Mid Century Modern Wall Decor Ideas

It would be hard to give an exact description of what mid century modern wall decor is. Based on my comprehension, the mid-style decor is defined by simplicity as well as functionality. Nevertheless, the term has a broader definition that covers furniture, graphic designs, and also architecture. In terms of home interior design, there are many reasons why the style is loved by many. One of them is its timeless quality of forms and materials.

Characteristics of mid-century modern design:

As previously stated, there is no exact definition that can cover the essence of mid-century design. However, we can get to know it further by understanding its characteristics. For those who prefer to go with the style, here are some distinctive traits of mid-century modern wall design you need to know.

  • To begin with, mid-century interior design puts importance on functionality. Hence, it balances the aesthetic and functionality of the furniture or ornaments.
  • Furthermore, simplicity also takes a great part in the design. Commonly, you will find simple furniture with clean lines in a mid-century modern interior design.
  • In addition, it is also typical to use wooden ornaments to beautify the space. Even so, it is also widely accepted to combine natural materials with manmade ones.


The following ideas will inspire you to create modern mid-century wall decor.

Modern Wall Item With Brown Wooden Frame

mid century danish modern witco styled wall

Source: www.etsy.com

Here is a great idea for mid century modern wall decor. The natural color of the wooden frame creates a warm vibe that goes well with the rest of the furniture.

Mid Century Modern Wall Decor In Warm Color Tones

mid century modern wall decor ogee wall decal geometric

Source: www.pinterest.com

To create a warm modern space, the above idea is worthy to try. Furthermore, the modern wall decor blends so well with the surrounding furniture.

Multicolor Wooden Modern Wall Piece

mid century modern wall art wood slices intarsia wood art

Source: www.etsy.com

The wooden wall art above looks amazing with the multicolor wooden pieces. In addition, the color selection is great and blending well with the color tone of the wall.

Wooden Wall Art Sculpture For A Contemporary Space

mid century wall art reclaimed wood art sculpture

Source: www.woodwallartglamour.com

A big wall sculpture, as shown above, is a great idea to beautify your empty wall. Moreover, the natural color hues create a great ambiance for a modern space.

Mid-Century-Inspired Wall Decor With Brown Wooden Structure

mid century modern witco madmen abstract wall art sculpture

Source: www.etsy.com

Doesn’t it just look good up there? The wooden wall art is perfect for mid-century modern space. In addition, the seemingly abstract print makes a good highlight.

Pieces Of White Wall Decal To Decorate Plain Wall

housewares atomic starbursts vinyl wall decals mid century

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Having a wall decal, as shown above, is a unique idea for mid-century wall decor. Even so, they look good when paired with a plain-looking wall. Besides, the starburst shapes make the pieces pleasing to the eye.

Color Block Wall Print For A Modern Wall Decor

mid century modern printable color block wall art large

Source: www.pinterest.com

I personally fancy color block wall prints as shown above. It gives a nice ambiance when paired with modern, minimalist furniture. Furthermore, it goes so well for mid-century wall decor.

Green Neon Wall Prints For A Unique Selection

set of two color blocks mid century print green neon

Source: www.bdraw.es

As you can see above, the green neon wall items look great paired with the green furniture. Moreover, they look pretty good on the grey wall.

Modern-Looking Wall Item For A Minimalist Space

retro wall decor mid century modern wall decal

Source: etsy.com

In case you are looking for a wall item to beautify your minimalist space, the wall item shown above could make an awesome choice. With the calming color tone, the item looks great regardless of how many times you look at it.

Modern Metal Wall Piece For A Focal Point

mid century modern metal wall art brutalist metal art

Source: www.etsy.com

The metal wall piece above will surely be the center of interest with its amazing design and color tone. Hence, it makes a great focal point in any room in your house.

Mid-Century Modern Wall Art Piece

mid century wall art mid century modern decor abstract

Source: www.irenaorlov.store

The abstract print above will make a great modern decor as:

  • Firstly, it is suitable for a modern interior design.
  • Secondly, it goes well with simple furniture.

Geometric Print For A Minimalist Mid-Century Decor

mid century modern print geometric squares vintage retro

Source: www.welovecmyk.com

For those looking for a wall item to pair with minimalist furniture, the example above is a great idea to try. Besides, the wall art goes well for a modern space with a bit of vintage ambiance.

Natural Wall Frame With Stunning Abstract Print

atomic art retro mid century modern wall prints abstract

Source: br.pinterest.com

As previously mentioned, mid-century decor uses a combination of natural and manmade materials. Thus, the wall print above is a perfect one to beautify your wall.

Modern Wooden Frame With Canvas Wall Art

mid century danish modern witco styled wall art

Source: pinterest.com

The wooden frame with canvas wall art makes an ideal wall item for a modern space. Furthermore, it gives a warm, homey vibe when paired with a piece of warm-tone furniture as shown above.

Decorative Geometric Wall Print For A Flawless Centerpiece

mid century modern print geometric cubes vintage retro

Source: www.welovecmyk.com

The image above shows a geometric print for a wall centerpiece. This is such a good decoration for those designing a mid-century modern space. Besides, it also gives a vintage ambiance for a balance.

A Tricolor Wall Print For A Mid-Century Design

canvas printable painting scandinavian print mid century

Source: www.aliexpress.com

The tricolor canvas wall print above shows a perfect selection of calming color tones. The color tones make such a good harmony with the plain white wall.

Black And White Wooden Wall Ornament

mid century modern vintage retro abstract art print poster

Source: www.welovecmyk.com

For those looking for simple wall decoration, this black and white wooden print poster would make a great purchase. With the clean line and white frame, this wall deco would look stunning on any available wall in your house.

Impressive Abstract Metal Wall Decoration

vintage tree wall art j kidd mid century modern

Source: www.ebay.com

The abstract metal wall decoration shown above looks impressive with the wooden frame and base. Rather than a clean modern look, the wall art will make a good vintage centerpiece.

Perfect Mid-Century Modern Wall Art Piece

good vibes mid mod wall art wood wall art wood

Source: shop.rosemarypiercemodernart.com

What a perfect wall art for a mid-century modern house! If you want to spice up your wall, the above wall art is a good one to select.

Still Life Wall Art For Modern Decoration

mid century modern witco wall art sculpture painting retro

Source: www.etsy.com

Again, combining natural and manmade materials is a good idea to create a mid-century modern design. In addition, the above wall art is perfect for either modern or vintage wall decor.

Handmade Wall Piece To Spice Up A Modern Space

mid century modern print geometric retro circle vintage

Source: www.welovecmyk.com

The handmade wall piece shown above features a retro circle art that goes well with a plain white wall. Furthermore, the white frame helps to accentuate the art.

The 4-piece Set Of Mixed Metals Wall Art

mid century modern geometric wall squares set 4

Source: www.ebay.com

The above wall art is a 4-piece set of mixed metals. The dark base creates a good ambiance for a modern interior. Moreover, the color tones match so well with the pale wall.

Aesthetic Painting For Mid-Century Wall Decoration

mid century modern print abstract art print poster giclee

Source: www.welovecmyk.com

It is obvious that the wall art is perfect for a mid-century modern space. Why?

  • Firstly, it is simple yet beautiful.
  • Secondly, the abstract painting has a brilliant color tones selection.

Artsy Canvas Painting With White Modern Frame

mid century modern print geometric squares vintage retro

Source: www.welovecmyk.com

The seemingly vintage wall art above looks beautiful with the white frame surrounding it. Besides, the simple photo still displayed gives a retro vibe to your modern wall space.

Colorful Modern Artsy Wall Decor From Canvas

geometric wall art mid century modern art wall art on

Source: themodernartshop.com

Looking for canvas wall art? The above idea gives you what you need to make a modern home design. The colorful prints on the canvas also play a significant role to make it looks awesome.

Stunning Mid-Century Fabric Wall Ornament

mid century modern witco madmen atomic abstract wall art

Source: www.etsy.com

Last but not least, this stunning fabric wall ornament would make your wall looks likable. Moreover, abstract art weaved on the base goes so well with mid-century modern decor.

In Summary:

  • Mid-century home decor style highlights simplicity as well as the functionality of the space.
  • The well-done combo of natural and manmade materials creates a nice-looking mid-century wall decor.
  • The ornaments used in mid-century wall decor should be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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