Inspiring Star Wars Wall Decor For Children Bedroom

Here, we will show you some inspiring Star Wars wall decor for your children’s bedrooms. The theme would be a fun project to work on especially if your little ones are into this American multimedia franchise. Furthermore, there are many things you can do to bring the theme into the room.

How to build a Star Wars-themed bedroom:

As mentioned earlier, you can explore many options to build a Star Wars-themed bedroom. In case you are still wondering how to do it, here we have some ideas you can try. We will focus on sharing some simple decoration ideas that are effective and manageable.

  • Firstly, choose Star Wars-themed wall stickers. You can arrange a galaxy-themed wallpaper or you can also display your favorite Star Wars characters.
  • Secondly, have a Star Wars bed. For this idea, it would be lovely to choose a bed that resembles the spaceship in the Star Wars movies. You can also use a regular bed and cover it with Star Wars-themed bedsheets.
  • Thirdly, paste some Star Wars posters. This is a great, simple idea you can try. Displaying Star Wars-themed posters in several corners of your bedroom will do. Moreover, don’t forget to adjust the placement so that the composition matches the wallpaper or wall sticker used.
  • Last but not least, place some Star Wars action figure collection. In addition to posters, many Star Wars fans must also have a collection of action figures. You can place this action figure collection on your bedroom shelf, for an instance.


For your to have clearer ideas on how to decorate a Star Wars-themed bedroom, have a look at the following pictures.

Star Wars Darth Vader Wood Wall Art

star wars darth vader wood wall art


This Star Wars Darth Vader wood wall art would be a great decoration for the wall. Or else, you can also place the frame on top of a table or bookshelf.

DJ Yoda of Star Wars Movie

dj yoda of star wars movie 5 panel canvas art wall decor


For the fans of Star Wars, this 5-panel canvas Yoda art wall decor is a great idea for beautifying the walls. Furthermore, it would be a nice focal point.

Star Wars Knight Storm Trooper Guns Wall Sticker Vinyl

star wars knight storm trooper guns wall sticker vinyl


This Star Wars knight storm trooper guns wall sticker vinyl is a perfect design for your children’s bedroom. Besides, the black color matches so well with the white wall.

Star Wars Wall Art For Wall Decor

star wars wall art tatertots and jello


The decoration of Star Wars wall art will make your children’s bedroom more alive. In addition, it would be fun to put up the wall art with your loved ones. It would be a nice time spent together.

The Quote of Star Wars Wall Decals

star wars wall decals wall decals ireland wall quote

Source: wall

This quote of the Star Wars wall decal also becomes one perfect choice for your children’s bedroom.

Star Wars Characters Wall Stickers

darth vader wall stick film star wars characters stickers


This Star Wars character wall sticker would make your bedroom more pleasing to the eye. Besides, the color tone matches well with the furniture.

In Summary

For your children who love Star Wars, it would never hurt to present them with a theme bedroom inspired by the movie. In addition, you can also invite your children to decorate the room together. It would be nice for them to be able to choose their favorite decoration too. We do hope this post will help you build a dream Star Wars-themed bedroom.

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