Gorgeous White And Gold Bedroom Designs

Depending on how you style it, a white and gold bedroom can be a perfect one to have. As we know, white and gold are commonly combined as one of the most popular colors in home design. In addition, the pairing of the two colors can create a timeless space. Hence, more and more people are interested in designing using white and gold.

Adding accents to white and gold bedrooms:

When decorating a white and gold bedroom, it would be great to add other color tones as accents. This way, you can create a livelier vibe. In addition, you can get creative by combining different color tones. Besides, different complementary colors can create a whole lot of different styles. Hence, it’s worth a try. So, what colors should the accents be? Here are some ideas you can try.

  • First of all, a soft, warm pink. The soft, warm pink would be great to help to decorate the room. For example, you can hang a pink frame on a white wall.
  • Secondly, grey tones. Grey tones are perfect as complementary colors to almost all colors you can think of.
  • Thirdly, neutral colors like light brown. Having neutral colors will help tone down the gold hue.
  • Last but not least, olive green. When done right, olive green can be a wonderful addition to a white and gold pairing.


Here are some ideas on how to design white and gold bedrooms.

White Light Grey Bedroom Design

white light grey bedroom pink gold accents grey

Source: www.pinterest.com

For those who wish to have a white bedroom, you can add accents of light grey. Furthermore, light pink can also be used as a complementary color as shown above.

White Bedroom With Complementary Colors

newport bed and bath linger interior design blush and

Source: www.pinterest.fr

Here is an idea to have many colors in one room. You can see that the walls are not all white. The wall behind the bed is painted in a green army that matches the wall frames.

White Gold Room Decor With Black

pin on golden decor inspirations

Source: www.pinterest.com

Black is a complementary color that goes well with white and gold. Hence, choosing black furniture with gold accents sounds like a great idea.

Christmasy White And Gold Bedroom Style

elegant white and gold christmas bedroom tour randi

Source: www.pinterest.com

Such a festive bedroom decor! The idea is perfect if you want to have a Christmasy bedroom. The white bedroom also looks fabulous with splashes of gold here and there.

Elegant White And Gold Bedrooms Set

elegant white and gold christmas bedroom tour christmas

Source: www.pinterest.com

For an elegant bedroom, white and gold would make a lovely combination. As shown above, the white bedroom set looks even grander with gold accents.

Pink Tones On The White Bedroom

pink and gold girls bedroom makeover randi garrett design

Source: randigarrettdesign.com

Again, pink is one of the complementary colors for white and gold. Therefore, it can help to beautify the room perfectly as shown above.

Room Design With White And Gold

we love this gold and white themed bedroom designed

Source: www.pinterest.com

This white and gold bedroom design is suitable for your little girl. In addition, the soft pink wall as the background creates a beautiful appearance.

Luxurious Gold Bedroom Style

luxurious gold white outsized classic bedroom ideas for

Source: www.pinterest.com

Gold will never fail to create a luxurious vibe in a room. Hence, if you aim to bring the vibe to your room, gold is the perfect color to choose from.

Soft White And Pink Bedroom Arrangement

master bedroom makeover white tufted bed white and gold

Source: www.pinterest.com

For a girly bedroom, you can use pink accents on a white-dominated bedroom. Furthermore, the gold accessories also create a good combination.

Gold Bedroom Glamorous Design

glamorous bedroom designs with gold accents you will fall

Source: www.luxxu.net

Here is another proof that creating a glamorous look would be easier with gold accents. Then, instead of white, you can pair it with black for a bold design.

Relaxing White Master Room With Gold Accents

esf venice luxury white gold king bedroom set 5pcs

Source: nyfurnitureoutlets.com

The white bedroom set looks lovely in the room. Furthermore, the soft-colored duvet set helps in creating a calming vibe. Besides, the bits of gold accents are perfect to beautify the room.

Wonderful Black And Gold Room Design Idea

wonderful black and gold bedroom ideas atzine

Source: atzine.com

By styling the room right, black and gold would create a wonderful look. As shown above, it is smart to have black furniture with gold accents.

Layering Black Gold Textures For Splendid Bedroom Decor

gold tones paired with black accents creates gothic chic

Source: www.pinterest.ca

For a splendid look, you can add black and gold tones to your room. Furthermore, the white bed set helps to incorporate the two contrasting colors.

Royal Room Design In White And Gold

royal gold in white bedroom furniture set stylish home

Source: stylishlyhome.blogspot.com

For a stylish, royal-like room, white and gold would be the perfect match. As you can see in the image above, the matching furniture creates a wonderful balance.

Pearl White And Gold Room Idea

pearl white gold patina queen bedroom set 3 dresden ii

Source: nyfurnitureoutlets.com

For a fabulous queen bedroom, the white and gold furniture set seems like a perfect idea. In addition, the materials make them look shiny.

Gold Wall Accents For A Stylish Bedroom

white and gold bedroom with light blue elegant bedroom

Source: www.pinterest.com

To beautify your white room, you can also decorate the walls with gold accents. As shown above, gold frames are hung to decorate the walls.

French Style Stunning Gold Bedroom

beautiful french style antique gold and white finish

Source: royalzig.com

In case you want to bring an antique, French-style ambiance to your room, this idea seems like a great one to try.

Splendid Bedroom Walls With Gold Accents

childrens bedroom with gold and white wallpaper and a

Source: www.ikeadecors.com

It is such a splendid idea to give gold accents to the white wall. In addition, the accents create a perfect harmony with the white furniture too.

Black And Gold Bedroom Decor Inspiration

black and gold bedroom design giving a luxury themed

Source: interiorexteriordoors.com

The pairing of black and gold would never let you down. To tone down the boldness a little bit, you can have a white duvet set as shown in the image above.

Styling A White Bedroom

white and gold bedroom

Source: www.pinterest.com

When done right, white and gold can be a stylish pairing. As shown in the picture, the perfect balance of the colors is the key to a nice-looking room.

Twins Bedroom Design Idea

black and gold girls bedroom

Source: classyclutter.net

For a twin bedroom, this idea is worth trying. The pairing of pink, white, and gold makes it look stunning.

Classic Style Bedroom Decor

chandigarh classic style royal white and gold bedroom set

Source: royalzig.com

This proves once again that adding gold accents would create a royal bedroom. Furthermore, the addition of turquoise accents is such a smart idea.

Beautiful White And Gold Comforter Set

vcny karma fullqueen 4 piece comforter set in goldwhite

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is my favorite idea to incorporate white and gold. The color combination looks fabulous on the comforter set.

Beautiful Comforter Set In Gold

inc international concepts prosecco comforter and duvet

Source: www.pinterest.com

Such a beautiful comforter set, isn’t it? This white and gold set would create a stunning centerpiece in your room.

Chich Dorm Room Ideas

june 2014 pink bedroom decor gold bedroom decor gold

Source: www.pinterest.com

If you are living in a dorm with limited space, you might need some good organization skills. Furthermore, to create a chic, cheerful room, you can use a lot of white with gold accents.

Brilliant Bedroom Decor With Natural Light

periwinkle white gold bedroom decor on a budget master

Source: www.pinterest.com

In case you love to have a bedroom with good lighting, here is a perfect idea to try. The natural light helps accentuate the beautiful color tones in the room.

In Summary:

How was it? Those are some ideas as references in case you are interested in designing a white and gold bedroom. Furthermore, we hope you get inspired while looking at the above designs.

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