7 mid century modern bedroom ideas to try in your space

Mid Century Bedroom Sets Decor Ideas

This is a sign you should go with mid-century bedroom sets. We will hook you up with well-designed bedroom décor ideas using mid-century furniture pieces. Mid-century furniture is defined by some characteristics that we will further explain later. In addition, you can insert your idea into these designs we are about to show you. Hence, without further ado, let’s get started.

The characteristics of mid-century furniture:

The phrase “mid-century” encompasses architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the mid-twentieth century onwards. As mentioned earlier, there are some features that we can find in the mid-century thingy. If you want to know more about it, let’s read the brief explanation below.

  • First of all, the interplay between organic and bold. A good balance of basic and appealing designs is one of the features. For example, you will find cushions with a firm form and rounded corners. Rather than being quirky and textural, the patterns are commonly plain and repetitive.
  • Secondly, the flexibility of form and function. Furthermore, mid-century furniture pieces are not merely for show. They focus on functionality as well. Besides, one of the distinguishing features is a warm tone.
  • Thirdly, minimalism. Yes. You might find mid-century furniture with simple designs. Hence, it is suitable for a minimalist room.
  • Last but not least, rich colors. Despite being popular for its minimalist design, you can also find mid-century furniture with rich colors. Therefore, the use of brilliant hues such as mustard yellow, olive green, and aqua would create a stunning design concept.


Let us have a look at the following images for references.

Retro Mid-Century 4-Piece Bedroom Set

shop abson retro mid century 4 piece bedroom set on

Source: www.overstock.com

Here is a retro mid-century bedroom set that comes with 4 pieces of furniture. It comes with a bed, nightstands, as well as a cabinet with drawers.

Modern Mid Century Furniture Set In Brown

four piece mid century modern bedroom suite in brown

Source: www.mathisbrothers.com

If you aim at creating a modern mid-century room, here is a perfect set to choose from. In addition, the brown shades look fabulous.

Grey Mid Century Bedroom Decor

modrest addison mid century modern grey walnut bedroom set

Source: www.modernmiami.com

Grey is a versatile color that is recommended for bedroom decor. If you are fond of its tones, the mid-century bedroom set in grey would make a good choice.

Dark Walnut Mid Century Bedroom Furniture

shop ron mid century modern dark walnut 4 piece bedroom

Source: www.overstock.com

Dark walnut color would make a good option for a modern mid-century room. Furthermore, you can add some neutral hues like white and grey.

Contemporary Bedroom Set With Minimalist Design

the most popular contemporary bedroom furniture of 2017

Source: dreamhouseideas.com

If you plan to have a minimalist bedroom, you can opt for a contemporary setting with a simple design, as shown above. In addition, having a neutral-colored bedding set would help.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Idea

7 mid century modern bedroom ideas to try in your space

Source: blog.modsy.com

There are various options when it comes to modern mid-century sets. You can opt for a set with neutral tones such as grey and light brown.

Mid-Century Bedroom With Warm Tone

mid century modern bedroom collection perfectly at home

Source: www.pinterest.com

For a homey ambiance, you can use a lot of warm tones in your room. First of all, it would be great to start with choosing wood furniture.

4-Piece White Mid Century Set

shop furniture of america coop mid century white 4 piece

Source: www.overstock.com

Simplicity is one of the features of mid-century furniture. Thus, if you want something simple, you can opt for its white set.

Space-Saving Mid Century Wooden Bed Frame

mid century teak bedroom set modern queen bed modern teak

Source: etsy.com

When dealing with a small bedroom, it is always great to have space-saving furniture. For example, you can go with a bed frame with storage space underneath.

Modern Mid Century 5-Piece Furniture Set

tracy mid century modern 5 piece queen bedroom set

Source: shopfactorydirect.com

Here comes a modern mid-century 5-piece furniture set. With the sleek design, it would make a perfect option to choose from.

Modern Mid Century Decor Idea

modern mid century bedroom allmodern

Source: www.allmodern.com

Here is a brilliant idea for decorating a modern mid-century bedroom. With pops of colors, it makes the room livelier.

Queen Bedroom Set In Black

addison mid century modern 5 piece queen bedroom set

Source: shopfactorydirect.com

The Addison mid-century modern queen bedroom set would be a good option for a master bedroom. Furthermore, its black tone makes it look attractive.

Mid Century Wood Bedroom Furniture Set

7 asian inspired furniture collections vermont woods

Source: www.pinterest.es

Wood is commonly used to make bedroom furniture. Hence, it will never fail to result in a beautiful set as shown above.

Vibrant Mid Century Bedroom Decor Inspiration

mid century furniture and modern minimalist artworks at

Source: nl.pinterest.com

Here comes a stunning bedroom with a mix of vibrant colors. This would be perfect for those who love art.

Styling A Modern Mid Century Bedroom

mid century modern bedroom furniture bedroom

Source: govislandpark.com

This is another brilliant setting for a modern bedroom. As seen above, the combination of neutral shades results in a beautiful interior design.

Mid Century Bedroom Inspiration

mid century bed acorn mid century bed mid century

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is a beautiful concept for a modern bedroom. The room is spacious with pretty white walls. Moreover, it is done a good job by adding the patterned bedding as a focal point.

King Bedroom Mid Century Sets In Black

mid century king bedroom sets black oscarsplace

Source: oscarsplacenyc.com

Black is a versatile color that is used a lot in interior design. When it comes to black furniture, you have to make sure that the rest of the items in the room is not black too.

Beautiful Minimalist Mid Century Bedroom

mid century modern furniture bedroom modern house

Source: zionstar.net

For a peaceful ambiance, you can opt for a minimalist modern mid-century bedroom as shown above.

Mid Century Furniture With Unique Design

modern mid century bedroom 7pc set alf unique furniture

Source: uniquefurniture.us

You will get plenty of options when it comes to mid-century furniture. Thus, you can also opt for ones with a unique design.

Bedroom Decor Ideas With Direct Sunlight

mid century modern master bedroom thats why you need to

Source: www.pinterest.com

A bedroom with direct sunlight would look gorgeous when done right. If you have the space, you can peek at this idea to build yours.

Monochrome Mid Century Bedroom Inspiration

mid century platform bed white bed furniture mid

Source: www.pinterest.com

A monochrome mid-century bedroom is my favorite kind. As seen above, the combination of white and grey shades results in a pleasing-to-the-eye look.

Wood Furniture In A White Bedroom

mid century design has never looked so good like in these

Source: www.bedroomideas.eu

In a bedroom with a lot of white additions, wood furniture would make a good option. Moreover, natural wood tones and white would never go wrong.

Accents Of Color In A Mid Century Bedroom

mid century bedroom reveal bigger than the three of us

Source: biggerthanthethreeofus.com

When decorating a mid-century bedroom, it would be fun to add some colorful accents. Moreover, you can add your favorite colors to upscale the ambiance.

Mid Century Bedroom Furniture Sets

31 mid century modern bedroom set pics house plans and

Source: houseplansanddesignnews.blogspot.com

You can also decorate your mid-century bedroom with a house plant. Besides, indoor plants would never fail to upscale the room.

Mid Century Modern Furniture Style

mid century modern bedroom furniture

Source: www.thespruce.com

Combining a black mid-century bedroom set with hues like olive green would result in a beautiful look.

Wonderful Mid Century Bedroom Design

wonderful mid century bedroom furniture for your cozy home

Source: www.pinterest.com

Last but not least, here is a wonderful mid-century design that looks cozy and homey. Furthermore, the house plant makes a great addition.

In Summary:

Those are well-designed mid-century bedroom sets with various decor ideas. How did you find them? We do hope you find them inspiring. Hence, it will motivate you to build your mid-century bedroom. In addition, you can refer to our other posts about bedroom ideas for more designs to choose from.

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