25+ Mason Jar Wall Decor Best Ideas

There’s so much you can do when it comes to mason jar wall decor. The attractive transparent design of the mason jar makes it possible for us to get creative and turn it into a beautiful wall decoration. Hence, with a little technical skill and imagination, you can surely beautify your wall with mason jars.

Mason jar DIY wall decor ideas:

Today, you can see mason jars widely used as more than just food storage. One of the most common things you can find is the mason jar wall decoration. In case you want to put your artsy skills into use, here are some DIY ideas to create mason jar wall decorations.

  • Firstly, you can try making rustic mason jar centerpieces. It’s easy and cost-efficient. You can wrap the jars with brown twine to bring the rustic look.
  • Secondly, you can also make hanging mason jar lanterns. Besides, you can hang the jars on strong wood to create a vintage-looking wall decoration.
  • Thirdly, it would be great to paint the mason jars to have matching colors with the furniture. For the paints, you can use either spray paint or acrylic and chalk paint.


Let’s have a look at the following ideas for more insights.

Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Flower Vase

mason jar wall sconces mason jar decor home decor wood wall

Source: www.etsy.com

You can have a beautiful wall item with this mason jar flower vase. To upscale the look, you can use vintage-looking wood to hang the mason jar flower vase.

Framed Mason Jar Print Wall Picture

mason jar patent print canning wall art ball mason jar

Source: www.pinterest.com

This idea is a fun one to try. You can use the print and frame it to create a wall picture. Furthermore, you don’t always have to hang the frame. As seen above, you can place it on top of your furniture.

Simple Farmhouse Mason Jar Hanging Vase

mason jar wall decor hanging mason jars mason jar sconces

Source: www.etsy.com

In case you want to create a farmhouse interior design, you can decorate the wall with these hanging mason jar vases. Moreover, the white flowers make such a beautiful addition to the vase.

Mason Jar Flower Vase Wall Decor

mason jars have our heart wall artwork wall decor

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is a great DIY idea to try with mason jars. All you have to prepare are mason jars, wooden planks, flowers, and twines. In addition, you can make it colorful by painting the jars too.

Mason Jars Kitchen Storage Set

mason jar kitchen storage decor mason jar wall decor

Source: www.justforupersonalized.com

Another creative idea to use mason jars is shown above. The mason jars look good as kitchen items to store your baking ingredients. Furthermore, you can also use them to store your kitchen utensils.

Wooden Mason Jar Decorative Wall Art

wooden mason jar dollar sign monogram wall decor wayfair

Source: www.wayfair.com

Here is another mason jar decorative item you can place on your wall. The nice-looking item will also make a good centerpiece.

Mason Jar 2-piece Sconces Set

mason jar wall decor mason jar sconces 2 mason jar decor

Source: www.etsy.com

This 2-piece mason jar scones set adds the perfect additional light to your space. In addition, the pinkish flowers add a refreshing touch to the wall.

Farmhouse-Style Hanging Mason Jar Wall Decoration

individual hanging mason jar wall decor farmhouse style

Source: www.pinterest.com

In case you want to bring a farmhouse vibe to your space, you can use these wall-mounted mason jar wall decorations. The wooden planks will never fail to bring the vibe to your house.

DIY Mason Jar Wall Decoration

diy farmhouse mason jar wall decor diy vibes

Source: diyvibes.net

Let’s get creative with this DIY idea! The idea gives you an opportunity to wake up your artsy side and be as creative as possible with mason jars.

Beautiful Flower Vase Out Of Mason Jar

mason jar decor mason jar wall sconces flower vase wall

Source: www.etsy.com

Mason jars indeed work so well as flower vases. You can literally upscale the beauty of the flowers by placing them in mason jar vases. Besides, you can either hang them or place them on top of furniture. All will do.

Country Style Mason Jar Wall Ornaments

set of 2 rustic mason jar wall sconces country decor

Source: www.cherrytreegalleryshop.com

The 2-piece mason jar set above is perfect to bring home a country vibe. In addition, attached to wooden boards, the mason jar set is prettier with flowers.

Mason Jar DIY Craft Idea

how to make a mason jar wall decor craft bumblebee linens

Source: bumblebeelinens.com

Get creative with mason jars! Here is another idea for you to decorate your mason jars and put them to use.

Decorative Wall Art Of Mason Jars Painting

mason jar wall art wayfair

Source: www.wayfair.com

What a stunning mason jar wall art! Instead of using the real one, you can decorate your wall with this stunning mason jar painting. The calming color tones make it even more beautiful.

Decorative Mason Jar With Fairy Lights

lights string diy decorative mason jar wall decor rustic

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Fairy lights in mason jars will never let you down. First of all, they look beautiful. Furthermore, they add just the perfect amount of light to your space.

Rustic Farmhouse Mason Jar Wall Art

rustic farmhouse mason jar wall decorset

Source: www.etsy.com

This 3-piece mason jar decorative set is all you need to upscale the wall in your farmhouse-style interior design. Besides, the white flowers go well with the broken white wall.

Painted Mason Jar Flower Vases

mason jar wall decor burlap and lace pallet wood teddysroom

Source: etsy.com

Painted mason jars are the perfect decorative piece you need to decorate your wall. They look even more amazing with the brown flowers and wooden planks to create a rustic ambiance.

Rustic Wood Mason Jar Sconces

rustic wood mason jar wall decor with 2 flameless candles

Source: www.etsy.com

Decorate your wall with these stunning mason jar sconces! Furthermore, these rustic wood sconces can add extra light to your space.

Country Mason Jar Vases Wall Pieces

double quilted mason jar wall decor country wall decor

Source: www.etsy.com

Created out of wood and mason jars, the above wall pieces create a brilliant wall focal point. Besides, the beautiful flowers further spice up the room.

Decorative Artificial Flowers In Mason Jars

mason jar wall sconces mason jar decor home decor wood wall

Source: www.etsy.com

It is an excellent idea to put the artificial flowers in mason jars. The wooden plank to hang the jars also play an important role to highlight the wall piece.

Elegant Wall Mounted Decorative Mason Jars

hachoo rustic mason jar decorative home decoration wall

Source: neatlighting.com

These beautiful fairy light mason jars would definitely beautify your wall. In addition, the white big flowers lighten up by the light will also light up your space.

Personalized Mason Jar Rustic Home Decor

mason jar wall decor rustic home decor thesoutherndelight

Source: etsy.com

It is a good idea to have a mason jar on a blue wooden plank. You can simply hang it on the wall. Or else, you can add flowers or candles to upscale the look.

Mason Jar Mounted To Rustic Wooden Plank

individual hanging mason jar wall decor mounted to wood

Source: www.etsy.com

Pairing the transparent mason jars with big individual white flowers is already amazing. Hence, you can definitely upscale your wall decor by mounting them to the rustic wooden planks.

Farmhouse Mason Jar Bathroom Wall Item

bathroom decor mason jar wall decor farmhouse bathroom

Source: www.justforupersonalized.com

Create a farmhouse bathroom with these beautiful mason jars! As you can see above, the jars can also be used to place bathroom essentials. Hence, it is not only pleasing to the eye but also is practical.

Mason Jar Sconces Home Decor

boarderr mason jar sconce home wall decor rustic hanging

Source: habomhomeware.com

Lighten up your space with these stunning mason jar sconces! The light green wooden plank to hang the jars creates a beautiful view along with the white wall.

Mason Jar DIY Bathroom Decor

bathroom decor mason jar wall decor farmhouse bathroom

Source: www.justforupersonalized.com

What a stunning bathroom item! You can repurpose your unused mason jars to have these beautiful-looking bathroom items. Besides, it is beautiful and functional too.

Colorful Mason Jar Flower Vases

rustic mason jar wall decor hanging sconce lighted

Source: www.ebay.com

Last but not least, this beautiful wall ornament is made possible by using colorful wood to hang the mason jar vases. In addition, it brings a refreshing ambiance to your space with beautiful flowers.

In Summary:

Summing up, here are the reasons why a mason jar is perfect for wall decoration:

  • Firstly, it is cost-efficient.
  • Secondly, it is beautiful and attractive.

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