The New England Patriots Wall Decor

The New England Patriots wall decor would be something unique and special. Especially if you are a Patriots fan, this idea will surely excite you. Having Pat Patriot as the mascot, the football team is based in the Greater Boston area. In addition, the team has made history by winning six Super Bowl titles as well as 11 American Football Conference championships.

Applying New England Patriots wall decals:

When dealing with wall decorations, you can either have wall stickers, decals, or items like sculptures. Let’s say you are going with wall decals this time. You can easily find New England Patriots wall decals with various styles and designs to choose from. Hence, there is no need to worry about the options. However, you might need to check the following tips to ensure you apply the decals right.

  • Firstly, you need to find a wall decal design that suits the overall style of your space. For the New England Patriots wall decal, you might want to choose furniture with color tones that match the team color.
  • In addition, it is a must to ensure that the wall is clean. This is crucial for better adhesion. Furthermore, you have to make sure the wall is completely dry. If you dust off with a damp cloth, give it some time to dry.
  • Furthermore, for an easier application, you need to cut up larger wall decals. Large decals are more manageable. Moreover, you can separate them into smaller pieces before applying them to the wall.
  • Last but not least, it is good to spray water lightly to the backing paper for an easier peel.


Here are some images of the New England Patriots wall decor ideas.

New England Patriots Logo Sign

new england patriots street sign wall decor nfl new


One of the most common items for New England Patriots wall decor is placing the logo sign on the wall. It looks simple yet attractive.

Gillette Stadium Wall Prints

new england patriots print patriots wall art boston sports


Instead of the team logo, you can also hang the Gillette stadium print. Moreover, it would be a more unique idea for wall decoration.

Personalized New England Patriots Wall Art

personalized new england patriots wall decor cutout led


A personalized wall item would never go wrong! Neither does this personalized New England Patriots wall art.

New England Patriots Wall Decal

new england patriots wall decal nfl logo vinyl sport


Applying a vinyl wall decal would be an easier option for wall decor. As seen above, you can go for New England Patriots wall decal.

Patriots Logo Wall Sticker

nfl new england patriots wall border blue contemporary


For simple wall decoration, the wall sticker will not let you down. You can have the team logo sticker for nice wall decoration.

The New England Patriots Wooden Sign

new england patriots handmade distressed wood sign


The distressed wooden sign is a great addition to the wall. In addition, it creates a nice wall centerpiece.

The New England Patriots Logo Wall Decor

new england patriots nfl football bumper sticker wall


For a sporty room design, a team logo sticker would be a nice option. It might be common. However, it would also be an awesome addition to the wall.

NFL Patriots Wall Decal Set

goodtymes enterprises incnew england patriots removable


The 6-piece wall decal is removable. If you are a fan of the Patriots, the set would be a lovely wall decoration. Don’t you think so?

New England Patriots Wall Decor Vinyl

new england patriots nfl wall decal vinyl sticker art


As you can see above, the New England Patriots logo vinyl wall decal fits so well with the red furniture. Furthermore, it is a nice focal point on a white wall.

New England Patriots Board Sign

ebay new england patriots sports wall decor sign


To upscale your Patriots-themed room, this wooden sign is a brilliant option. Furthermore, the wooden sign tends to be easier to place.

Customized New England Patriots Wall Decal

personalized new england patriots wall decor cutout led


For a more personal touch to your space, a customized wall decal is a smart idea. Furthermore, you can have it based on your preferences.

Patriots Christmas Wall Painting Ideas

patriots wall art football new england sports kids room etsy


Here is a great one-of-a-kind Patriots wall decor you can go with. Also, it would look awesome on your bedroom wall!

New England Patriots Metal Logo Wall Item

new england patriots wall art metal art sports teams


Instead of a wooden sign, you can go with a metal one. The logo sign looks awesome and suitable for a white wall.

Bill Belichick Wall Poster

bill belichick new england patriots football poster man


A fan of the head coach of the Patriots? This Bill poster would be perfect for your wall decoration!

New England Patriots Bedroom Design

new england patriots reclaimed barn wood sign vintage


For a hardcore fan of Patriots, this bedroom design is like a dream comes true. This idea can inspire you to create your Patriots-inspired bedroom design.

Tom Brady Canvas Prints Wall Decor

tom brady new england patriots canvas print nfl poster


If you love New England Patriots, there is no chance you don’t love Tom Brady. This awesome canvas print would be a lovely wall item for his fan.

The New England Patriots Football Wall Decor

new england patriots fan football 5 panel canvas art


Awesome! This is my personal favorite for the New England Patriots-themed wall decoration. It looks stunning and fits so well with the furniture.

Football Wall Vinyl Art Decor

new england patriots football wall art vinyl decal sticker


Here is another awesome idea if you want to bring your love for football into your space. The Patriots wall sticker also looks remarkable with its bold black color.

Patriots Wooden Wall Ornament

new england patriots wooden wall dcor wooden wall decor


A wooden wall ornament will never go wrong for a wall centerpiece. As a fan of the Patriots, you can create a good focal point with this wooden wall piece.

Best New England Patriots Wallpaper

new england patriots backgrounds pixelstalk


Wallpaper is like a cheat sheet to beautify your wall. Furthermore, it is fully customizable.

New England Patriots Style Wall Frame

new england patriots decor 16x20 patriots wall art stadium


The framed wall print is an excellent idea to create an eye-catching focal point on your wall. Furthermore, the image and the frame complement each other well.

Antonio Brown Indoor Wall Decal

antonio brown new england patriots art wall indoor room


This is a good idea to appreciate your favorite player on the team. Besides, the design is great in that it looks so cool on a white wall.

Bedroom Wall New England Patriots Sticker

new england patriots nfl football wall decor sticker decal


If your son is the team’s fan, this wall sticker would look perfect on his bedroom wall. Furthermore, it fits perfectly for a boy’s room.

Distressed Wood New England Patriots Wall Piece

new england patriots handmade distressed wood sign


Again, a distressed wooden wall item would look great for a centerpiece. The one shown above is a great example.

In Summary:

Those are some ideas for New England Patriots wall decor. We do hope you find them inspiring. In addition, we hope you find some of your favorites here.

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