Lightning McQueen Bedroom Sets Collection

Lightning McQueen bedroom sets would make a perfect purchase for those who love Cars. Or else, you can also pick one for your little ones. In case you are not familiar with it, which I doubt, Montgomery Lighting McQueen is a stock car in the animated film Cars. The famous racing car is known for its red color. Therefore, you might stumble upon a lot of red when choosing its bedroom sets.

How to build a car-themed bedroom:

To build a car-themed bedroom, it is good to start with planning. Firstly, you can begin by gathering ideas. This will help you to picture how the bedroom will look like. Furthermore, you can get useful tips or inspiration from gathering various ideas. For this step, you can scroll down this page to look at some awesome designs. Secondly, it is a must to bring the room to life. If you build the room for your little ones, it is fun to have a car bed frame as the centerpiece. This will easily show the theme. For those enjoying a DIY project, building a car bed frame sounds like a good idea. Or else, you can just purchase one.

Besides, you can take the easier way. That is choosing car-themed bedding, rugs, or curtains. If you want to have a strong car-themed bedroom, you can fill the room with car-themed items. On the other hand, you can subtly show the theme by having a few items related to cars. For example, you can simply choose a car bedding set. Moreover, when it comes to car-theme bedrooms, it would be nice to have car-related decorative items.


Here are some awesome images of Lightning McQueen bedroom sets and how to style them.

Lightning McQueen Bedding Set

lightning mcqueen cars bedding set ebeddingsets


Create a subtle car-themed bedroom with this cute bedding set. Furthermore, it can make your bed stand out which is good for a centerpiece in your room.

Disney Cars Theme Bedroom Idea

disney lightning mcqueen car cover bedding sets bedspreads


For your Disney Cars bedroom, this Lighting McQueen bedspread would make a great purchase. In addition, the color matches so well with the furniture.

Building A Car-Themed Bedroom

lightning mcqueen cars bedding set ebeddingsets


To build a car-themed bedroom, you don’t always have to go the extra mile. Therefore, you can subtly add car-related stuff such as the McQueen bedding set.

Montgomery McQueen Cars Summer Comforter

disney lightning mcqueen car quilt summer comforter


This car summer comforter is available at Ali Express. You can purchase this cute comforter to create your car-inspired bedroom.

Lightning McQueen Cars Bedding Set

pin on home garden


One of the ways to decorate a car-themed bedroom is by having a car-related bedding set. As shown above, you can opt for the Lightning McQueen bedding set.

Blue And Red Cars Bedding Set Design

lightning mcqueen cars bedding set ebeddingsets


As always, the Lighting McQueen bedroom items use red and blue as the main colors. Thus, it is suitable when paired with furniture of the same colors.

Lightning McQueen Bedroom Sets Decor

lightning mcqueen bedroom set disney themed furniture for


Here is an inspiring design idea for the Lightning McQueen bedroom. Furthermore, the design looks awesome by utilizing the bedroom set well.

Black And Red Cars Bedding Set

single size lightning mcqueen 03 bedding set duvet cover


Instead of blue and red, you can opt for the black and red Lightning McQueen bedding set. Moreover, this color combination will never fail to create a pleasing room decor.

Racing Car Bedspread Design

aliexpress buy cartoon lightning mcqueen car quilt


Here is another option when it comes to racing car bedspread options. You can also get this at Ali Express.

Red Lightning McQueen Comforter Set

limited edition all time champ lightning mcqueen comforter


In case you or your little ones are obsessed with red and cars, this comforter set would make a perfect choice. With red as the main color, the comforter set looks amazing as a focal point in your room.

Car Wooden Bed Frame For Toddler

boy toddler bed wooden disney cars lightning mcqueen kid


If you are parents with a toddler, this car-themed bed frame should be on your shopping list. The fun design will help your toddler to love spending time in the room.

Lightning McQueen Theme Bedding Set

cartoon lightning mcqueen cars bedding sets children


To brighten up your kid’s bedroom, this fun car-themed bedding set might be the one you are looking for. Also, the bright orange is perfect to help freshen up the room.

Cars-Themed Cotton Bedding Set

lightning mcqueen cars bedding set cotton bedclothes


This cotton bedding set would be so comfortable to use. Furthermore, the fun car design makes it perfect for a kid’s room.

Cars Full Bedding Set Design

cute disney cars full bedding set lightning mcqueen


Here is cute full bedding set for those who love Cars. This is enough to subtly depict the theme in the room.

Greyish Lightning McQueen Bedding Set

cars 3 movie cruz ramirez jackson storm lightning mcqueen


If you don’t like bright colors, this greyish bedding set might be perfect for you. It will also be easy to decor the room with lighter shades of colors.

Light Blue Cars Bedding Set

disney pixar cars movie lightning mcqueen mater bedding


Here is another brilliant design for a Lightning McQueen bedding set. Even though it looks simple, it helps create a neat look in the room.

Lightning McQueen Bed With Lights

lightning mcqueen bedroom set disney pixar cars lightning


This amazing car-inspired bed frame would be a gorgeous present for your kids. Moreover, this would make a perfect centerpiece in the room.

A Lightning McQueen Bedroom Decor Idea

disney cars lightning mcqueen feature toddler bed with


Get inspired with this amazing decor of a Lightning McQueen bedroom! With the bedroom set, it would be easier for you to depict the theme well.

Lightning McQueen Cars Duvet Set

lightning mcqueen cars duvet cover bedding set naisodeals


The Lightning McQueen bedding set is an easier way to bring a racing car theme into a bedroom. Furthermore, there are plenty of designs to choose from.

Lightning McQueen Bedroom Decor Idea

lightning mcqueen complete bedroom set mount pearl


For a subtle accent of Lightning McQueen stuff, you can opt for car-themed bedding or curtains.

Lightning McQueen Bedroom Design For Boys

8 cool lightning mcqueen bedroom ideas estateregional


For your little gentlemen, this Lightning McQueen-themed bedroom might be the perfect one to build. With the decorative items, the room is perfect for cars lover.

Disney Cars-Inspired Bedroom Idea

lightning mcqueen quilt cover set disney cars bedding


A cars-themed bedroom is fun to work with. You can opt for cars-themed bedding as a focal point. Furthermore, some decorative items related to cars will help accentuate the theme.

Blue Bedroom With Cars Bedding Set

lightning mcqueen and mater quilt doona duvet cover set


The blue cars-themed bedding set looks suitable to be side by side with the blue drawers. For those interested, this bedding set is available on eBay.

Stylish Lightning McQueen Single Bedding Set

red lightning mcqueen cars print bedding set single twin


Here is a rather different, unique design for a Lightning McQueen bedding set. This would look gorgeous in a white bedroom as shown above.

Racing Car McQueen Bed Frame Design

boy toddler bed wooden disney cars lightning mcqueen kid


You can also opt for a racing car bed frame to build the car-themed bedroom. Furthermore, this would be a great surprise for your kids who love Lightning McQueen.

Disney Cars Bedding Set For Boys

cars lighting mcqueen twin size bedding set boys 5 piece


For your little boy, this Disney Cars bedding set would make a great purchase. The amazing design will make a good centerpiece in the room.

In Summary:

How was it? We do hope you get inspired by the above ideas for Lightning McQueen bedroom designs. As mentioned previously, it can be challenging as well as rewarding when decorating a car-themed bedroom. Even if you are a beginner, the designs shown here would make great references for you. In addition, you can explore our site for more ideas on bedroom designs.

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