Best New Year Tree Decoration Ideas With Pictures

New Year tree decoration ideas are here to lighten up your New Year. Celebrating New Year has been an important tradition for some people. But, have you ever heard of the New Year tree? Instead of Christmas trees that people have been familiar with, some people might not know a thing about the New Year tree. Also known as Yolka, there is a story behind the birth of the Russian’s origin. The idea made its way in the 1600s and became popular in the 1800s. It was banned after the Russian Revolution but made its way back in 1935. And now, it’s used worldwide to welcome the new year.

How to turn your Christmas tree into a New Year tree:

Instead of getting a new tree to decorate, you can reuse your Christmas tree and turn it into a New Year tree. Here are some ideas you can look up to.

  • First of all, how about a balloon tree for the countdown? It would be a fun idea to decorate the tree with some balloons stamped with times. Then, you will know the New Year will come when there are fewer balloons in the tree.
  • Secondly, you can also decorate the tree with some tiaras with “Happy New Year” written on them.
  • Or else, you can decorate the tree with some party hats. Furthermore, some ribbons would be awesome! As a suggestion, it would be cool to decorate it with shimmering gold ribbon and black party hats for accents.


Have a look at the following pictures of inspiring New Year tree decorations.

Tiara New Year Tree Decor Inspiration

domestic fashionista new years eve tree decoration


Here is a visualization of decorating your new year tree with tiaras. Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Colorful Cones And Branches Decorations

new years colorful cones and branches of a green


Another great idea to decorate your new tree is by getting some cones and branches in various colors. Besides, you can pick your favorite colors too.

Chinese Lunar New Year Decoration

top 5 lunar new year decoration must haves


Here is a must-have item for a Chinese Lunar new year celebration. Besides, decorating the tree with oranges is said to bring overall good fortune in the new year.

Mini New Year Tree Decor Idea

xmas new year mini artificial christmas tree christmas


If you prefer a mini tree due to limited space, for example, this artificial tree is an amazing option. In addition, it commonly comes in various sizes to choose from.

Blossom Tree New Year Decoration

blossom tree and chinese new year hanging decoration


For a more cheerful vibe, you can opt for this cherry blossom decoration. Moreover, the Chinese hanging decoration looks stunning.

Best Chinese New Year Decoration Ideas

february celebrating valentines day and chinese new


Here comes a lovely decoration idea for the new year tree. Moreover, it would also be great to celebrate love.

Grand Cherry Blossom Tree Decor

from weddings to chinese new year faux cherry blossom


You can also get inspired by this amazing grand cherry blossom tree decoration. Besides, it would be cool to have the mini version of it at home.

Chinese New Year Presentation

nice presentation for asian parties love the tree idea


If you need an idea for your coming Chinese New Year celebration, this should inspire you. Also, it goes well with the colorful and festive vibes of the celebration.

Yolka Stunning Decoration Idea

christmas trees of moscow russia english russia


This big new year tree is amazing with the many lights lighten up. Thus, it would be cool to be inspired by it and make it your own.

New Year Tree Illustration For Greeting Card

new year tree stock vector illustration of pine night


For your new year greeting card, this illustration looks fabulous to be the cover of it.

Chinese New Year Art Installation

chinese new year tree art installation beijing the


This new year’s art installation is a stunning one to see. Furthermore, you can also draw inspiration from it to make your mini version tree at home.

Winter Theme New Year Tree Decorations

aliexpress buy 32pcs artificial tabletop mini


You can also opt for some winter-like decorations as shown above. Furthermore, it would upscale the celebration vibe.

Chinese New Year Grand Decoration

this chinese new year lets not forget about the less


The story behind the decoration of the tree is beautiful. In Chinese New Year, the Mandarin oranges are said to bring wealth and good fortune. Thus, this surely can be an inspiration to decorate your tree.

Pink Blossom Tree Decoration

how to celebrate chinese new year with your kids the


Here you go! A pink blossom new year tree would never go wrong to welcome the new beginning. Besides, it always looks beautiful.

New Year Blossom Tree Design Idea

my sunny happy garden under the peach blooms


Some lanterns and pink blossoms would look gorgeous as a new year tree. You can also get some lanterns to upscale your celebration too.

Ballerina New Year Tree Decoration Ideas

new year decoration ballerina figures christmas tree


Ballerina figures would make stunning decorations on your new year tree. Furthermore, the gold decorative items help lighten up the ambiance.

Christmas Tree To New Year Tree Makeover

quick change your christmas tree into a new years tree


Yes, you can turn your Christmas tree into your new year tree. Furthermore, it is always good to reuse items around the house.

New Year Tree Decoration Ideas Inspiration

new years eve tree holiday decor tree christmas tree


Here is a fabulous decoration idea for your new year tree. Furthermore, the ‘Happy New Year’ tiara looks stunning.

Mini Light Up New Year Tree

domestic fashionista new years eve tree new years tree


If you prefer to have a mini new year tree, this decoration idea would make a good centerpiece on your table.

Chinese New Year Lanterns Tree

chinese new year lanterns on flowering tree stock photo


Lanterns on a pink blossom tree make a perfect new year celebration tree. Thus, you can also make your lanterns to welcome the new beginning.

Chinese New Year Money Tree

chinese new year money tree with red envelopes stock photo


Besides Mandarin orange, the Chinese new year money tree is an amazing idea to celebrate and welcome the new year.

Christmas Tree Home Decor

new year christmas decor with christmas tree sofa and


Here comes a great idea to decorate your living room with a beautiful Christmas tree which you can also use as a new year tree.

Winter Room Decor For New Year

room decoration for the new year with a christmas tree


You can also opt to decorate your room as seen above. The winter theme would make a fabulous idea to try.

Beautiful New Year Tree Decoration Ideas

domestic fashionista new years eve tree


Tiaras and some beautiful lights would make a perfect combination to beautify your new year tree.

Stunning Pink Blossom New Year Tree

beautiful pink tree blossom trees chinese new year


Last but not least, you can steal the look of this stunning pink blossom new year tree. Moreover, you can add some of your favorite tree decorations like ribbons.

In Summary:

As a beautiful celebration to welcome the new beginning, it surely would be awesome to have a stunningly decorated tree at home. Those are some amazing decorations ideas for your new year’s tree. We love those ideas and we hope you like them too. In addition, you can give your personal touch too.

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