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Navy Blue Wall Decor Ideas With Pictures

Navy blue wall decor is timeless. Thanks to its versatility, navy blue is loved by many for interior design. In addition, it is a color that goes well with pretty much any color. That’s being said, navy blue can be a savior to upscale your home. Furthermore, navy blue is known for its elegance. It also is effortlessly beautiful on its own.

What wall colors are suitable for navy blue wall decor:

As mentioned earlier, navy blue works well with many color tones. Hence, it should not be too hard to pick a color to pair navy blue with. Nevertheless, some colors are incredibly suitable for navy blue. You can use one of these colors for the walls, for example. Or else, you can use these colors as accents to accentuate your navy blue wall decor.

  • Firstly, navy blue and neutral colors are great for creating a calming ambiance. In addition, it’s always good to draw inspiration from nature. It would also make a great appearance to pair navy blue decorations with wood furniture.
  • Secondly, navy blue and white are some of the most popular combinations. It is well-known that white is perfect as a complementary color for any tone. Therefore, it would make an excellent choice to pair the two colors.
  • Thirdly, another interesting pair to try is navy blue and orange. Despite being the opposite, navy blue goes unexpectedly well with orange. Thus, it would be great to add orange-ish accents to your navy blue wall decor.


Let’s have a look at some amazing wall decor ideas in navy blue.

Abstract Digital Print In Navy Blue

navy blue abstract digital print abstract wall art for


Here is the first idea to go with. An abstract digital print would make a beautiful addition to the white wall. In addition, it’s brilliant to frame it in a light wood frame.

Navy Blue Wall Paint Inspiration

2017 trend prediction navy blue walls design fixation


Painting your wall in navy blue will let you have an elegant ambiance in the room. Furthermore, painting only one side of the walls in navy blue makes it a good focal point.

Wall Decoration In Navy Blue And Beige

navy blue beige print color block poster geometric print


Here comes a good example of pairing navy blue with neutral colors. As shown above, navy blue looks great when paired with beige.

3-Piece Navy Blue Wall Decor Set

navy blue abstract posters and prints watercolour canvas


If you are not fond of big, extra-large wall decorations, you can opt for this 3-piece decor set. Furthermore, the simple design matches well with the style of the room.

Vintage Blue And White Abstract Wall Art

vintage print gallery navy blue abstract i framed


Hanging framed art on the wall is one excellent way to showcase your artsy taste. Moreover, it would make a nice centerpiece.

Beautiful Wall Decoration In Blue And Gold

abstract gold tree navy blue boat landscape print painting


This landscape painting is stunning with its excellent use of gold and navy blue. In addition, it is grand enough to be the centerpiece on the wall.

Stunning Flowery Wall Framed Painting

abstract floral painting printable wall art purple and


Hanging a flower painting on the wall will never fail you. Moreover, the beautiful paintings shown above are wonderful with the right color palette.

Navy Blue Decorations With Quotes

navy blue and white bathroom wall art decor for bathroom


Here are wall decorations suitable for your living room or bathroom. You can get these beautiful items at Etsy!

Dandelion Decor Print In Navy Blue

dandelion decor print navy blue home decor navy bedroom


This is another proof to show that white and blue go well together. Furthermore, the dandelion looks awesome in navy blue.

Blue And White Coral Wall Art

coral prints navy blue white set of 4 coral wall art coral


For nautical room decor, these amazing prints should be on your list. If you’re interested, go grab yours at Etsy!

Beautiful Blue Coral Wall Items

blue coral wall art navy blue coral print navy white wall


Here is another option for coral-inspired wall prints. Moreover, it is excellent how white and blue only can create such magical pieces.

Stunning Wall Art Set Inspiration

navy blue wall art set fall wall decor printable blue


Here comes another stunning set to beautify your walls. Furthermore, the white wall help in accentuating the beautiful framed prints.

Abstract Leaf Prints In Navy Wall

set of 2 abstract leaf prints navy blue wall art


You can also opt for this 2-piece set to upscale your wall. Moreover, the leafy shapes create a pleasing decoration to see.

Coastal Art Print In Wood Frame

coastal art print modern beach coral navy blue wall art


The coastal art print is looking good in a very light navy blue tone. In addition, it is a good idea to frame it in a white wood frame.

Watercolor Abstract Wall Decor

navy blue wall art watercolor abstract painting canvas


Fan of watercolor art? If so, this wonderful watercolor painting should inspire you to get one.

3-Piece Acrylic Paintings Set

gold art 3 pieces wall art abstract acrylic paintings on


Instead of canvas, you can also opt for these beautiful acrylic paintings. In addition, they are suitable for a modern, glam living room as seen above.

Blue And Gold Wall Decor Idea

navy blue wall art marble abstract canvas print glitter


The glittery abstract print would make a great centerpiece in a master bedroom. Furthermore, they are perfect to add an elegant touch to a minimalist room.

Navy Blue Nursery Wall Decorations

nursery decor boy elephant nursery wall art boy navy


White and navy blue will never fail for a cute nursery. Thus, you can opt for this cute design. Besides, it is perfect for both baby boy and baby girl.

Navy Blue Glittery Wall Panels

navy blue abstract glitter decor blue gold marble canvas


Here come marble-like glittery panels to make an elegant focal point in your house. Furthermore, the panels match so well with the furniture.

Stunning Wall Panels In Gold Frames

set of 3 prints framed wall art geometric gold art navy


This is another option to choose for a grand centerpiece on the wall.

Modern Abstract Prints For Living Room Wall

set of 3 prints modern abstract gold navy blue print


For a modern living room, these prints would make beautiful additions. Besides, the abstract prints look incredible in navy blue, white, and gold.

Modern Navy Blue Living Room Design

modern living room with navy blue walls


This is a beautiful design for those who love navy blue. Besides, it looks amazing how the wall matches so well with the furniture and other items too.

3-Piece Abstract Wall Art Set

modern canvas painting pink navy blue wall art abstract


A modern canvas painting set as shown above is a brilliant way to make your wall effortlessly look beautiful.

Canvas Painting 3 Panels Set

framed large canvas navy blue wall art for home 3 panels


The 3-piece canvas painting set makes a perfect wall decoration that goes well with the furniture in the room.

Wall Panels With Quotes

navy blue bathroom wall decor prints or canvas wall art


For a more personal touch, you can opt for these wall panels. Besides, you can also include your favorite quotes or words as shown above.

Beach Canvas Painting Wall Decor

beach decor canvas gallery wrap navy blue coastal wall art


This beautiful beach canvas painting will never fail to bring an oceanic vibe into your room.

In Summary:

Those are some amazing wall decor in navy blue. As you see, there are many beautiful decorations to upscale your overall room. Thus, we do hope you get inspired by those ideas. Furthermore, you can refer to them when decorating your room. You can also check our other posts for more inspiration.

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