Split Bedroom Floor Plan Ideas Collection

For those looking for split bedroom floor plan ideas, here we have some for you. Here, we will hook you up with amazing floor plans for houses with split bedrooms. If you are not yet familiar with it, fret not! As the name suggests, split bedrooms refer to bedrooms that are separated from the rest of the rooms in a house. For example, you build the main bedroom on one end of the house. Then, you have living spaces in the middle as well as other bedrooms on the other end of the house.

Advantages and disadvantages of split bedrooms:

The idea of having split bedrooms has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence, before deciding to go with it, it’s always good to know the pros and cons first. By knowing about it, you can then decide whether to have split bedrooms in the house. Therefore, here we have briefly summarized the advantages as well as the disadvantages of split bedrooms.

Firstly, let’s talk about the advantages. One main advantage of split bedrooms is that it accommodates your privacy. Therefore, you can have a space for your own even if you are living with your family. In addition, the design is known as an effective way to best use the available space. Moreover, it allows more space for the kitchen or the living room.

As for the drawbacks, split bedrooms are not suitable for those with newborn babies or younger children. The design will not allow parents to be close to the infants’ rooms. Besides, the design of split bedrooms might influence the quality and quantity of family time. Even though it assures privacy, it might not present opportunities for family time.


Have a look at the following floor plan ideas to get inspired.

House Floor Plan With Split Bedroom

split bedroom southern home design 8479jh 1st floor

Source: www.architecturaldesigns.com

The floor plan shown above has the master bedroom separated from other bedrooms. Furthermore, in the middle part of the house, there are family rooms such as the dining room and living room.

House Plan With Split Bedrooms

plan 70707jr split bedrooms and open floor plan floor

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is another floor plan of a house with split bedrooms. As you can see, the master suite is separated from other bedrooms.

House Floor Plan With Separated Master Bedroom

plan 48502fm one level split bedroom house plan bedroom

Source: www.pinterest.com

As mentioned earlier, a split bedroom ensures your privacy. In addition, it gives you more space for other rooms like the dining and living rooms.

Ranch Floor Plan With Split Bedrooms

ranch floor plans with split bedrooms ideas house plans

Source: jhmrad.com

Here comes a ranch floor plan with split bedrooms. As seen above, the owner’s suite is on one end of the house. Meanwhile, the other bedrooms are on the opposite end.

2-Floor House Lower Level Floor Plan

3 bedroom split level plans split level floor plans 1300

Source: www.treesranch.com

If you plan to build a two-floor house, you can refer to this floor plan for the lower floor. In addition, it is suitable for a house with a shop.

Impressive House Plan With 3 Bedrooms

plan 36073dk split bedroom craftsman house plan

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is a magnificent house plan with 3 bedrooms. As shown above, the master bedroom is separated from the other two. Thus, it is perfect for parents with teen/adult children.

3-Bedroom House Floor Plan Design

656105 3 bedroom 2 bath cottage with split floor plan

Source: www.pinterest.com.au

Here is another floor plan for a house with 3 bedrooms. Furthermore, the house has a separate study room next to the dining room.

Split Bedroom House Plan With 3-Car Garage

split bedroom ranch home plan with optional lower level

Source: www.architecturaldesigns.com

Here is a great floor plan for a house with split bedrooms. There are 3 bedrooms in total. Besides, it has a spacious garage for 3 cars.

Spacious Open Floor Plan With Split Rooms

this 1 story open floor plan boasts a very spacious and

Source: www.pinterest.com

For those who have a spacious space, you might want to look up to this floor plan. Furthermore, it is perfect for those with a big family.

Ranch Home Floor Plan Inspiration

plan 89872ah split bedroom ranch home plan ranch house

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is to inspire you; the ranch home floor plan with split bedrooms. In addition, it has two garages for a total of 3 cars.

Contemporary Ranch Design Plan With Split Bedrooms

contemporary ranch with split bedroom layout 82261ka

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is something to get you started building a contemporary ranch with split bedrooms. The ranch also accommodates a large space for a living room in the middle.

Home Style Plan With Split Bedrooms

plan 69693am flexible prairie style home plan with split

Source: www.pinterest.com

The floor plan shown above would make a great inspiration for a big family. It includes split bedrooms, family rooms, as well as a spacious garage.

Split Bedrooms Plan In One Story House

one story split bedroom house plan 40177wm 1st floor

Source: www.architecturaldesigns.com

If you plan on building a one-story house, this floor plan can be a reference. As seen, it has split bedrooms that separate the master bedroom from other rooms.

Basement Floor Design Plan Idea

split bedroom house plan with open floor plan 11797hz

Source: www.architecturaldesigns.com

Here is a floor plan of a basement that shows where the stair location is.

Split Bedrooms Country Ranch Design Plan

split bedroom country ranch 62099v 1st floor master

Source: www.architecturaldesigns.com

The above image is a country ranch floor plan. As you can see, it has split bedrooms. Besides, it has a 9′ ceiling garage.

Exclusive Modern Farmhouse Floor Plan

plan 56442sm exclusive modern farmhouse plan with split

Source: www.pinterest.ca

Here is an exclusive modern farmhouse plan with split bedrooms. The land is spacious. Thus, it fits well for a farmhouse for a big family.

Split Bedrooms Ranch House Plan

plan 58587sv split bedroom ranch house plan house plans

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is another ranch house plan with split bedrooms. As shown above, it has 3 bedrooms as well as a 14×18 family room.

Open Floor Plan In Design

open floor plan in split bedroom design plan 1131 the

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is a rather simple floor plan for a house with split bedrooms. Though simple, it is a great reference for a house with split bedrooms.

Beautiful House Plan With Split Bedrooms

3 bed split level home plan 21047dr architectural

Source: www.architecturaldesigns.com

Here is a two-story house with split bedrooms. As you can see, the master bedroom is equipped with a personal closet.

Split Bedroom Ranch Design Inspiration

split bedroom ranch 16018pn 1st floor master suite

Source: www.architecturaldesigns.com

A split bedroom ranch floor plan is shown above. As seen, it has three bedrooms, a dining room, as well as a spacious garage.

Fabulous Vintage Home With Split Bedrooms

plan 32015aa split bedroom masterpiece vintage house

Source: www.pinterest.com

If you plan to have a house for your big family, this vintage home floor plan might be a great reference to look up to.

French Country House Floor Plan Idea

plan 83939jw 4 bed french country house plan with split

Source: in.pinterest.com

Here comes a French country house floor plan that also has split bedrooms. Furthermore, besides the master bedroom, it has 3 other bedrooms.

Traditional Split Bedroom Design Inspiration

plan 5908nd traditional split bedroom design house

Source: www.pinterest.com

This is a traditional split bedroom design house with 3 bedrooms. It also has a big garage and porches.

Florida House Design With Split Bedrooms

plans maison en photos 2018 split bedroom florida house

Source: listspirit.com

What you see above is a floor plan for a Florida house with split bedrooms.

Split Bedroom House Design With Open Floor

plan 11797hz split bedroom house plan with open floor

Source: www.pinterest.com

Last but not least, here is a split bedroom house design with an open floor. The house comes with 3 bedrooms and an optional patio.

In Summary:

Those are some design ideas for split bedrooms floor plans. We do hope that you find them both inspiring and practical. Have you figured out what your favorites are? We hope that the many designs we’ve displayed above will come in handy while you’re planning your home. In addition, you can also check our other bedroom ideas as references. Cheers!

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