Star Wars Theme Bedroom Ideas Collection

For fans of the franchise, having a Star Wars theme bedroom might be a lifetime dream. Regardless of your age, it’s never too late to realize the dream bedroom. You can either go hard or subtle. For a hardcore fan, you might want to go all out and make everything in your room related to Star Wars. Or else, you can go subtle by having only small accents or stuff related to the movie franchise. Either way, we have some perfect ideas to show you.

Designing a thematic room for your kids:

Star Wars have been a classic for years! Thus, it is no wonder that there are still many fans who love the franchise. If your kids love it too, it will be an excellent idea to create a thematic room for them. To help you plan the design, here are some steps we would like to show you. You can always refer to the steps below as a guide.

  • Firstly, planning the color scheme. You need to decide the color scheme first. Whether it will be dark, light, or a combination of both. For Star Wars thematic room, you can choose one favorite character to decide the color scheme.
  • Secondly, defining the wall painting. After deciding the color scheme, you need to define which color will be the main color for the walls. This is important because it will affect other things such as furniture and decorative items.
  • Thirdly, choosing the furniture. You can always choose furniture which reflects the theme. Or else, you can opt for furniture with a neutral color and decorate them with theme-related items.
  • Lastly, pick decorative items. It is the fun part of decorating a thematic room. For an easy alternative, you can place posters of the characters on the wall. Or else, you can also opt for theme-related rugs, bedding sets, or figures.


Have a look at the awesome Star Wars bedrooms below.

Minimalist Star Wars Bedroom Decor

themed room dont have to be over the top this star wars


Let’s start with this beautiful minimalist bedroom. The decor shows that the room is designed with a Star Wars theme in mind. Besides, the neutral blue and white tones make it perfect for both kids and adults.

Star Wars Rug Design For Playroom

cool star wars bedroom dcor ideas interior design explained


Here comes a fun rug for your kid’s playroom. They would love the Star Wars design, wouldn’t they?

Star Wars Bedroom Set For Boys

how to decorate a star wars themed bedroom hubpages


If your boys love Star Wars, this thematic bedroom would excite them. Hence, why not give them one?

Customized Star Wars Bed Frame

impressive custom built star wars bedroom featuring a


If you want to take it to the next level, this customized Star Wars bed would make an impressive addition to your kids’ room.

Star Wars Themed Room Decor

star wars themed room bed pillows room


You can also refer to the room decor shown above to build your Star Wars-themed bedroom. With the decorations, you can easily tell what the theme is.

Thematic Movie Room Decor Inspiration

pin on star wars room


Here is a cool room decorated around Star Wars design. The simple, yet stunning design makes it perfect for all ages.

Cool Galaxy Thematic Room Design

star wars room ideas angies list


For those who love things about galaxies, this room design would be perfect for them. In addition, the Star Wars-inspired items upscale the room beautifully.

Star Wars Trendy Room Decorations

best star wars bedroom decorations homemydesign


Here is a perfect room design for those who love Star Wars. I like how the designer blends white and blue so effortlessly to reflect the theme.

Boys Room With Star Wars Decor Idea

8 bedroom luxury villa on palmilla ct reunion resort


The Star Wars design seen above would make a perfect room for your boys.

Stunning Room Design Inspired By Star Wars

alex platform bed star wars themed bedroom star wars


What a stunning room! The room beautifully depicts Star Wars well. Furthermore, it would be a fun room for your little ones.

Star Wars Bedroom Wall Design

star wars themed bedroomwall painted to look like


For your kid’s playroom, you can make it fun by painting the walls as shown above.

Star Wars Room Design Idea

1000 images about ideas for as room on pinterest


You can also make a personalized thematic bedroom as seen above. Also, the decoration reflects the Star Wars theme so well.

Star Wars Cool Bedrooms Inspiration

another cool star wars bedroom built for some lucky kid


Here is another design to refer to when creating a Star Wars-themed bedroom. It is a good idea to paste a good quote from the movie on the wall.

Cool Star Wars Bedrooms Decor For Adults

cool star wars bedroom dcor ideas interior design explained


A Star Wars-inspired bedroom can also be cool for adults. You can go simple by having a starry ceiling and incorporating black and red in the room.

Stylish Star Wars Bedrooms Design With Bunkbeds

cool star wars bedroom dcor ideas interior design explained


Bunkbeds are great for a small bedroom. You can make it cool by designing it with Star Wars-themed stuff. Furthermore, the design is also available for homestay or cabin.

Modern Star Wars Bedroom Inspiration

is this the worlds slickest star wars themed room star


Here is a fun idea to have a modern room inspired by Star Wars. The room would be perfect for teens and adults too.

Star Wars Bedrooms Wall Design

starwars jedi uppercase living vinyl star wars boys


You can also go simple by having subtle Star Wars references in your room. As seen above, you can decorate your bedroom wall with your favorite Star Wars quote.

DIY Star Wars Bed Frame For Kids

star wars themed bedroom star wars themed bedroom star


A DIY bed frame project would be a fun project for you and your kids. As shown above, you can build the Star Wars-inspired bed for your kid’s bedroom.

Star Wars Wall Painting Idea

star wars themed bedroom behr paint in appletini green


Yes, you can also paint your bedroom wall to depict the theme. In addition, the Star Wars bedding set completes the look well.

Decorating Room Inspired By Star Wars

star wars themed bedroom ideas


This cool room decoration would be perfect for your teens. Or else, it is also great for adults thanks to its beautiful monochrome tone.

Star Wars Game Room Collections

my star wars themed game room starwarscollecting


What a collection! You can decorate your game room with Star Wars items as shown above.

Black Bedroom Star Wars Design

disney star wars duvet cover and pillowcase set dunelm


For an older teen, you can go with a simpler design as shown above. The black and white Star Wars bedding set makes a great addition to the room. Besides, it matches with the surrounding furniture.

Beautiful Gender Neutral Star Wars Bedroom

friday faves beautiful bedrooms and organizing diys


Here is a Star Wars bedroom design suitable for either boys or girls. The subtle tones make a perfect gender-neutral room decor.

Star Wars Inspired Wall Decor

star wars themed wall decals white star decals little bits


You can also opt for decorating your walls to reflect the Star Wars theme. In addition, the sparkly star ceiling makes a perfect addition to the room.

Cool Star Wars Themed Room Design

cool star wars bedroom dcor ideas interior design explained


Last but not least, here is a cool design that is inspired by Star Wars. The overall design is so cool and perfect for a thematic room style.

In Summary:

Did you enjoy scrolling through the post? We have carefully selected the above amazing designs of Star Wars bedroom designs to inspire you. Thus, we do hope you find some inspiring ideas to refer to. In addition, you can find more bedroom ideas on our site. So, make sure to explore the page. Cheers!

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