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Sewing Room Wall Decor Designs To Try

If you love sewing, these sewing room wall decor ideas would make your day. Do you often find your sewing room like a jumble of fabric? It would be better not to leave it that way though. Furthermore, it would be amazing if you can show off your love of sewing through the room decor. Therefore, we have some fantastic ideas for anyone who enjoys sewing! Here, we will hook you up with amazing sewing wall decor ideas to try.

What is the perfect color for my sewing room:

The color palette you pick for your sewing room has a significant impact on how you feel while sewing. In other words, the color has a psychological effect. Generally, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

For example, you might want to choose green and blue. These colors are known to be perfect for a pleasant setting. In addition, the cool colors of green and blue will help you achieve the relaxing vibe you want in your room. Besides, it is also worth noting that the two colors are fantastic choices for small spaces. Thus, if you have a small sewing room, you can create a more spacious ambiance with green or blue.

Conversely, you can choose warm colors for a more inviting and livelier setting. You can use yellow, red, or orange, for example. In addition, warm tones will help you build the ideal atmosphere to work on the projects even when you have a dreary morning. Hence, warm colors are suitable as energizers in the room.


Let us have a look at the following images for a clearer notion.

Sewing Room Furniture Decoration

pretty up your sewing room with these inspiring decorating


You can pick furniture that will help you get things tidy. In addition, it is a great idea to go with pastel colors since they look lovely.

Vintage Sewing Room For Two

vintage sewing room hometalk


If your kids are interested in sewing too, you can get them a small sewing room with the needed items.

Wall Decoration Idea For Sewing Room

hyacinth quilt designs sewing room tour part one


If you have a plain wall in your sewing room, you can use wallpaper or wall stickers to beautify the room.

Sewing Room Wall Of Inspiration

sewing room sewing room inspiration sewing room decor


Instead of a wall of fame, you can do a wall of inspiration in your sewing room. For example, you can hang your favorite pattern, your first sewing result, or any other memorable things.

Beautiful Sewing Room Wall Decor

pin vampirepug on quilts with images quilting room


Here is another idea for your wall of inspiration in the sewing room. You can also use unused fabrics to decorate the wall.

Decorating The Walls With Favorite Patterns

sew many ways fabric hoops wall decor


It is brilliant to utilize the walls in your sewing room to hang extra storage or baskets to store things. In addition, you can decorate the walls with your favorite patterns too.

Printed Sewing Time Images In A White Frame

sewing print vintage sewing print sewing wall decor craft


The sewing time print shown above would make a lovely decoration on the wall. Furthermore, the white frame looks great on the off-white walls.

Vintage Wall Decoration About Sewing

vintage sewing canvas wall art trl232cv homewix


Here is a stunning vintage canvas wall art for your sewing room. The overall tone makes it a wonderful item to hang on the wall.

Sewing Room Wall Decor Inspiration

pin sara on sewing room sewing room decor sewing


Here is another example of hanging storage baskets on the wall. When styled right, they can also be a beautiful wall decoration.

Antique Wall Decoration For Sewing Room

sewing room sewing room decor sewing room inspiration


Extra big buttons and threaders would be perfect to decorate a sewing room. Furthermore, it would be great to choose colors that go well with the wall paints.

Sewing Room Wall Decals In Black

sewing wall art decals seamstress gift wall sticker


You can also opt for wall decals to decorate your sewing room. As seen above, the black wall decals go well with the neutral-colored furniture.

Sewing Is Cheaper Than Therapy Quote Print

sewing is cheaper than therapy printable craft room wall


This sewing is cheaper than therapy printable craft is a fun addition to your sewing room. Also, it can be a good motivation when you are feeling down.

DIY Sewing Craft Wall Decoration

sewing room decorating ideas cook clean craft


You can use unused fabrics to decorate the wall. For example, you can make a clock out of unused fabric as shown above.

Printable Fun Sewing Quote For Wall Decor

sewing machine print sewing wall decor instant


Here is another fun quote printable for wall decor. If you are interested, you can get this one at Etsy!

Best Sewing Quote Wall Sticker

sewing quilting wall sticker sewing forever quote vinyl


Here is another design for a fun wall sticker to decorate your sewing room. If you have your favorite quote, you can even customize the design.

Fabrics Gallery Wall Decor Inspiration

sewing room of the month art gallery fabrics the


You can display your favorite fabrics as wall decorations in your sewing room. Furthermore, the different colors and patterns would be a fun addition to the room.

Beautiful Quilting Display Wall Board

look at my murphy beddesign wall quiltingboard forums


You can also have a quilting board in your sewing room. This way, you can personalize the room to make it more personal.

Well-Designed Sewing Room Setting

moments sewing room design knitting room sewing room


Having natural light coming to your sewing room would be amazing energy to start working on the projects.

Gorgeous Sewing Room Wall Art Idea

sewing room organization tips a quilting life


It is wonderful to use our works to decorate the wall. For example, you can get your quilting boards hung on the walls as seen above.

A Mood Board In Sewing Room

i like the design board sewingcraft room ideas and


A mood board will always make a good addition to a room. In addition, you can make it your own. You can have a DIY project to make it.

Sewing Threads Printable Picture In Frame

sewing room decor craft room decor vintage sewing etsy


Printing sewing-related pictures would be a good alternative for wall decor. For example, you can get the print shown above at Etsy.

DIY Sewing Room Wall Art Idea

quilt sewing room wall quilts quilting room


Here is another great DIY idea to try. By doing a DIY for your wall decor, you can personalize it as you desire.

Creative Wall Decor With Embroidery Hoop Art

creative ideas for you embroidery hoop art


It is amazing how a creative idea can upscale a room. As you see above, you can use beautiful embroidery hoop art to beautify your sewing room.

Setting Up A Stunning Mood Board

sewing space toursheidis stylish hub tilly and the


It is amazing to have a mood board in your sewing room. You can hang your favorite pictures, fabrics, inspirations, designs, and so forth.

Vintage Wall Decorations With Buttons And Threaders

little bit of paint vintage inspired laundry room


Here comes another design to decorate the walls with large buttons and threaders. Thanks to the tone, it is suitable for a vintage setting.

Sewing Room Wall Art Design To Try

design wall sewing room design quilt design wall


To keep the clutter off your desk, you can have a built-in cabinet to store things in your sewing room. Thus, you can keep your desk clean to work on a project.

In Summary:

How did you find it? Those are some amazing ideas for decorating your sewing room. We loved the ideas and designs shown above. Thus, we do hope you find some of your favorites here. All in all, you can mix and match the design to create the one that fits you.

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