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Star Mirror Wall Decor Guide And Inspiration

Star mirror wall decor would make a nice idea to try. Decorative mirrors are often used to make a focal point on the wall. Furthermore, they are known as useful items to utilize extra empty wall space. Besides, it is also great to pair them with other items such as frames or paintings. Regardless of the interior style, decorative mirrors are excellent as wall ornaments.

How to choose and care for decorative mirrors:

Decorative mirrors come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Therefore, you will not run out of options when it comes to mirror wall decor. However, when choosing one, there are some things to consider. If you plan to place the mirror above a piece of furniture, you need to consider the right size. A well-known rule of thumb for this is to pick a mirror that is approximately two-thirds the size of the furniture. Furthermore, the overall room style will also play an important part. It would be great to choose a mirror that goes well with the room style in terms of color.

In addition, it is also essential to know how to care for decorative mirrors. Besides, it would be great if you clean them regularly to maintain their condition. Firstly, you might want to clean the frame, if it comes with one. You can use a soft, lint-free piece of cloth. Also, it’s good to slightly wet the cloth so that you can dust it off easily. Secondly, you need to clean the mirror too. There are various glass cleaner products in the market. Before cleaning with the cleaner, it’s recommended to dust it off with a soft fabric first.


Have a look at the following pictures for inspiration.

Starburst Wall Mirror With Rattan Frame

large star mirror starburst mirror mid century home


A wall mirror with a beautiful design as seen above would make a good centerpiece on a white wall.

Decorative Mirror For Wall Decoration

osp designs gats decorative beveled wall mirror


A unique design would make your decorative mirror even more stunning. Furthermore, it would be great to match it with the rest of the furniture.

Acrylic Fairy Mirror Wall Decor

diy 3d mirror fairy star butterfly acrylic removable home


A removable mirror wall decoration can be a great idea to upscale your wall. The one shown above is an acrylic mirror wall with a beautiful fairy theme.

Large Multi Glass Mirror Wall

large multi glass venetian sun sunburst starburst wall


Here comes a wall decoration that works as a great centerpiece. You can place a large wall mirror in the shape of a starburst as seen above.

DIY Star Wall Decoration For Bedrooms

20pcs diy star art mirror wall sticker acrylic wall


Doing a DIY wall decoration would not hurt! You can personalize it based on your preference, like the stars shown above.

Minimalist Star-Shaped Decorative Mirror

kids wall art and decor crate and barrel kids mirrors


A star-shaped decorative mirror shown above is perfect for a good, minimalist decoration.

Brass Mirror Wall Decor

crowning touch collection brass mirror quarter moon


Bring the galaxy to your living room with this brass half moon mirror. Besides, it looks cute with the little star on the tip.

Two-Tone Diamond Decorative Mirror

art deco large two tone diamond star shaped wall mirror


A two-tone decorative mirror would be an excellent addition to a neutral-colored wall. In addition, the unique design and shape would make it a good focal point in the room.

Beautiful Starfish Wall Mirror Idea

shooting stars starfish mirror currently available


For a nautical-themed room, you can hang this beautiful starfish wall mirror. Furthermore, the quite big size makes it functional too.

Decorative Mirror For Modern House

9 best images about decorative mirrors on pinterest


Here comes a decorative mirror that is suitable for a modern setting. The shape is beautiful. Besides, the size is just perfect as a wall decoration.

Silver Glass Sunburst Wall Mirror

diamond wall mirror silver glass sunburst home decor sun


The wall mirror shown above is stunning on its own. Nevertheless, you can pair it with other wall decorations such as frames or paintings.

Big Acrylic Wall Mirror Idea

diamonds triangles wall art acrylic mirror wall sticker


You can also cover one side of the walls in a mirror as shown above. To make the job easier, you can opt for wall mirror stickers.

5-Piece Wall Mirror Set

stratton home decor burst 5 piece mirror set reviews


You can also opt for a wall mirror set as seen above. The set lets you decorate the wall without having to add any other decorations.

Star Mirror Wall Stickers Decor

12pcs mirror wall stickers room decoration sticker house


As an easier alternative, you can opt for wall mirror stickers as shown above. Besides, they come in various shapes to choose from.

Orion Starburst Decorative Wall Mirror

langley street orion starburst wall mirror reviews


Here is an Orion starburst decorative wall mirror you can get at Wayfair! The unique design makes it perfect for a centerpiece of the wall.

Sun Moon Stars Acrylic Wall Mirror Stickers

sun moon stars diy acrylic mirror wall stickers 3d wall


Wall mirror stickers come in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, it lets you personalize your space. As seen above, the dining room looks gorgeous with the moon-sun-stars stickers.

Starburst Decorative Wall Mirror Idea

uttermost tremeca starburst wall mirror reviews wayfair


This is another option for those looking for a sunburst wall mirror. As seen above, the color blends well with the surrounding furniture.

Wood And Silver Square Wall Mirror Design

uptal square silver leaf wall mirror reviews birch lane


Made of wood and silver, the wall mirror looks gorgeous with a beautiful design. Furthermore, it looks perfect with the rest of the furniture.

Star Decorative Mirror For Wall Centerpiece

birch star mirror lala loves decor


The beautiful mirror shown above would make a great centerpiece on a neutral-colored wall. Besides, the color works well with the background.

Urban Star Wall Decor Idea

safavieh new mayan star warm amber urban 39 inch


The idea of placing a wall mirror above a piece of furniture would look great when the two items blend well. Thus, the one shown above makes a good example.

Covering The Wall With Star Mirror Decor

20pcsset sliver 3d acrylic wall stickers cheap decorative


You can also group some small star wall mirrors as shown above. Moreover, the idea would look lovely as a focal point in the room.

Star Mirror Wall Decor Idea

new pottery techniques pottery barn clad star mirror


Here are some amazing star-like wall mirrors to beautify your space. In addition, these decorative mirrors are looking great with their amazing details.

Decorative Mirror With Star Patterns

embossed star mirror


Instead of going with a star-shaped mirror, you can opt for a decorative mirror with star patterns. As shown above, the mirror looks stunning with amazing details.

Flying Fairy Decorative Mirror Stickers

walplus flying fairy tinker bell with stars round mirror


If you are fond of Tinker Bell or fairy-themed decor, you can decorate the wall with these amazing fairy-themed mirror stickers.

DIY Star Burst Decorative Mirror

diy star burst mirror how to make a starburst mirror


It might not look easy, but it is possible to create this beautiful mirror on your own. Plus, a little DIY would not hurt.

Gorgeous Star Burst Wall Mirror

shop harper blvd naomi starburst mirrored wall sculpture


The gorgeous wall mirror shown above blends perfectly with the tone of the wall. Therefore, it would make a great focal point in the room.

In Summary:

Those are some ideas for mirror wall decor. Have you found your favorite ones? We do hope you find some inspiring ones as your future references. You can also check out our other posts to find more inspiring ideas on wall decor.

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