Paper Flower Wall Decor Best Ideas

Instead of using real flowers, it would be better to have paper flower wall decor to beautify your space. First of all, it lasts longer. Besides, you can even make them by yourself! Fret not! If you think you don’t have the knack to make them, you can buy or customize them to fit your preferences.

How to hang paper flowers on the wall:

Paper flowers are the perfect option for a way to upscale your space. In case you already set your mind to decorate your wall with paper flowers, here are some ways on how to place them on the wall.

  • The first option is super easy. You can use a wire loop to place the paper flowers on the wall. Firstly, of course, you have to glue the wire to the back of the flowers. This method is super easy. Thus, it is perfect for beginners.
  • Secondly, you can opt for flat back pins. This option is perfect for those who hang the paper flowers on the fabric. Usually, it is common when making a backdrop for a party or a photo booth.
  • Thirdly, you can use mounting tape. So far, this is my favorite option to go with. In addition, the mounting tape usually doesn’t do any damage to the wall.


For excellent designs of paper flowers wall decor, have a look at the following ideas.

Pink Paper Flowers For Nursery Room

paper flower wall paperflora pink nursery wall decor


Beautify your kids’ nursery rooms with paper flowers are perfect as they tend to be cost-efficient. Furthermore, they can make the room brighter and more beautiful for a long time.

3D Paper Flower Backdrop On Wooden Wall

giant 3d paper flower wall backdrop large paper flowers


The paper flowers are excellent to upscale your wooden wall. As shown above, the beautiful decoration can also be used as a fun photo booth at home.

Big Paper Flowers As Wall Centerpieces

paper flowers floral garland party decor home wall decor


For those who have no idea what to put as a wall centerpiece, try hanging these giant paper flowers will do. Besides, the colorful flowers look stunning on the white wall.

White And Cream Paper Flower Wall Decor

white and cream large paper flower backdrop barb ann designs


For brighter wall art, you can have these beautiful paper flowers in white and cream. Besides, the color selection will go well with either lighter or darker wall colors.

Paper Flower Wall Decor Backdrops

large paper flower wall decor backdrops for events or


These stunning paper flowers come in orange, white, and yellow. The color selection is brilliant and suits the greenish leaves so well.

DIY Paper Flower Wall Frames

how to make wall art using paper flowers our house now a


For a great DIY project, you can beautify your house with these paper flowers. To create a neat wall piece, you can frame the flowers as shown above.

Wonderful 3D Paper Flower Wall Decoration

3d paper flower wonder wall collection and sculptures


This is simply gorgeous! Those who wish to have a wonderful wall centerpiece should consider getting this giant gorgeous 3d paper flower in gold.

Paper Flower For Nursery Wall Backdrop

paper flowers paper flower backdrop large paper flowers


Here is another idea on how to use paper flowers to decorate a nursery room. As a statement of ownership, you can write your baby’s name on the wall too.

Pink And White Wall Paper Flowers

paper flower wall decor nursery wall art pink paper


The combination of pink and white will never let you down! These beautiful paper flowers can be placed on a nursery room wall or even on a living room wall.

DIY Giant White Paper Flower

diy giant paper flowers tutorial maison de pax


Put your artistic skills to use! For a DIY project at home, you can make beautiful giant paper flowers in white to decorate your room.

Stunning Paper Flowers In Golden Wall Frame

large paper flowers for nursery over crib decor wedding


It is such a great idea to frame paper flowers and have them as a wall decoration. This wonderful framed flower paper can upscale your room immediately.

Paper Flower Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop

30cm paper flower backdrop wall large rose flowers diy


Besides decorating your walls, paper flowers are also perfect as the backdrop for a photo booth on your big day like a wedding!

Giant Spring Paper Flowers Wall Decor

giant paper flowers wall decor spring party decor


To bring a spring vibe to your space, hanging spring-like paper flowers would be such a lovely idea. Besides, it would be nice to have a spring-like atmosphere inside your house, right?

DIY Paster-Colored Paper Flowers Wall Ornaments

diy paper flower wall flax twine


The paster-colored paper flowers shown above are great additions to your plain wall. In addition, they go well with the vibe of the room.

Paper Wall Decoration In A Wooden Frame

how to make a paper flower wall decoration pillar box blue


Here is another idea of framing paper flowers as wall decoration. The pink wooden frame helps in highlighting the colorful flowers.

Large Paper Flowers In Purple And White

diy large paper flowers


Those who love purple will loved this bedroom interior design! The giant paper flowers look wonderful in white and purple.

3D Paper Flowers On Canvas Board

diy 3d flower canvas wall art diy mothers day gift


Instead of placing the flowers in a wooden frame, it is also a brilliant idea to attach them to the canvas board and hang it on the wall.

A Bunch Of White Paper Flowers Wall Decor

paper flower wall decor large paper flower wall backdrop


What a stunning wall piece! Adding a bunch of white paper flowers would be good for a winter-theme interior design.

Giant Paper Flowers As Event Backdrop

large paper flower backdrop giant paper flowers paper


As shown above, the wonderful paper flowers create an excellent decoration for a photo booth backdrop. Furthermore, it would surely make the pictures come out well.

Purple Paper Flowers For Nursery Wall Decor

purple paper flower nursery decor girls room wall art purple


Decorating a nursery room wall with paper flowers will never go wrong. Moreover, you can match the color tones of the flowers with the rest of the furniture to create a matching look.

Wedding Board With Paper Flowers Decoration

paper flower wall rental pictures paper flower wall


Not only good for a photo booth backdrop, but it is also lovely to decorate a welcoming board with paper flowers like the one shown above.

Beautiful Red And White Paper Flowers Decor

enjoy our new paper flower wall paperflowerwall


Here is another amazing work of art! The red and white paper flowers work so well as decorations on the red wall.

Simple DIY White Paper Flowers To Try

cute cuttlefish diy 3d paper flower wall decor


Start small! You can have this simple paper flower as your first paper flower DIY project to try.

Grey And Blue Paper Flowers Wall Decor

gray and blue paper flower wall decor in stock paper


Here is one of my favorite color combinations! Paper flowers in grey and blue look amazing as a wall decoration to upscale your space.

Paper Flower Wedding Reception Wall Decor Idea

paper flower wedding reception wall ideas mid south bride


To decorate the wedding reception wall, paper flowers would make a great option. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Large Paper Flowers For Wedding Decoration

large paper flower wall decor for weddings bridal showers


Here is another great selection of paper flowers decoration for a wedding. Or else, you can use them to decorate your bridal shower event.

In Summary:

When placing paper flowers on the wall, please note that:

  • it is important to match the color tones with the rest of the furniture,
  • it would make a great focal point to place them where they can easily be spotted.

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