Movie Reel Wall Decor Top Design Images

Movie reel wall decor is the perfect idea for movie enthusiasts. Furthermore, you can have plenty of options to choose from. To keep it simple, you can have a movie reel wall sticker. Or else, you can also have movie reel prints framed in your favorite frame. Besides, you can have bronze movie reels to upscale your wall decor.

How to keep your movie reel at its best:

When decorating your walls with a movie reel theme, you will have plenty of options like wall decals, stickers, or pieces. One of the most common ones is bronze movie reels. Dealing with bronze wall decorations, you have to be extra careful. Hence, it is important to know how to maintain it in its best condition. Therefore, we have listed some ways to keep your bronze movie reels in a good condition.

  • First of all, it is important to regularly dust the bronze movie reel to keep it from getting rusty. To do so, you can use a soft cloth.
  • Moreover, if the dust is quite thick, you can use a soft cloth rinsed in warm water.
  • Furthermore, you can also clean the bronze with lemon water. You can simply mix a drop of lemon water and two tablespoons of baking soda to make a cleaning paste.


Here are some ideas for movie reel wall decoration you can refer to.

3d Metal Movie Reel Wall Piece

3d metal film reel wall decor industrial wall


For an industrial home, you can hang this 3d metal movie reel piece as a wall decoration. In addition, it will look great as a focal point.

Movie Reel Decorative Metal Pieces

metal hollywood movie reel wall decorative art hanging


Bring your movie room design to another level! These movie reel metal pieces would look good in a movie-inspired room. Moreover, the popcorn makes a good addition.

Vintage Camera And Movie Reel Wall Print

movie wall art vintage movie camera movie reel home


If you think having a metal movie reel is too much, you can also opt for the prints. As shown above, you can bring home a movie vibe by hanging the vintage movie wall print.

Movie Reel Vinyl Wall Sticker In Black

reel of movie film vinyl wall sticker cinema film decor


This design is one of my personal favorites. It looks simple yet sophisticated. Furthermore, the black movie reel vinyl sticker is an easier, effective option for wall decor.

Metal Movie Reel Wall Decoration With Pictures

large vintage metal movie film reel wall decor hollywood


The idea of pasting pictures on the metal movie reel is an excellent idea to beautify your wall. Furthermore, it would be fun to choose pictures to place there.

Personalized Movie Reel Wall Decor

handmade home theater decor movie reel and film metal wall


A personalized wall piece is a good choice to make sure it goes well as you prefer. The image shown above is an example of personalized movie reel wall decor you can go with.

Movie Reel Metal Wall Art

movie reel wall decor metal art looks like old movie


If you plan on having a focal point on your wall, this metal movie reel would make a good choice. In addition, the neutral color tones will make it goes well with any furniture.

Vintage Red Movie Reel Wall Piece

vintage film reel with enamel paint definitely


Be unique and opt for this red movie reel! Moreover, the red color stands out on the white wall. Thus, it would make a good wall centerpiece.

Urban Movie Reel Wall Decoration

urban handcrafted movie reels and gears wood art wall


The movie reel piece shown above would be great in an urban home style. Besides, the distressed wooden board makes a nice background.

Movie Reel Wall Decor Options

film reel wall decor in theater concessions


Movie reel wall decorations come at varied prices as shown above. Hence, you can choose one that suits your budget.

Greyish Metal Movie Reel Wall Item

cole grey metal movie reel wall dcor reviews


Here is another wall piece if you plan to have movie reel wall decor. It might take some time to take care of it. However, it would make a good focal point.

Black Movie Reel Home Theater

home theater movie reel art wall dcor cinema film reel


If you have a home theater, this black movie reel would make a great addition to the space. In addition, its black color makes it fits well in any home style.

DIY Movie Reel Wall Centerpiece

how to make wall art from vintage film reels todays nest


DIY project is a great idea for a personalized wall design. As shown above, you can place lots of movie reels together to create a grand-looking wall centerpiece.

Film Reels Decorative Wall Pieces

film reels to decorate the photography studio i just love


Keep it simple and elegant by placing the movie reels as shown above. Furthermore, you can color them based on your likings.

3-Piece Movie Reels Wall Decor Set

three 6 movie film reel laser cut wood wall decor etsy


Having a set of movie reels as wall decorations would be a good idea. Moreover, the dark color of the reels allows you to place them in any room style.

Decorative Movie Reels With Natural Finish

4 piece set film reel wall decor for home theater and


You can get these decorative movie reels on eBay! With different sizes available, you can select the ones you like.

Antique Bronze Artsy Movie Reels

antique bronze metal movie reel wall decor hob lob


Here is another placement idea for bronze movie reels wall decor. The placement allows you to create an excellent focal point on your wall.

Movie Theme Acrylic Wall Ornament

film reel wall art on acrylic overstock 12797221


It will save you some time to maintain the best condition of your wall decoration. Instead of a bronze movie reel, the acrylic one takes less time to take care of.

Best Movie Reel Wall Art

the best movie reel wall art


Don’t you agree that this is the best movie reel wall art? The color tones are excellent. Besides, the gold center makes a great addition to it.

Creative Film Camera Wall Light

authentic film reel movie camera wall decor home theater


To bring a theater vibe to your space, this film camera wall light is a brilliant idea to try. In addition, the wall-mounted lamp will give subtle additional light to your space.

Movie Reel Vinyl Wall Decal

aliexpress buy movie film vinyl wall decal reel of


Movie reel wall decals never go wrong! It fits anywhere. You can place it in your living room or bedroom. In addition, it goes well with the rest of the furniture.

Vintage Movie Reel As Wall Photo Frame

large vintage metal movie film reel wall decor hollywood


The vintage movie reel makes a great addition to the plain wall. Furthermore, the vintage pictures complement the look so well.

Red Metal Movie Reel Wall Design

small red metal movie reel home theater decor metal


Here is another idea for movie reel home decor. The red color tone makes it stands out. Besides, it would create a good centerpiece on the wall.

Retro Movie Reel Wall Sculpture

old time movie reel retro wall art sculpture galvanized


For some old-time wall decor, these movie reel sculptures make a great choice. In addition, it will beautify your vintage-style home design.

Antique Bronze Movie Reels Wall Item

antique bronze metal movie reel home theater recreation


For those who want to have a DIY movie reel wall design, here is an idea to get inspired from. The placement creates a nice focal point on the wall.

Movie Reel Wall Metal Art

movie reel wall art metal movie reel wall art held


For an excellent wall centerpiece, this metal movie reel will do. In addition, with hues of dark brown, the wall piece looks good on a white wall.

In Summary:

How was it? If you plan to have movie reels as wall decorations, please do the following.

  • Firstly, remember to clean them regularly if you opt for the bronze movie reels.
  • Secondly, choose movie reel wall pieces that suit the overall room style.

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