Best Tree Branches Wall Decor Ideas

Decorating your space with the best tree branches wall decor would be a great idea to try. For those who fancy bringing a rustic touch to the interior design, the idea seems plausible. Furthermore, you can have a wide range of options when it comes to incorporating tree branches to interior decorations.

How to decorate your wall with real tree branches:

There are various methods in using natural materials like tree branches for interior design. Firstly, you can use the real tree branches and style them to match your overall interior design. Besides, you can opt for the tree branch painting instead of the real one. Nonetheless, in case you plan on using the real tree branches, here are some steps you can do:

  • First of all, choose the tree branches you prefer and prune off any left leaves.
  • Secondly, position the branches on your wall using some heavy-duty masking tape. Then, the next thing to do is drilling through the branches.
  • Thirdly, remove the branches and set them aside. After that, you can put plastic wall anchors into the drilled holes on the wall.
  • Last but not least, all left to do is lining up the tree branches with the wall anchors. To make sure it is secure, you can tighten the screws carefully.


For some designs on how to style tree branches for wall decor, have a look at the following ideas.

Artsy Metal Tree Branch Wall Sculpture

contemporary metal wall art decor sculpture calm spring


The first idea shown above is perfect for a contemporary decoration style. Moreover, the metal tree branch wall item looks amazing with the calming color tones.

Rustic Cut Tree Branches Wall Art

made to order 12x48 rustic modern tribal decor tree branch


For those aiming for a rustic ambiance, the cut tree branch wall item above could be a great idea. The calming color hues will bring a natural touch to your rustic interior design.

Amazing Tree Branches In Vases

92cm plastic coral tree branch diy wedding road leading


Instead of having wall decor, how about the idea of putting tree branches in a vase? This will look good in a modern interior design. Furthermore, you can design a DIY project to make this amazing decoration.

Tree Branches Wall Decor In Calming Color Tones

tree branch wall decor wayfair


The tree branches wall decor above is an excellent selection to create a warm ambiance in your space. Besides, the amazing wall item is perfect for any room in your house.

Wall Metal Artsy Tree Branch Ornament

wall art metal sculpture tree branch leaves artistic


The artistic tree branch and leaves wall art, as shown above, is the perfect option in case you are looking for a metal wall ornament. In addition, the color tones make it suitable for a plain white wall.

Hanging Tree Branch Wall Item Inspiration

tree branch decor upcycle that


This one too can be a good DIY project idea. You can use unused tree branches you can find. Furthermore, you can decorate and color it based on the overall color tone of your space.

Birds Sitting On Tree Branches Wall Decal

sitting in a tree branch wall art sticker kit


A vinyl wall decal is a perfect solution to have simple wall art. What’s amazing is you can customize it as you desire. Hence, you can decide the color and size of the wall decal.

Twigs Wall Decor With Metal Frame

birds on tree branch framed metal wall decor mocome decor


For those who want to have a simple tree branch wall item, this idea of framing twigs in a metal frame is worth trying. Besides, the monotonous color looks good on a plain, pastel wall.

Real Tree Branches For DIY Wall Decor

diy framed tree brand wall art diy frame decor branch


Another cool DIY wall art idea is to screw real tree branches into your wall. However, you have to make sure it goes with the style of your room.

Tree Branches With Green Leaves Canvas Prints

wall26 canvas prints wall art tree branch with green


A canvas print wall art can be a solution to beautify your wall. Also, it would be a cool idea when paired with furniture of matching color tones.

Framed Tree Branches For DIY Wall Items

pin on crafts


Need to wake up your artsy self? Try making this framed tree branches wall item. With a wooden frame, the tree branches will turn a plain-looking wall into something pleasing to see.

Stunning 3-piece Canvas Wall Art

wall26 3 piece canvas wall art dead tree branch black


In case you are looking for the best tree branches wall decor as a centerpiece in your living room wall, this 3-piece canvas wall art is the answer. With only primary color tones, the wall art blends so well with the rest of the furniture.

The 4-set Tree Branches Wall Frame Art

diy tree branch frame ideas my home decor guide


The 4-set frame art is amazing to decorate a white wall, as shown above. Also, the tree branches pattern makes the frame art set look simply brilliant.

Silver Tree Branches Wall Ornaments

2 iron branches set of 2 bellasoleil


Having two tree branches in silver is a great move to beautify your plain wall. The silver wall ornaments would look good for a living or guest room.

Best Tree Branches Wall Decor Design

tree branch wall art houzz


Designing a focal point in your wall? You can try this amazing idea of having white big tree branches screwed to your wall. Furthermore, pairing it with decorative light creates a brilliant vibe.

Real DIY Tree Branches Wall Crafts

img2499 crafts diy wall decor tree branches


A DIY project never hurts. You can have the above wall art as an idea to create your own tree branches wall decor. Furthermore, you can consider the steps we have listed at the beginning of this post.

Decorative Bronze Tree Wall Ornament

patton wall decor bronze tree branch decorative metal wall


If you prefer to have metal wall ornaments, the one shown above looks like a good one to have. Moreover, as you can see, the style and the color tone blend well with the overall room style.

Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Sticker

cherry tree wall stickerswhite blossom tree branch wall


What a beautiful wall sticker! Here are the reasons why it is a good wall art to have:

  • The cherry blossom tree wall sticker above is the answer for those looking for stunning wall decoration.
  • The color tones go well with the surrounding furniture.

Metal Tree Branches Wall Sculpture

metal tree branch wall sculpture 3d model max obj fbx mtl


Check this one out assume you want to have a unique wall sculpture! The metal tree branch wall sculpture shown above can make a good centerpiece in a plain white wall.

Palm Tree Wall Decor Sticker

palm tree branches silhouette vinyl decor wall decal


A single big palm tree is enough to create a focal point in your room. Furthermore, as shown above, you definitely can beautify your wall with a simple wall sticker.

Love Birds Sitting On Tree Branches Wall Decal

love birds tree branches wall sticker bedroom wall decals


The love birds wall decal sticker above blends so well with the brown-ish plain wall. In addition, the idea is a solution if you don’t prefer real tree branches for wall decorations.

Framed Tree Branches Wall Art Ideas

framed tree branch wall art ideas live in tomorrow


This is personally one of my favorite ideas of best tree branches wall decor. The idea of framing tree branches in wooden frames would surely make great wall art.

Black Tree Branches Wall Decal Sticker

birds on the black tree branch wall decal sticker living


Bringing home a real tree branch is not the only thing you can do to have a tree branch wall decor. On the other hand, you can simply use a wall decal to make your space more natural.

Big Intricate Tree Branches Wall Painting

large size printing oil painting hazelnut tree branches


The large size oil painting as shown in the above image looks great as a centerpiece of your wall. In addition, you don’t have to add other wall items because it looks good as it is.

Real Tree Branches For Wall Decoration With Photos

unique branch wall art decor


The picture above shows a great idea of using the tree branches for wall decor. Moreover, it feels more amazing with some pictures hanging on the branches.

Wonderful Tree Painting For Bedroom Wall Decoration

aliexpress buy creative effect black tree branches


What an amazing design! The big tree painting above your bed will surely make your bedroom feel cozier. Furthermore, the tree painting completes the wooden bed frame so well.

In Summary:

All in all, there are so many ways to corporate tree branches in decorating your space. Therefore, we do hope you can get inspired after reading some ideas we have shown you above.

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