the room cre dl6 12lp white polished wall tile 120x60

Wall Tiles For Bedroom Best Designs Collection

Choosing wall tiles for a bedroom might seem uncommon for some people. However, it is a way to express who you are. Bedrooms are often used to express our personality through design and so on. Moreover, bedrooms tell volumes about what you like and dislike. Therefore, it is an excellent means of self-expression.

What considerations should be taken into account when choosing bedroom tiles:

As mentioned previously, bedroom tiles can be used to reflect our likes and dislikes. Thus, there are important things to consider when choosing one. Moreover, you should put your heart and soul into making your bedroom lovely in your way. If it is your first-time choosing bedroom tiles, here we have some basic tips to keep in mind.

  • First of all, harmonize your aesthetics. Your bedroom is where you will spend most of your time while at home. Thus, it should be a place to relax and spend time for yourself. That’s being said, you need to make an extra effort in choosing tiles that complement the rest of the aesthetics in the room.
  • Secondly, choose a theme to fit your preferences. When choosing a theme for your room, make sure it is something you are passionate about. In addition, it should help you relax and be happy. To complement the look, the bedroom tiles should be based on the theme. Therefore, you will get a structured décor with a balanced combination of tiles, furniture, and decorations.
  • Last but not least, think about your lifestyle. It is okay to invest in the bedroom décor as it is a place you spend a lot of time in. Hence, you should plan an appropriate budget to make your dream room come true.


Have a peek at the following images for inspiring designs.

White Wall Tiles Decor Idea

cheap ideas for home design with wall panels and ceiling tiles


If you prefer a minimalist room, you can opt for white tiles. In addition, white is a versatile color that goes well with any other color hues.

Perfect Tiles For Modern Bedroom

100 modern bedroom design inspiration the bedroom is the


For a modern bedroom, the rectangular tiles might be a better option than the square ones. Furthermore, using tiles of different sizes is a brilliant idea to create a beautiful texture.

Wall Tiles Idea For A Unique Addition

lizards bedroom feature wall period details vic online


You can also opt for a unique tile design as a focal point in your room.

Stone Wall Tiles For A Natural Ambiance

virginia ledgestone legends stone natural stone


Stone tiles can be used to create a natural ambiance in the room. Furthermore, the brown tone makes the room cozy and homey.

Stunning White Polished Wall Tiles

the room cre dl6 12lp white polished wall tile 120x60


Big white polished tiles would be another excellent option to cover the wall. Furthermore, they come in stunning natural patterns.

Trendy Wall Tiles For Kitchen

brick natural trendy bathroom tiles beige dining room


Besides bedrooms, you can also use wall tiles for other rooms such as the kitchen and dining room. You will be good as long as the tiles match the overall theme of those rooms.

Beautiful Homey Tiles Design

home interceramic usa floor design floor tile design


Choosing floor tiles is as important as choosing one for the walls. To bring the homey vibe, you can choose tiles in neutral colors like brown hues.

Modern Bedroom Design Wall Tiles

theme wall tile modern bedroom other metro


You can use tiles to create a focal point on your bedroom wall. For example, you can choose tiles with a stunning design as seen above.

Black Stones Wall For Country Bedroom

country ledgestone black rundle bedroom interior


To create a country bedroom, it is good to use nature-inspired tones. For example, you can choose natural stone tiles for the walls.

3D Stone Brick Walls For Dining Room

ledge stone 3d wall panels interlocking design for tv


Here comes a brilliant choice to decorate your dining room beautifully. The 3d stone tiles look good and fit the overall style well.

Minimalist Bedroom Design Idea

guides to build minimalist bedroom design 2020 ideas


Monochrome colors are perfect to build a minimalist bedroom. For the walls, you can choose large beautiful tiles as seen above.

Floor And Wall Bedroom Tiles Option

best bedroom floor and wall tiles modulo ceramics


It might be a good idea to have matching tiles for the floor and the walls. As seen above, you don’t have to cover the whole wall with tiles to avoid exaggeration.

Contemporary Bedroom Decor Inspiration

timber look tiles provence cuvee contemporary


Here is a well-designed contemporary bedroom. The tones used in the room are perfectly aligned. In addition, the use of wooden tiles is an excellent choice.

Stunning Marble Wall Tiles Design

colosseo marble bookmatch feature wall in master bedroom


If it fits your budget, it would be great to opt for marble tiles. As you can see, they have a beautiful design that will upscale the room.

Wood Floor Tiles In 60×60

chevron wood look ceramic floor tile 60x60cm tile


The bedroom above uses wood 60×60 floor tiles. They have a beautiful design and colors that will create a homey vibe.

Impressive Modern Wooden Wall Tiles

modern ceramic tile designs creating practical and


You can also use wooden tiles for the walls. In addition, it would be great if the bed has a similar tone.

Wall Tiles Design With Stone Accent

stone accent wall in bedroom accent wall bedroom stone


Wall tiles with a stone accent would be a great addition to the room. Moreover, they look great for any room style.

White Mosaic Tiles For Contemporary Bedroom

wholesale mosaic tile crystal glass backsplash washroom


White mosaic tiles would be a good option for a contemporary bedroom. You can complement your aesthetics by choosing furniture of the same color.

Soundproofing Tiles For Bedroom Walls

image result for soundproofing tiles for walls wall


There are also soundproofing tiles which will be good for bedroom walls.

Wall Tiles For Open Bathroom

bath tub wall tiles open master bedroom bathroom wall


Having wall tiles would be great for a bathroom. As you can see above, it is the perfect option for an open bathroom in the bedroom.

Best Wall Tiles Design Idea

pin on bedroom decor inspiration


Here is proof that wall tiles can be used to decorate your bedroom. The key is choosing tiles with a stunning design like the one shown above.

Floor Tile Design For A Cozy Bedroom

large format tiles floor tile design bedroom flooring


Wooden tiles would never be wrong when it comes to cozy rooms. You can use the wooden flooring to create a homey ambiance in the room.

Padded Wall Tiles Decor Inspiration

38 best padded wall tiles panels rooms images on


Another option is choosing padded wall tiles as seen above. With a simple design, it will complement your room decor.

Awesome Floor Tiles Idea For Bedrooms

wood look tile ideas for bedroom in your house


Wood tiles also come in a beautiful design as seen above. It would upscale your toom effortlessly.

Porcelain Tile Flooring Design Idea

times 6x24 porcelain tile flooring interiordesign tile


For a modern look, you can opt for porcelain tiles for the floor. In addition, the subtle neutral color makes it suitable to work with.

Trending Tiles Idea For Bedrooms

2018 tile trends tiling ideas for your home in 2020


Here comes another wood floor idea that is trendy nowadays. Thanks to its neutral color, it can easily look good with other stuff in the room.

In Summary:

Those are some designs to inspire you in choosing wall times for bedrooms. We do hope the ideas we have shown you will motivate you to design your bedroom. In addition, we have many more ideas for decorating bedrooms. Hence, make sure you check our other posts on this site.

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