Wall Mounted Lights For Bedroom Designs

As the name suggests, wall mounted lights for bedroom are bedroom lights fitted to the wall instead of the ceiling or placed on the floor. This idea is a smart way to bring a sense of warm and subtle light into your bedroom. In addition, wall-mounted lights are stylish while being practical too.

Things to consider when placing wall lights:

In case you are looking for an adequate amount of extra light, having wall lights on your bedroom wall is a great idea. Besides, wall lights can add a beautiful ambiance to your space. When choosing to have a wall light, here are some things you need to take into account.

  • Firstly, let’s discuss the idea height of the wall light. When positioning a wall light, it depends on some things such as the size as well as the proportions of the bedroom. As an estimation, you can place the light to sit at eye level.
  • Secondly, for those who want to place the wall light above the bed, it would be good to place it around shoulder height.
  • Thirdly, you need to find the right wall light for your bedroom. Nowadays, you can find so many styles and designs of wall lights. Some of the common types include uplights, sconces, and swing arm lights.


Have a look at the following ideas for more wall bedroom lights designs.

Modern Bedroom Wall Downlight

bokt nordic wood wall lamps modern wall mounted luminaire

Source: www.aliexpress.com

For a modern touch in your bedroom, you can use this beautiful black downlight. The design is simple yet luxurious which is perfect for a modern style.

Wall-mounted Led Bedroom Light

nordic led wall mounted lamp indoor decoration light for

Source: www.aliexpress.com

To bring a warm ambiance to your bedroom, the nordic wall lamp shown above is a perfect selection. Besides, the light-colored wooden board blends so well with the wall color tone.

Bedroom Wall Vintage Uplight Lamp

led wall lamp vintage wall lamps simple modern led bedroom

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Adding a touch of vintage in your bedroom is a good move. You can do so by hanging this vintage uplight as a wall piece.

Bedroom Wall Led Lamp Inspiration

led wall mirror lamp bedroom wall lights bathroom 220v

Source: www.aliexpress.com

For maximum light, you can have a wall-mounted led lamp. If your bedroom has an indoor bathroom, the led wall lamp can be a good centerpiece on the bathroom wall.

Simply Stunning Bedroom Wall Lights

12w waterproof led wall mount light ip65 outdoor 10cm10cm

Source: www.pinterest.com

To create a calming ambiance in your bedroom, this simple wall lamp can be a good choice. In addition, the simple design makes it looks sophisticated.

Modern Wall Mounted Light For Bedroom

modern wall lamps led wall light luminaria wall mounted

Source: www.aliexpress.com

This wall lamp is a good idea if you can’t decide to go with only uplight or downlight type of wall lamp. Furthermore, the style of the lamp goes well with a modern interior design.

Uplight Bedside Lamp For Master Bedroom

wall lamps for bedroom and lighting decoration mount

Source: www.apppie.org

This uplight bedside lamp is a good alternative for a wall-mounted bedroom lamp. Moreover, the style and the color go well with the furniture.

Modern Wall Sconce As Bedside Lamp

bestlampsforlivingroom womensfashiontrends bedside

Source: www.pinterest.com

As we know, there are various styles of wall sconces to choose from. Like the one in the picture above, you can place the wall-mounted as a bedside lamp too.

European Vintage Wall-Mounted Bedroom Lamp

aliexpress buy european led vintage wall lamp loft

Source: www.aliexpress.com

For a soft additional light in your bedroom, this vintage wall-mounted lamp might make a great option. Also, it makes a good centerpiece you can place above your bed.

Swing Arm Bedroom Light

wall mounted bed lamps httpswwwotoseriilan bed

Source: www.pinterest.com.au

The beauty of swing lights is that you can direct the light in the direction you desire. Hence, it makes a good bedroom lamp.

White Bedroom Wall-Mounted Lamp

wall lights wall mounted bedside lights wall lights bedroom

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is another example of placing a wall-mounted lamp that can be used as a bedside lamp too. Furthermore, the style of the lamp completes the overall bedroom design.

Steel Green Bedroom Wall Lamp

stteri green wall mounted light for bedroom wall

Source: www.pinterest.com

For a simple wall-mounted lamp, the steel green lamp shown above is a perfect example. In addition, the simple color and design go well with the wooden board.

Swing Arm Wall-Mounted Bedside

wall mount reading light bedroom sconce industrial

Source: www.pinterest.com

The bedroom light above is an industrial-style lamp. With the swing arm light, you can direct the light easily and freely.

Crystal Light Bedroom Wall Lamp

wall mounted crystal lamp e27 modern bedroom wall light

Source: www.aliexpress.com

For those who love modern interior design, it would be a nice-looking bedroom to have this crystal bedroom light. Besides, the light will give enough additional light to create a warm ambiance.

Black Vintage Lamp For Bedroom Wall Piece

black vintage wall lamps bedroom sconce wall mounted

Source: www.aliexpress.com

A black vintage in the bedroom can make a good dramatic statement. Hence, it is worth trying the idea.

Stunning Lamp Fixture For Bedroom Wall Decor

3w led wall mount lamp fixture picture spot light cabinet

Source: www.ebay.com

As you can see in the image above, the stunning wall downlight adds a good ambiance to your bedroom.

Led Full Length Mirror Light

led mirror full length mirror wall mounted mirror with

Source: www.walmart.com

It is a great idea to have the full-length mirror light as shown above. Furthermore, it is practical and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Vintage Arm Swing Bedroom Wall Lamp

apextech wall lamp american vintage e27 reading light

Source: www.aliexpress.com

A vintage lamp fixture will never let you down. In addition, with the swing arm lamp, you can use it as a good reading light.

Modern Uplight Bedroom Lighting

wall lamps modern bedroom living room light bedroom

Source: www.aliexpress.com

For a modern bedroom, the uplight lamp is a great choice. Besides, the simple yet elegant design makes it a good addition to the room.

Steel Green Light For Stylish Bedroom Design

stteri green wall mounted light for bedroom wall lights

Source: www.pinterest.com

For a calming interior design, you can add this steel green lamp to your bedroom wall. Furthermore, the wall light looks aesthetic and stylish too.

Led Acrylic Modern Wall Lamp

6x 6w 12w led acrylic wall lamp ac85 265v wall mounted

Source: www.aliexpress.com

What a stunning wall lamp! The stunning design of this led acrylic lamp also makes a good bedside lamp.

Picture Light For Bedroom Wall Item

led wall lamps wall mounted modern simple european style

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Wall lamps come in various styles. One of them is the picture light as shown above. This type of light makes a good statement in basically any room in the house.

Wall Mounted Lights For Bedroom Decor

europe fabric shade wall light delicate wall mounted

Source: www.aliexpress.com

For a unique wall-mounted lamp, the one shown above makes a good option. In addition, the lamp fixture is a state of the art in itself.

Modern Led Wall Mounted Bedroom Light

modern led acrylic wall lamp wall mounted sconce lights

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Placing the wall light diagonally is a way to make a unique focal point on your wall. Moreover, the led lamp above looks elegant.

Full Body Mirror Elegant Light

led full length mirror wall mounted lighted floor mirror

Source: www.walmart.com

It’s both practical and beautiful. The full-body mirror light is just a perfect way to create a centerpiece in your space.

Beautiful Wall Mounted Lights For Bedroom

wall mounted reading lights bedroom uk home design ideas

Source: interioridea.co

I personally love this lamp design. The swing-arm light allows us to direct the light freely. Furthermore, it makes a good reading lamp and bedside lamp.

In Summary:

How was it? Those are some ideas you can try to upscale your bedroom design. We do hope you get inspired by checking out the varied ideas above.

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