see, the furniture looks great when placed in a room with neutral tones.

Rustic Bedroom Style With Wood Furniture

pine bedroom sets rustic furniture light brown ideas wood


It would never fail to use a wood furniture set for a rustic bedroom. As you can see above, you can decorate the room with rustic decorative items too.

Clean Light Wood Bedroom Decor

light cherry bedroom furniture best interior paint


For a bedroom with a clean look, you can opt for a bedroom set with a simple design. Furthermore, you can use light-colored bedding as well as rugs to complete the look.

Dreamy Bedroom Decoration Idea

an extremely good bed is high priority in the dream house


Here is a dreamy bedroom with a wood furniture set. For a relaxing vibe, you can opt for a fluffy rug on the floor.

Light Wood Bedroom Furniture

karissa light wood upholstered panel bedroom set from


Here is a beautiful piece of bedroom furniture to upscale your room. Thanks to its classic design, the drawer would make a great addition to a vintage bedroom.

Bedroom Furniture Set In Dark Wood

bedroom dark hardwood floors 67 wood in with light


For a more elegant option, you can opt for a bedroom set in dark wood. As seen above, the furniture gives off an elegant ambiance.

Distressed Wood Bedroom Nightstand

beechnut 6 pc light elm wood full bedroom set homelegance


Distressed wood furniture have their own charms. As seen above, the nightstand looks stunning with the natural patterns.

Minimalist Light Wood Bedroom Furniture

dorset oak bed frame light wood wooden beds beds


A wood bedroom set would never be wrong to create a minimalist bedroom. Besides, as seen above, it would be great to go with the simple design.

Modern Wood Bedroom Set Style

exclusive wood luxury bedroom set feat light dallas texas


Here is a styling idea if you aim to create a modern bedroom with wood furniture. As you can see, the light-up headboard makes the room luxurious.

Light Grey Wood Furniture Set With Canopy Bed

manhattan configurable bedroom set light gray wood


Seen above is a light wood furniture set with a canopy bed. With the right styling, the room looks sophisticated and tidy.

Light Wood Upholstered Drawers

corsica light wood upholstered panel bedroom set from


Here is a light wood upholstered drawer. This would be a great addition to bedrooms of any style.

Six Drawers Dresser Made Of Wood

amelia 6 drawer dresser in 2021 wood bedroom furniture


You can complete your bedroom with this 6-drawer dresser. Made of wood, the dresser looks fabulous and is easy to style.

Light Grey Wood Furniture Set

grey wood bedroom set atmosphere ideas dark furniture


Here is another bedroom set in light grey. Being a versatile color, light grey works well with other colors such as brown and green.

Light Brown Wood Marble Design

saveaha light brown wood marble 2pc bedroom set wking


For a mid-century master bedroom, you can opt for this stunning light wood bedroom set. Besides, the furniture look excellent with their beautiful design.

Farmhouse Style Wood Bed Frame

wood bedroom sets home design light wood bedroom set light


Seen above is a wooden bed frame with a classic design. This would be perfect to have in a farmhouse style room.

Beautiful Wood Furniture Set

43 spacious master bedroom designs with luxury bedroom


Last but not least, here is how it looks to go with a light wood furniture set to create a luxurious room.

In Summary:

We have shown you some ideas on how to style a light wood bedroom set. How was it? We do hope you find our collection sophisticated. In addition, you can always mix and match the ideas above to create your personal space. Moreover, it would be great if you can follow the tips we have listed earlier. Good luck!

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