Vintage Bathroom Wall Decor Inspiring Ideas

In case you’re wondering how to upscale your bathroom, try vintage bathroom wall decor. Vintage in interior design can be meant as utilizing items of another period that takes significant value. Nowadays, we can easily find more and more people are fond of this design style. Hence, you can find many references when searching for this design.

Tips in designing vintage bathroom wall interior:

Wall decor improves the overall look of the space. Thus, it is a great idea to work on the wall decor carefully. For elegant and stylish wall decor, it is highly recommended to go with a vintage design. Here are some tips in decorating your bathroom wall to give a touch of vintage-ish.

  • Firstly, start small. If you are new to vintage decor, you can start small by adding one or two vintage decorations to your bathroom wall. For example, it is good to find vintage items at a local antique shop.
  • Secondly, blend vintage and neutral colors. It would be good to add refreshing neutral colors to be with vintage items. Besides, this combination can create a pleasant view.
  • Thirdly, know the difference. This one is really important. People usually mistake vintage items for something old. It’s not always the case. Something vintage is an item that never goes out of style.


Here are some inspiring ideas for vintage bathroom wall decor for your reference.

Beautiful Flower Prints For Vintage Bathroom Wall

beautiful bathroom wall decor ideas with luxury style 2020


If you love flowers or plants, the idea above is worth trying. The beautiful flower prints look amazing with the simple wooden frames. Furthermore, they go well with the overall vibe of the space.

Vintage Ceramic Fish Wall Ornaments

1960s vintage ceramic fish bathroom decor


These cute ceramic fish ornaments would make a unique ornament on your bathroom wall. They would also go well when mounted on blue-ish walls.

Vintage Bathroom Decor Idea

interior trends 2017 vintage bathroom


This idea stands out for me as everything looks balanced. Nothing is overpowering. In addition, the vintage walls mounted on the wall go well with the overall look.

Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspiration

farmhouse bathroom bathroom wall decor farmhouse


The vintage-looking glass shelf is a smart addition to the farmhouse bathroom design. In addition, the flowers, the vases, they create a good harmony.

Vintage Victorian Bathroom Wall Print

cottage roses victorian claw foot tub bathroom art


The victorian print looks amazing as a centerpiece on your vintage bathroom wall. In addition, you can either leave it as it is or put it in a wooden frame.

Latest Vintage Wall Wooden Frames

2020 latest vintage bath framed art prints set of 3


For those who prefer to have frames on the wall, you can try this idea of hanging vintage images in wooden frames. Furthermore, they make a good focal point on the bathroom wall.

Antique Bathroom Picture For Wall Ornament

antique bathtub picture free printable the graphics fairy


You can also hang this beautiful picture of an antique bathroom. You can upscale the print by frame it and use it as a centerpiece on the bathroom wall.

Framed Art Prints For Vintage Bathroom Decor

2020 latest vintage bath framed art prints set of 3


In case you love doing DIY projects, here is a good idea to try. You can make wall items by yourself by printing and framing the vintage images.

Artsy Wall Framed Pictures

art wall decor bathroom artwork vintage bathroom art


The natural, big wooden frame might look old, but they help you to highlight the focus on the pictures.

Vintage Floral Wall Decoration

waliicorners vintage floral wall art rustic daisy


A splash of yellow on the flower completes the greyish painting. This vintage wooden wall decoration would definitely look good as a focal point on your bathroom wall.

Bathroom Vintage 6-piece Print Set

bathroom set 6 prints vintage bathroom items illustration


Vintage designs tend to create an elegant, graceful atmosphere. You can do so by having this 6-piece print set. The color tones and the images in the frame are totally vintage.

Mixing Vintage And Natural Colors

43 trendy brick accent wall ideas for every room digsdigs


Here is a good example of mixing vintage with natural colors. The brown bricks look so good with the vintage mirror and water pipe. In addition, the overall color tone blends well with the wooden cabinet.

DIY Vintage Wall Art Prints

vintage bathroom decor with bold colors and geometric shapes


The best thing about DIY ideas is that you can be free to express yourself. The DIY framed vintage art is an excellent idea to create vintage wall items on your bathroom walls.

Bathing Frogs Vintage Wall Art

vintage wall art bathing frogs bathroom plaques co


By hanging the vintage wall art, you can easily bring vintage ambiance to your bathroom decor. In addition, the item above looks cute and endearing.

Teal Grey Vintage Wall Art Piece

teal gray wall art photo print vintage outhouse home bath


It’s good and simple to add vintage print to create a vintage bathroom vibe. As shown above, the teal grey painting will make a good wall centerpiece.

Tropical Bathroom With Vintage Water Pipe

vintage tropical bathroom dcor ideas in 2020 tropical


What a smart addition to the tropical bathroom! The vintage-looking water pipe completes the tropical bathroom so well. Moreover, the color blends so well with the pinkish wall.

Cute Vintage Bathroom Wall Decor

tips on bathroom wall decor printmeposter blog


The overall design screams vintage! The bathroom looks even more gorgeous with the cute vintage print. In addition, the print goes so well with the surrounding furniture.

2-Piece Vintage Bathroom Print Set

bath red black 2 wall decor plaques vintage


This 2-piece vintage bathroom print set is a statement on its own. Hence, you don’t really need anything else vintage in your bathroom besides this print set.

Wall-Mounted Vintage Bathroom Light

vintage chrome bathroom wall light exquisitely simple


Okay, this one is a simple idea yet enchanting. You can simply add a vintage lamp holder to add extra light to your bathroom. Moreover, the wall-mounted lamp looks gorgeous.

Vintage Bathroom Wall Print

2020 latest vintage bath framed art prints set of 3


Prints of vintage images can also be used to add vintage ambiance to your bathroom design. A good option is shown above.

Vintage 1940s Bathroom Print

sale vintage bathroom wall decor 1940s bathroom print


Here is another vintage print you can get at Etsy. The vintage bathroom would make a good wall item.

Cute Vintage Prints For Bathroom Wall

bathroom print vintage bathroom art kids bathroom art


For a touch of cuteness to your vintage wall decor, this print is a perfect selection. In addition, the yellow tones make the print refreshing.

Vintage Bathroom Decor In Modern Interior Design

how to easily mix vintage and modern decor little


Yes, it is possible to mix vintage and modern interior design. The picture above shows an example. Besides, the vintage tray blends well with the modern-style furniture.

Printable Bathroom Vintage Wall Art

bathroom wall art printables vintage bathroom wall art decor


How do you like it? The vintage painting will look great on your bathroom wall. Furthermore, the brown frame makes it look neat and stylish.

Stunning Vintage Bathroom Painting

parchment paris le bain vintage bathroom painting


Here is another vintage painting you can put on your bathroom wall! The calming color tones will bring a relaxing vibe. Furthermore, the overall painting looks pleasing to the eye.

French Bath Vintage Painting For Wall Decor

french bath ii silvia vassileva bathroom spa framed art


Hanging this framed french bath painting would be a lovely addition to your bathroom wall!

In Summary:

How was it? We do hope you get inspired after reading this post! Also, when it comes to decorating, don’t be afraid to try the ideas. It may take a while to learn but it will all be worth it. Start small, one at a time.

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