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25+ Mirror Star Wall Decor Ideas

Working on mirror star wall decor is a good idea for many reasons. One of them is its ability to present an elegant ambiance to the space. In addition, many designers usually place a mirror in the hallway near the door for a last-minute check before going out. Moreover, placing mirrors on the dining room wall is said to bring good luck.

How to decorate walls with mirrors:

As mentioned previously, mirrors are great additions to a space. Even so, you need to be careful when decorating with mirrors. Also, there are many things you need to consider when decorating walls with mirrors. Here are some major things you need to take into account.

  • Firstly, consider the reflection. Before placing the mirror, you have to consider what is across from it. Thus, you can check what is reflected on it. In case you want more light coming in, you can place a mirror across from a window.
  • Secondly, create a focal point. For those who want to create a focal point, you can place a mirror together with sconces on the side. Or else, you can hang a big mirror as a centerpiece of the room.
  • Thirdly, define the style. Regardless of the style, mirrors are suitable for any home style. Thus, it all depends on the frame. For example, you can go with a mirror framed with a wooden frame for a simple home design.


Have a look at the following designs as references.

Beautiful Mirror Star Wall Decor Piece

gold star mirror 236 decorative wall mirror cuzco


Here is a decorative gold star mirror to create a focal point in your wall. This is perfect for a centerpiece in a living room.

Creative Mirror Wall Art Piece

your wall art


For a more creative look, you can pick this decorative mirror wall art piece. Furthermore, the calm frame color will be a nice addition to a plain white wall.

Star Moon And Sun Wall Mirror Frame

yellow blue wall mirror decor painted wood celestial sun


Shown above is another frame idea for a wall mirror. The yellow and blue tones create a fabulous look for the simple round mirror.

Star Metal Wall Decoration

nautical star metal wall decor hob lob 1786318


When used the right way, this metal nautical wall decoration can make a good centerpiece.

Sunburst Mirror Frame Design Idea

mirror sunburst interior design services wall gold png


Here is another decorative mirror design to create a great focal point in your wall. The sunburst frame design makes a perfect grand look with the gold color.

Lovely Starburst Frame Mirror Wall Decor

lets make it lovely diy star burst mirror


The stunning starburst frame mirror will definitely steal the show. Besides, this awesome-looking wall mirror will look good for a modern house design.

Hanging Mirror Star Wall Ornament

hanging mirrored star ornament mirrored decor


Shown above is another beautiful design of mirror star wall ornament. You can hang it in the dining room to create a nice-looking centerpiece.

Grey Round Decorative Wall Mirror

latitude run round gray decorative wall mirror wayfair


If you are not a fan of star-shaped mirrors, fret not! There are various mirror frame designs including this grey round one.

Sun Moon Stars Wall Decor Pieces

sun moon stars diy acrylic mirror wall stickers 3d wall


The 3D wall stickers are a good means to create a fabulous wall. The star, moon, and sun wall pieces shown above are great examples.

Stunning Golden Star Wall Decor

meyda 11861 texas star wall sconce


Here is another star-shaped wall decoration you can choose from. Why you need this:

  • It is simply stunning.
  • The gold color can create an excellent focal point.

Radiant Starburst Mirror DIY Idea

diy star burst mirror how to make a starburst mirror


For those who love DIY things, here is an idea to try. It would be an excellent idea to pass time.

Unique Wall Mirror In Gold

the most unique sunburst wall mirrors you will want to own


What a wonderful wall piece! Hanging this wall mirror across from a window is an excellent idea to bring more light inside the house.

Distressed White Wooden Wall Mirror Frame

distressed white farmhouse cathedral windowpane wall


The window frame makes a good frame for a window wall. Furthermore, the distressed white wooden frame looks stunning on a black wall.

3D Mirror Wall Sticker For Bedroom Decor

home decorkids bedroom decoration 3d mirror stickers35


Placing 3d mirror wall stickers is an excellent choice to decorate a bedroom. Besides, they are available in various shapes and sizes.

5-Piece Sunburst Wall Mirror Set

stratton home decor burst 5 piece mirror set reviews


To make a great centerpiece on your dining room wall, this 5-piece sunburst wall mirror set would make a good choice to go with.

3-Piece Starburst Wall Decoration Set

3 piece 3 d star bursts wall dcor set mirror wall art


What stunning wall art! This 3-piece wall decor set is perfect to form a wonderful wall centerpiece.

Star-shaped Wall Decoration With Fairy Lights

star shaped wall decor with led light apollobox


To create a dreamy look on the wall, you can hang fairy lights around. Besides, to upscale the look, you can wrap the lights around this star-shaped wall decoration.

Star-Shaped Crystal Mirror Wall Decor

rhombus star shaped floating crystals wall mirror decor


To bring an elegant, luxurious vibe to your room, this wall decoration is the perfect one to choose. The star-shaped crystal mirror wall would make a great addition to the wall.

Creative Acrylic Wall Stickers

creative circle ring acrylic mirror wall stickers 3d home


Acrylic wall stickers will never go wrong. Besides, there are plenty of options to choose from. One of them is the one shown above which you can get in Walmart.

Sunburst Mirror Wall Decor Idea

starburst mirror sunburst wall art mirrorcontemporary


The starburst wall mirror shown above is perfect for a contemporary-style home. In addition, it makes a breathtaking focal point!

Star-shaped Wall Lamp Frame

upcycled light up star wall dcor


Bring more light to your space with this beautiful wall lamp frame! The star-shaped wall lamp would make a nice addition to a bedroom or a workroom.

Decorative 3-piece Wall Ornament Set

kate and laurel 3 piece hanging mirror wall decor set


Here is one of my personal favorites. The shapes of the ornaments remind me of flowers. In addition, the wall ornament set blends well with the rest of the furniture.

Mirror Wall Art For A Dazzling Space

diamonds triangles wall art acrylic mirror wall sticker


A large wall mirror will never fail to impress me. Moreover, it can make the space looks more roomy and dazzling.

Star Wall Decals For Nursery Wall Decor

star wall decals nursery wall decals confetti star decals


The beautiful star wall decal plays an important role in beautifying the nursery. Moreover, the written quote makes an even better wall decoration.

Sun Moon Stars Wall Stickers In White

3d sun moon stars mirror effect wall stickers fashion


Here is another star-themed wall sticker set. This sticker set would make a great choice for a nursery wall decoration.

Wooden Star Wall Centerpiece

large wood star wall decoration cyan design


For a captivating wall centerpiece, this large wooden star would make a great option. In addition, it suits rooms of any style.

In Summary:

Decorating with mirrors can be challenging. However, the result is fulfilling when you can do it right. Hence, make sure to take important considerations into account and get inspired by the ideas above!

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