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Mid Century Modern Bedroom Set Design Guide

A mid-century modern bedroom set would make a perfect choice if you want to set up a room with good durability. Furthermore, mid-century design has characteristics of clean lines and sleek designs. Besides, geometric shapes are also commonly found. Thus, back then, homes developed during this period have open floor plans and horizontal lines connected the inside to the outdoors.

Mid-century bedroom characteristics and design guide:

The first distinguishing feature is its simplicity. As mentioned earlier, the furniture designed in the era has features such as clean lines and simple forms. The second distinguishing trait is wood with natural finishes. Moreover, the mid-century modern style’s simplicity did not come at the expense of visual interest. For example, geometric patterns, as well as starbursts, and boomerang designs are prominent in mid-century modern furniture.

When it comes to mid-century modern furniture, teak is used to make the majority of authentic pieces. It is famous for its richness in color as well as durability. Moreover, other common woods are also used. They include rosewood and oak that are largely utilized in pieces such as tables, desks, and cabinets. Conversely, wood is far from the sole material in the building of mid-century modern furniture. Besides wood, color also plays a vital part in mid-century design. Also, they frequently use colors as a bold accent to make the furniture stand out in the room.

In decorating with mid-century modern furniture, you want to let the wood shine. Thus, you will want to strike the correct balance in utilizing the wood furniture and the pieces in your room.


As a reference, let’s have a look at the following bedroom ideas.

City Modern Mid Century Bedroom Style

city mid century modern queen bed universal furniture

Source: www.pinterest.com

The first idea comes in a beautiful flow of neutral tones. The use of wood furniture, as well as neutral tones in the room, makes a perfect balance.

Mid Century Modern Furniture In Grey Tones

modrest addison mid century modern grey walnut bedroom set

Source: www.modernmiami.com

You can also opt for this walnut bedroom set. The set looks fabulous with the greyish tones. Besides, the sleek design makes it even more appealing.

Fun Design Of Mid Century Bedroom Furniture

everythingcroton more mid century modern fun 1960

Source: everythingcroton.blogspot.com

Here comes the 60’s-inspired mid-century bedroom design. As you can see, the room highlights the use of wood furniture.

Vintage Mid Century Modern Bedroom Set

vintage modern master bedroom bigger than the three of us

Source: biggerthanthethreeofus.com

You can also utilize the mid-century pieces to create a vintage ambiance in your room. Furthermore, you can also give a modern touch with the non-wood decorations.

Present-Day Mid Century Bedroom Furniture Set

urban meets mid century modern bedroom ethan allen

Source: www.ethanallen.ca

Here comes a modern mid-century bedroom design. The room is filled with furniture with clean finishes. In addition, the use of monochrome shades is excellent.

Contemporary Bedroom Decor Ideas

we rounded up some of our favorite interior design ideas

Source: www.pinterest.com

As previously mentioned, the use of color plays a big role in bedroom decor. Therefore, it has to be carefully picked.

Mid Century Modern Bedding Set

mid century modern bedding set collections homesfeed

Source: homesfeed.com

You can also accentuate the mid-century vibe with the right decoration. For example, you can opt for this modern bedding to go with the wood bed frame.

Beautiful Mid-Century Latest Bedroom Design

beautiful mid century modern bedroom ideas 7 best

Source: decoredo.com

As shown above, a mid-century modern bedroom points out the use of wood furniture. In addition, bold colors are also used to make them stand out.

Chic And Trendy Mid Century Bedroom Set

47 chic and trendy mid century modern bedroom designs

Source: www.digsdigs.com

You can also aim at building a trendy room with mid-century furniture. Besides, you can utilize wood pieces to upscale the room.

The 20th Century Inspired Bedroom Design

midtown mid century bedroom american home mid century

Source: www.pinterest.com

You can get a lot of interior inspirations from the late 20s. For example, you can use bold colors to make the pieces in your room stand out.

Best Mid Century Bedroom Furniture Sets

mid century modern bedroom collection perfectly at home

Source: www.pinterest.com

Mid-century modern furniture pieces are famous for their simplicity. Thus, you can always choose simple designs over complicated ones.

Dark Walnut Mid Century Furniture

ron mid century modern dark walnut queen bed coaster

Source: www.tomlinsonfurniture.ky

The bedroom uses a dark walnut bedroom set. The beautiful clean lines are suitable for a mid-century modern bedroom style.

Artsy Mid Century Modern Bedroom Idea

mid century furniture and modern minimalist artworks at

Source: nl.pinterest.com

What an art! This amazing bedroom perfectly utilizes mid-century pieces. In addition, it looks stunning with the combination of bold colors.

Minimalist Mid Century Modern Bedroom Set

better homes and gardens flynn mid century modern queen

Source: www.walmart.com

A minimalist modern bedroom would be perfect for a relaxing ambiance. Furthermore, you can utilize mid-century modern furniture to create it.

Mid Century Studio Bedroom Decor

my thrifty mid century modern bedroom ft poodle

Source: www.reddit.com

You can also use mid-century modern furniture in your one-room studio apartment. With the right size and style, you can build a comfortable nest for yourself.

Mid Century Bedroom Furniture Design

pete deeble design mid century modern bedroom furniture

Source: www.pinterest.com

The bedroom furniture pieces shown above are stunning with the natural wood color. In addition, they get along well with the bold blue wall.

Beautifully Done Mid Century Bedroom

mid century modern why we cant get enough of this

Source: www.castlery.com

Here is a beautifully done mid-century bedroom. It is perfect in every way; the color, furniture, as well as styling.

Popular Modern Bedroom Interior

interior design styles 8 popular types explained lazy loft

Source: blog.froy.com

Here, we show you a popular interior design for a modern bedroom. It comes with distinguishing features such as artwork and a stunning color palette.

Mid Century Modern Room With Natural Materials

mid century modern bedroom furniture

Source: www.thespruce.com

The use of natural materials in building mid-century furniture is common. Even so, you can see how the bedroom is a well-designed one with the perfect color combination.

Beautiful Mid Century Bedroom In White

mid century modern bedroom furniture bedroom

Source: govislandpark.com

The characteristics of a mid-century bedroom include simplicity and a neutral color palette. As you can see above, the bedroom is stunning in its simple way.

Simple Mid Century Modern Furniture

simple living cassie mid century bedroom set on sale

Source: www.overstock.com

It is common to use natural wood in making mid-century furniture. Thus, this bedroom is a brilliant example of utilizing wood furniture in a modern setting.

Beautiful Reference For Mid Century Bedroom

introducing mid century larssen bedroom furniture

Source: vermontwoodsstudios.com

Here comes a wonderful reference for designing a mid-century bedroom. The lovely bedroom shows off a beautiful design with brown and white bedding.

Mid Century Bedroom With Accent Wall

relaxed mid century modern bedroom modern style bedroom

Source: www.modsy.com

A stunning accent wall can upscale your mid-century bedroom. For example, the white bed above looks wonderful with the accent wall behind it.

Tips In Designing A Mid Century Room

7 tips for designing a mid century modern bedroom obsigen

Source: obsigen.ru

Here are some ways, shown above, for you to make a mid-century bedroom:

  • add houseplant to refresh the vibe.
  • natural wood for classic, timeless furniture.

Warm Tone In Mid Century Bedroom

contemporary mid century mod master bedroom master

Source: www.pinterest.com

If you prefer a warm tone in your bedroom, you can utilize brown wood furniture with yellow, deeming lights.

Modern Mid-Century Bedroom Furniture Set

modern and mid century master bedroom homebnc

Source: homebnc.com

Last but not least, here comes a beautiful arrangement of a modern mid-century bedroom furniture set. With the right styling, the set makes a beautiful room to stay in.

In Summary:

These are some ideas to get you started on designing your own mid-century modern bedroom. Remember to only use appropriate accents when matching the furniture set and decorations. It would also be fun to play around with different color hues and styles to find your own signature.

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