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Window Frame Wall Decor 25+ Best Designs

With window frame wall decor, it is great to create a one-of-a-kind look in your home. Furthermore, the idea of wall décor would make a good addition to any interior design plan. Also, you can try giving a rustic or farmhouse vibe for a warm, homey atmosphere. Besides, for those who love doing DIY things, building a window frame decoration would make a rewarding challenge.

How to make window frames to decorate the walls:

Recycling old window frames to make wall art sounds like a good idea. This could be an exciting DIY project to do over a holiday. Moreover, the result would be rewarding too. If you are interested in doing so, here we have some ideas for utilizing the old window frames at home.

  • Firstly, you can make a photo frame out of unused window frames. It is a brilliant idea to reuse the old window frame as a photo frame and hang it as a wall decoration. In addition, you can use your favorite pictures or images. Hence, it would feel like personalized wall art to represent yourself.
  • Secondly, you can make a beautiful towel holder hang in the bathroom. Yes, this will result in aesthetic and practical wall decoration. Moreover, it would be gorgeous to have a vintage towel holder out of unused window frames. Also, you can add additional accessories to beautify the holder.
  • Thirdly, it is always exciting to design something fresh to be used regularly, right? Thus, you can reuse the old window frame for a storage setup in the hallway. You can put a few hooks to hang things such as coats, hats, bags, and so forth.


Take a peek at this page for more great window frame wall decor ideas.

Beautiful Arch Window Frame For Cottage Decor

arch window frame farmhouse cottage decor cathedral


These beautiful arch window frames would be an amazing wall art for a cottage-style house. In addition, you can recycle them by repainting or adding decorations.

Rustic Wood Window Frame Wall Decor Idea

rustic primitive wood window frame rustic wall decor with


Here comes a rustic wood window frame suitable for a wall decoration. If you’re interested, go grab yours at Etsy!

Star Window Frame Wall Art Inspiration

rustic primitive wood window frame farmhouse wall decor


With the unique shape, this window frame makes a great focal point on the wall. Furthermore, the star and branches in the middle look gorgeous.

Window Frame Wall Decor With Flower Wreath

window frame with wreath farmhouse wall decor mothers day


Adding a flower wreath to an old window frame would result in a stunning wall art as shown above.

Window Frame DIY Wall Clock

using old louvre doors for a wall display painted and


Here is an excellent DIY idea to try. You can turn an old window frame into a beautiful wall decoration. Moreover, as seen above, you can use it to display a wall clock.

Rustic Window Frame Wall Art Inspiration

product window frame decor window decor window wall decor


For a rustic-style interior design, you can use an old window frame as a decoration as seen above. Furthermore, it looks great since it blends well with the rest of the items.

3-Piece Arched Window Frame Set

set 3 gothic window frames arched farmhouse window wall


Instead of one, you can opt for a 3-piece window frame set as shown above.

Repainting A Cathedral Window Frame

magnolia home cathedral window frame wall decor with


If you feel like doing a DIY project is overwhelming, you can go basic by simply repainting an old window frame, for example.

Farmhouse Window Frame Wall Decor Idea

farmhouse window frame with cotton and greenery farmhouse


A window frame decorated with flowers and greens would make a beautiful wall decoration. Besides, it works perfectly for a farmhouse home design.

Stunning Window Frame In White

glitzhome rustic arch wooden window frame farmhouse pane


This white window frame is available at ebay! Due to its neutral color, it would make a gorgeous wall decoration on walls of colors.

Distressed Wood Window Frame For Farmhouse Decor

farmhouse wall decor distressed window pane grapevine


When it comes to farmhouse wall art, a distressed wood window frame sounds like a great idea. In addition, you can add a flower wreath on it.

Three Window Frame Set With Greens

farmhouse three window frame set farmhouse wall decor


As seen above, the 3-piece window frame set suits well with the overall style of the home. Besides, the greens make a perfect addition.

Cottage Country Distressed White Wall Frame

window frame wall decor farmhouse decor bedroom wall


Distressed wood in white would never fail to fit in a farmhouse-style home. Furthermore, you can get creative by adding decorations like a wreath.

Wood Window Frame Wall Decor Idea

window frame wall decor window frame with wreath window


Instead of a white window frame with a flower wreath, you can also opt for a brown one to give a warmer vibe.

Old Window Frame Decorating Idea

old window frame decorating ideas


If you got old window frames, do not throw them away! As seen above, old window frames are beautiful as they are as wall decorations.

Rustic Window Frame For Simple Decor

rustic window pane rustic window window chicuniquehomestore


For a minimalist interior decor, you can opt for a window frame with a simple design, as shown above.

Recycling Old Rustic Barn Window

rusticdecor old rustic barn window frame reviews wayfair


A recycles barn window frame would make a perfect decoration for a rustic vibe. Furthermore, they go well with neutral-colored items.

Styling Old Window Frame To Display Pictures

hang your photos in style with our natural hanging window


Here is how it looks when you reuse a window frame to display your favorite photos. As seen above, you can use it to hang pictures of your beloved ones.

Distressed Wood Arched Window Frame

arched window frame relic shades of light frame wall


Here is another example of arched window frames that would be great for a DIY project at home.

Inspiring Window Frame Wall Decorations

spring inspired window wall decor blesser house


Instead of pictures of your family, you can also hang pictures of your favorite things such as plants or flowers.

Cathedral Inspired Window Frame Wall Art

cathedral window wooden window window frame home decor


Here is a cathedral-inspired window wooden frame wall decoration. As shown above, the flower wreath makes it look even prettier.

Window Frame Farmhouse Decor Idea

window frame chicken wire decor farmhouse wall decor


The wire window frame makes a brilliant place to hang a pot of flowers. In addition, it would make a perfect centerpiece in a farmhouse-style home.

Set Of Two Rustic Window Frame Art

set of 2 rustic farmhouse wooden window pane wall art


Rather than hanging one window frame, you can opt for two identical frames. Besides, you can choose ones that match the furniture.

DIY Window Frame Pane With Laces

58 best diy window pane wall decor ideas lace window


Here is a perfect DIY idea to reuse the old window frame you have. You can decorate the window pane with beautiful laces.

Antique Window Frame Decor With Wreaths

antique window frame farmhouse wreath rustic window frame


Wreaths make a perfect addition to beautify old window frames. In addition, you can personalize them based on your preferences.

Window Frame Hanging Flowers

window frame with lambs ear wreath chicken wire frame


Last but not least, here is a stunning wall decoration made of a window frame with a beautiful indoor plant.

In Summary:

How was it? We do hope you enjoy scrolling through the designs we have shown you above. Besides, we hope you find them inspiring enough to motivate you to design your window frame wall decor. In case you need more wall decor ideas, feel free to explore our site for more concepts and images.

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