Best Sea Shell Wall Decor Ideas

Sea shell wall decor is the idea of designing a wall with seashells as decorations. That’s what we are going to show you in a minute. Furthermore, we also have plenty of ideas on how to create seashells wall decorations on your own. For those who think of making coastal or nautical room designs, the following ideas will get you encouraged.

How to add seashells to your wall:

If you want something personal, you can try DIY seashells wall decor. Of course, it is not easy for beginners. However, it will be rewarding. Furthermore, it is flexible in the sense that you can do it as you prefer. For those who are interested, here are some tips for you to add seashells to your wall.

  • Firstly, it is a must to clean the walls first when decorating. Moreover, you have to ensure to wipe off the dust and dirt properly.
  • Next, prepare a tube of epoxy glue as well as woodcraft sticks to help you glue the seashells.
  • After that, apply a small amount of glue to the tip of the woodcraft stick. Then, you can use the stick to glue the seashells.
  • Finally, you can press the seashells to the designated spot on the wall. To avoid mistakes, it is good to mark the wall with a pencil first. When placing the seashells, make sure to hold them for a few seconds to let the glue dry and stick properly on the wall.

Let’s check the following designs to get inspired.

Coastal Prints Wall Decorations

beach prints coastal wall art ocean decor nautical wall decor


Opting for wall prints is a great idea as it is effective. Furthermore, there are many options to choose from. To create a beach-house vibe, you can hang these coastal prints as shown above.

DIY Hanging Seashells Wall Art

seashell wall hanging seashell art wall hanging sea shells


Here is a great DIY idea in case you have many seashells to display. The hanging wall art also makes a nice focal point on the white wall.

Large Wooden Boat Wall Print

nautical wall decor large ship art wood plank sign etsy


This large wooden boat wall print will make a great centerpiece. Moreover, the distressed wood makes the boat even more charming.

Nautical Wall Decor Pieces

magideal welcome nautical wall decor ship boat ring life


Here are some items you can place on your wall. The items create a nautical wall design so well.

Colorful Seashells Wall Ornaments

we cant promise youll hear ocean sounds but our


Hanging colorful seashells on an empty wall will never go wrong. Furthermore, as shown above, the color tones look good together. It would be amazing to have furniture with the same color tones as the seashells.

Sea Shell Wall Decor Idea

beach wall art seashell wood wall art


Just a few pieces of seashells are enough to create seashell wall decor. As shown above, the wall decor will still look good as the color tones complement each other.

Beach-Themed Wall Frame Idea

such a pretty mess nauticalbeach themed wall art


Here is a great DIY idea you can try with your family, friends, or by yourself. The beach theme is strongly visible with pieces in the frame. Besides, it is such a great idea to create a coastal wall frame.

Seashells DIY Coastal Wall Frame

coastal seashell wall art


Get creative with this DIY wall frame! With a simple seashell, you can create a nice-looking wall frame as shown above. Furthermore, the brown craft rope is a good addition too.

European Style Nautical Wall Decor

european style wood hook craft home decor nautical decor


Wall pieces in the shapes of oceanic creatures will never go wrong for nautical wall decor. As shown above, the starfish hanging on the oars create a strong beach house atmosphere.

Seahorse Wall Art Made Of Seashells

seahorse seashell seahorse seahorse wall art wall


What a creative wall art idea! You can hang this seashell decoration to create a beach house vibe in your space.

Coastal Wall Craft With Seashells

seashell seahorse wall artbeach wall decorseashell art


The image above shows a coastal wall craft made of seashells. It can be a good option for those looking for seashells wall decor.

Seahorse-Shaped Seashells Wall Decoration

sea shell sea horse wall art decorabalone and limpet


The wall decoration shown above is a great idea to make seashells unique. In addition, the color tones fit so well with a nautical room design.

Wall Decor With Personalized Nautical Canvases

personalized nautical wall art diycandy


The reasons why these nautical canvases should be on your bucket list are:

  • Firstly, they are personalized.
  • Secondly, it is easy to customize them to go well with the furniture.

Boat Image Print For Nautical Wall Decor

boat canvas print nautical wall decor large wall art etsy


As shown above, boat prints are the perfect wall decoration in case you want to create a nautical room design.

Seashells Wall In Broken White

items similar to white seashell wall decor with pearls and


Seashells and pearls will never make a wrong combination! As shown above, the stunning combination of seashells and pearls makes a great wall ornament.

Rustic Nautical Wall Decor Design

rustic nautical wall decor rustic nautical wall decor


Can’t choose between nautical and rustic room designs? Try combining the two themes with these awesome rustic nautical wall ornaments.

Seashells Dragon Wall Art Craft

seashell dragon wall art wind and weather


Who says seashells can’t be a wall centerpiece? Fret not! This amazing dragon wall piece made of seashells would make a strong centerpiece on your wall.

Lovely DIY Seashells Wall Art Piece

diy lovely seashell wall art


This step-by-step procedure will easily guide you to make your seashells wall decoration. Moreover, it would make a fun activity to do with family or friends.

DIY Sea Shell Wall Decor

lovely diy nautical wall art crafts that will blow your mind


It would be a good idea to create this beautiful wall decoration of seashells. Furthermore, you can personalize it to fit your preferences.

Unique Oceanic Shapes Wall Frame

framed seashell shadow box wall art wind and weather


The shapes of oceanic creatures shown above are looking good in a wooden frame. For its unique trait, it can be a good wall centerpiece.

Personalized Seashells Arty Wall Frame

beach bathroom wall artseashell beach wall mademonicaj


Here is a personalized wall piece frame. The framed starfish looks great with the soft color tones of brown and white.

Seashells Dolphin Art For Wall Decoration

dolphin wall art seashell wall hanging dolphin wall


Here is another creative idea in case you want to have a seashell-based wall decoration. The dolphin-shaped wall piece makes good use of seashells.

Seashells And Starfish On The Seashore Wall Print

starfish and seashells on beach seashore round metal wall


This nice-looking wall print would complement a plain white wall. In addition, the image looks sharp with clear color tones.

Fresh Nautical Blue Wall Decor

nifty nautical pallet wall art favecrafts


Choosing blue tones will never fail for those who want to bring a nautical vibe to their space. Besides, the light blue wooden board also looks good for wall decoration.

Bronze Sea Turtle Coastal Decoration

tropical bronze sea turtle coastal nautical wall decor ebay


To bring a nautical atmosphere to your space, you can bring home this bronze sea turtle decoration from eBay.

DIY Wall Decor With Wooden Board

namely original diy nautical wall decor


Instead of purchasing the ready-to-use wall piece, you can also try making it your own. Furthermore, a DIY project at home does not sound bad at all.

In Summary:

Those are some ideas around seashells wall decor. In addition, some are perfect for coastal room design. Hence, we do hope you find some ideas that fit your preferences.

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